But what we have, despite its unconventional setting, is more than what I had ever hoped for. And I just can't quite imagine going through with the rest of this lifetime without you around. If your girlfriend is an artist or has a good sense of art, you must be scared of giving her something that involves even a bit of artistic touch.
There were times when I would be too clouded with fear that I will just detach and seclude myself once again back to my private world. There may be things that we still need to work out but I wouldn't want to change anything just yet. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to theletters.org or The Letters with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

To be honest, you should not hesitate for a moment to give her some artistic gift because she will love your boldness, courage and the fact that you tried to do something in her way. Christmas gifts for women could be romantic, decent or hilarious so you are the one to decide what type of gift you would like for her. Just look for some creative Christmas presents for girlfriends on the internet and you will get millions of different ideas to be creative and artistic with your Christmas gift. There are websites that carry some of the most hilarious Christmas gifts you can ever imagine. I was starting to enjoy talking to you but was totally certain that you were no more than a friend. You let your defenses down to open up and share your dreams and fears and memories, and knowing that you are most vulnerable, was bliss in itself.

Look through Christmas gifts for girlfriend for a few days and you will surely find something worthy of giving.
There are funny towels, t-shirts, mugs, kettles, pebbles, stones, candles and toys that you can choose from and make them special by adding a little bit of your touch.

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