Most of the other achievements can be done after the story, however there is one achievement you will want to get early on to avoid a hassle.
Now that you have the story done, it’s time to get done some of those oddball achievements that you may have not gotten during the story. Note #2: It may help to keep a checklist or use a guide for the completionist achievements such as pigeons, stunt jumps, random characters, and friends activities. Single Player conclusion: With all the above completed you should get Key to the City for 100% completion. Find some friends in the achievement trading thread and try and beat the times for the co-op games. Now, above and beyond simply shooting darts for this achievement, it is also required that you beat all of your friends at darts (who enjoy darts, and are needed for 100% completion).
For example, if you have 13 points, shooting a 13 will bust your score (no double), as well as shooting a 14 will (going over).
If you find yourself struggling, as is stated, one of the main rules of billiards is if you shoot the 8 ball early, you lose, so wait and eventually an opponent may shoot that ball in for you, granting you an automatic win. After that, he will send you a text message telling you that you won all the races, and can call him back whenever to race any of them again.
Push the down for one second (if you bring it back too soon, you will throw the ball too fast and you won't get the strike), then push it back up.
Roman's special ability is that you can call him up and he will send a taxi to pick you up and take you anywhere, free of charge. There is another location that just may work better, but has been unconfirmed, and is just an idea of mine. The missions will spawn in a random order, the numbers exist only for organization here in this guide. Sometimes you will have to jack them off other people, steal them from in front of the cops or other fun tasks. The vehicles and the locations they appear in are completely random, though the locational situation will be the same, as well as the same 10 vehicles will be collected. When you select a current crime on your computer, a red GPS beaon will appear on your map taking you to the offender. The shortest way to do this is to go to the map and set a way point (hit ) on end of a bridge. Listed below are the women possible to date, how to meet them, the cars they most prefer to be picked up in, their favorite clothing stores, their top four or so favorite social venues (% is based on how much the woman likes that place, out of 100), and finally if sleeping with the woman nets you any special ability. Banshee: This car will be parked on Galveston Avenue, and should not be locked or have an alarm.
Comet: This car will be located in a parking lot between the Burger Shot and the Swingers Golf Club, and will be locked with a car alarm.
Coquette: This car will be parked on the street in front of the church, and should not have an alarm or be locked.
Super GT: This car will be parked on Calcium Street in front of the 69, and is locked with a car alarm.
PMP 600: This car will be parked in an alley by the bank, and will be locked with a car alarm.
DF8-90: This car will be parked in the parking lot by the carnival, and will be locked with a car alarm. 40 days to process UK visa for Thai fiancee (marriage visa)We recently applied for a UK Settlement-Marriage visa for my Thai fiancee. Goodbye, old serverPlease note the old Bangkok Library web site and server (running Drupal CMS) has finally been decommissioned.
No Wife, The Musical – ????????? ????????????Nearly 12 minutes of music, fun and entertainment. Cambridge Key English Test (KET) grading and qualificationThis post shows a statement of results for the Cambridge Key English Test (KET) taken in Bangkok.
How long did it take to get our Cambridge KET test results?I know that some people may be interested to know how long it takes to get test results and a printed examination certificate for the Cambridge Key English Test (KET).
Online payment for UK visa fees in ThailandOnline payment is now mandatory for UK visa applicants in Thailand. From 16 December 2013 all UK visa applicants in Thailand must pay online instead of using a cashiers cheque preferred by many applicants. Thailand Post rates calculatorWant to calculate postage rates for sending letters and parcels from Thailand?
Cambridge Key English Test (KET) Sample PapersThe Cambridge Key English Test (KET) is a qualification recognised by the UKBA for fiance visa applications. Resources to prepare for the Key English Test (KET)This page has some useful resources to prepare for the Key English Test (KET) including sample papers and online tests: Some of the sample tests require you to use Firefox web browser. KET English test for UK fiance visa applicationMy Thai girlfriend will apply for a UK fiance visa later this year.
Embassy of Greece in Bangkok (new address)Please be informed that the Embassy of Greece in Bangkok, Thailand has been relocated to Unit No. There is no shortage of opportunities to meet Thai people online, and if you are hoping to improve your Thai language skills or find a date you could always try Facebook, Skype or ICQ Instant Messenger.
I learned to touch-type in Thai language by chatting on MSN Messenger and if this appeals to you then you will need to find some Thai friends.
Most Thai websites allow users to state their age, gender and sexual preference, but be warned: there are a lot of gay men and transsexuals (ladyboys) online pretending to be something they are not.
T0 use these Thai web sites you will need to have some basic knowledge of written Thai or use a translation service (e.g. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Through the story, you should get Off the Boat, Lowest Point, Walk Free, Fed the Fish, Half Million, Impossible Trinity, Full Exploration, Gracefully Taken, That Special Someone, You Won!, and Liberty City Minute. Find out how to do the Algonquin bridge trick from YouTube or the forums here on x360a and get the One Man Army achievement early on before the trick is no longer possible. You need to get the story done in under 30 hours if you don’t want to go through another playthrough. You should get King of QUB3D, Finish Him, Wheelie Rider, Rolled Over, Chain Reaction, It’ll Cost Ya, and Sightseer. There are some excellent guides on this site that can help you stay organized with these achievements.
Check out the excellent Key to the City guide if you are missing something and struggling to figure out what it was. If you are having trouble being a host consider using the Achievement Trading Thread in order to get some of these achievements quicker. Find a checklist online and start keeping track of games you have won so you aren’t repeating yourself. After getting Wanted, you will have gotten the original 50 achievements for 1000 in Grand Theft Auto IV.
The DLC achievements are easy and straight-forward, the hardest being hitting 69 bikers while racing. If you don't know where to go to play darts, you can call up a friend and ask to play some darts.
