The remake of the original horror classic, The Stepford Wives (Special Collector’s Edition) features a modern twist on grown men wanting the perfect wives with the solution of robotic technology. After TV executive Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) loses her job, she, her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick), and their kids move to from New York City to a nice little suburb community called Stepford, Connecticut, where everything is perfect, maybe too perfect.
Perky realtor Claire Wellington (Glenn Close) shows Joanna around the town. Soon after that, they visit the day spa. Soon one of the ladies, Sara Sunderson (Faith Hill), malfunctions like a robot, but recovers quickly, thanks to Claire’s husband Mike (Christopher Walken). I saw the original version of The Stepford Wives from 1975 and it was nothing like this one, but at least it was easier to follow the story line after understanding it.

I thought this was a great horror comedy, even though it was considered a major box office flop.
Pinup Stepford Wife Cyborg ShootPinup Stepford Wife Cyborg Shoot  We are very happy to once again feature the lovely Duchess Silk and new comer Lauren Payne on Geek Girls. One night, Lauren Payne was lying in bed and thought, 'damn, I need me some robot pin up!' And then she speed dialed me (speed dialing is still a thing, right?) and asked me to be her Stepford Wife model. It was a very intensive shoot, between the hair and makeup and body paint - it took hours to prepare! Oddly, Joanna and her new friends Bobbie (Bette Midler) and Roger (Roger Bart) are the only ones who are suspicious.

So they put NANO chips in the women’s brains and add some specifications to make them into human robots with no will of their own.
Later, Joanna does some research and finds out that all of the perky wives used to be highly successful business women before moving to Stepford.

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