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If you're looking to date a lady from Cambodia then it's worth checking out two of the larger Asian dating websites that have ladies' profiles from a wide range of Asian countries. If you're looking for a Cambodian wife or girlfriend then probably the best way to meet her is to spend time in Cambodia.
Discover the historical development of Cambodian art and how it experienced a fall and has risen to fame once again in current times.The history of art for any nation starts right from the history of the nation it self.
The long and twisted indulgence of the nation of Cambodia in constant warfare is what hampered real Cambodian art from ever flourishing to the extent that it had the potential to.
The artistic legacy of Cambodia suffered most at the hands of the Khmer Rouge regime which was a ruthless communist regime that ruled the nation during the 70’s. Recently it has been observed that the ancient tradition of kite making and flying is being revived in the country. The Cambodian artists have today combined their age old traditional skills with modern trends in order to come up with unique contemporary artwork. So I recommend you take a look at Chinese Kisses - this site often gets overlooked, but there are some fabulous Chinese women on it! Consequently many of the Cambodian ladies on dating sites will be looking to marry a Western man in order to have a dream lifestyle. There's no Cambodian Cupid equivalent of the popular Thai Love Links or Chinese Cupid dating sites.

The Cherry Blossoms dating site is a very popular site, so it's a good place to look for Cambodian ladies. Some places will be difficult for a Westerner to travel to, so it's usually best to stick to ladies who live in a major city such as Phnom Penh, or who are easily able to travel there. Living costs are very low compared to Western countries, so it's easily possible to live in Cambodia for a few months.
The years of war diverted everyone’s attention to the actual problems that the country was facing and little or no attention could be paid to preserving the cultural heritage when the actual survival of people was at stake. The persecution of Cambodian art in all its forms continued up until very recently when certain individuals and organizations began to make an effort to revive traditional Cambodian art. Today we find Cambodian art to have come under a strong western influence that is manipulated by traditional Cambodian creativity.
One can find a wide variety of kites available in the market today especially when the monsoon season arrives which is the peak kite flying season. The Cambodian artists of the new ear have taken inspiration from modern trends and have attempted to execute those ideas through traditional Cambodian mediums such as kite making and stone carving.
So what's the attraction of Cambodian ladies, and how would you go about finding a bride from Cambodia? If you want an Asian wife then it's always a good idea to marry a woman from a country whose culture you like.
While there's nothing wrong with this, just bear in mind that it could be a lot more difficult to find a lady who is marrying purely for love.

But if you do your research then it's certainly possible to find the lovely Cambodian lady of your dreams.
The young generation has taken Cambodian art into a totally new direction whereas some of the older artists have also begun to experiment. The kites made by the professionals are a true testament to the classical Cambodian style that has attracted a lot of foreign attention. On the flipside some artists have attempted to take the traditional Cambodian style and experiment with new mediums of artistic expression.
DateInAsia is one of the most popular free Asian dating sites, and it claims to have over a million members.
There were many specialized artists that were responsible for developing Khmer art but even the ordinary people of the day would like to try their hands at an intriguing form of art.
Textile weaving and print designing are also amongst the mediums of artistic expression used by the Cambodians.
Just remember that there are many scams and scammers operating on DateInAsia - this is a particular problem with sites that allow members to sign up for free.

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