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If Angela Hines has her way, every young woman in Far Rockaway who wants to go to the prom will have a beautiful dress to wear this year. But the Legal Aid lawyer, who is also a mom of five, is struggling to get donations as prom season looms.

She started collecting and distributing the dresses back in 2013 when local families were still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Providing young girls with free dresses, shoes and accessories is one way to boost their confidence and allow them to celebrate accomplishments a€” whether it's a middle school graduation party of high school prom.
In 2013, Hines collected almost 500 dresses but in recent years the donations have dropped to 250 and last year only 100. Even though companies such as Kleinfeld Bridal, KiKi D's, Fashion Delivers and Revlon contribute to the prom program every year a€” she is looking for individual donors and additional sponsors. On May 14, Hines and her volunteers will hold a special event at the Goldie Maple Academy in Arverne where girls can select dresses, shoes, accessories and even have makeovers to get ready for prom season.

Through her Project Window program, she mentors middle school girls by emphasizing the importance of education and self-esteem.
Hines is an attorney who grew up in NYCHA projects in Rockaway and volunteers to give back to young under privileged girls growing up in similar environment who would never be able to afford these donated dresses.Rockaway, Queens.

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