Shoot the dart into a slice, and you will knock that amount of points off your total on your way down to zero.
As you work your way down to zero, you need to keep in mind that your final dart that brings you exactly to zero must be shot into the doubles ring in order for you to win. When your opponent swings at you, quickly press and hold to dodge their attack, then let up and press down to counter them while their arm is still extended in attack position. Brucie will call you on your phone soon after the mission is over, and explain that any time you want to race, give him a call to set one up.
You need to be standing on the 1st island and call Brucie, he will then set you up for one of the three possible races on the 1st island. At this point, you have completed your quota for 100% completion, but still need 11 more for the achievement. Then summon a cab by calling your cousin Roman, provided you have unlocked "Driving Mr.
Willis Alley: When you go into the alley, you will find a group of people that you will deal your wares to.

Schottler: Your target will be in a tunnel under the Dukes Expressway that you will have 30 in-game minutes to get to.
Meadows Park: Go around to the side of the church near the dumpster to find your target marker. Meadows Park Festival Towers: When you near the group of columns, you will find a group of people that you will deal your wares to.
East Island City Tunnel: Your target will be in a tunnel that you will have 45 in-game minutes to get to.
Steinway Apartment Tower: Your target will be near the columns to the side of the apartment building, and you will have 50 in-game minutes to get to him. Beechwood City: Your target will be in an auto repair shop off the Dukes Expressway that you will have 25 in-game minutes to get to.
Once you have these, choose anywhere in town that makes you happy, preferably somewhere busy. Log into your email, accept the car by replying to the e-mail, hail a cab and have them take you to the location on the map, retrieve the vehicles, and then return them to Brucie's garage. Meadow Hills Train Station: Your target vehicle will be parked outside of the train station.
Scott Guzowski: He and his deviants will be located on the high patio overlooking the city pool. Antonio Rivette: He and his crew will be holed up in the entranceway to one of the above ground subway terminals. Rodrigo Stavnes: This group will be outside of an apartment complex, and when they see you coming, they will all run to try to escape.
Fernando Tisdel: When you arrive on the scene the target and a group of his friends will all be loaded up in a car. Tyler Pickrel: He will be running around the water fountain all alone, either run him over or gun him down.
Lino Friddell: The band of thugs will start in an alley and run towards their car to the north. Leo Brodell: Enter the apartment door off the north side of the alley and work your way up to the roof to eliminate Leo and his band of friends. Marty Boldenow: Work your way into the compound and fire a rocket at the parked car to eliminate some of the guards.
Glenn Lushbaugh: As you approach, a vehicle with Glenn and his gunman will drive away, so try to approach on foot and shoot a rocket at the escaping car.
Sergi Szerbin: This gentleman and his friends will be in an open area off of a road, surrounded by many explosive barrels. Frederick Harrison: As you approach your target there will be a fair amount of enemies around the bridge that are ready to attack you. Once you take them out, if they like you enough, when you bring them back home, you will have the option to press to take them to bed.
If you sleep with one of the women that do have an ability, there is no rhyme or reason to when they offer it to you. After a little while into the game, the missions become worth around $10,000 to $15,000 apiece.
After you deliver a car, Stevie will wait 6 in-game hours before sending you a message for the next car. There will be a car alarm, but the police do not usually patrol this area, so you should not get a wanted level. It is helpful to look at the mini-map in the screen shots to give yourself a better idea of exactly where the jump is and which direction to look in. Head southwest down Lompac Ave and go up the blue ramp at a left to right angle to jump, clear the river, and land on the other side in the intersection without face planting a building. Head up the incomplete Northern Expressway Bridge, and hit the sheet of metal to land on the next section of the bridge, which contains the #3 jump. Follow #2 to land on the middle section, and then jump the next ramp and clear the water to land on the ground or the rooftop.
Head east down Brandon Ave, and hit the ramp (which has a pigeon under it) to clear the boulders and land on the road below.
Start at the intersection of Hooper and Concord and head northeast up the sloped driveway, jump and land in the street. Head west along the highway until you get to where the bridge splits into the 2 sides with the gap down the middle.
Head south down San Jacinto Ave and use the wooden jump to get on the rooftop, so that you can keep going and do jump #13. Head north up Tutelo St and hit the ramp to completely clear the highway to land in the little park on the opposite side by the billboards. Going south down Lynch St, jump off the wooden planks and land either on or beyond the billboard.
Heading west down Tudor St, on the north side of the street you will see a fallen street sign laying across a rock. Heading south down Tudor St, use the dumpster to jump over the fence and land on the highway.
Head east down Vespucci Circus to hit the dirt ramp in between the Northwood Heights Bridge and the tracks. Head south through the center of Star Junction and hit the dumpster ramp and land beyond the intersection.
Hit the east side traffic barrier, fly through the tunnel, and land past the west side barrier. Head east right in front of the building, hit the jump fast to land past the freeway and land on the opposite side.
Head north up the alley to hit the metal ramp to clear the fence and land on the next street. Take a motorcycle and head up the stairs of the eastern building to get up on to the balcony. This web page allows you to calculate postage rates using a variety of air mail and overland services. I know that many people are in a similar position and so I will post some hopefully useful information here.
Despite privacy and child protection concerns in the West, there are still many Thai websites that allow users to post their details and email addresses online looking for chat partners or more.
There are also a lot of internet scams with users asking for telephone credit to be transferred before contact is made. This means that no part of this web site (text, images or file attachments) may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
As long as your focus is concentrated on completing the story, you will complete it in under 30 hours.
Always try to accept invitations to activities with friends; doing all possible activities with your friends is a requirement towards 100% (if left alive) and will increase your likeness percentage.
If you find yourself failing a mission several times in a row and you’re pushing 30 hours, consider exiting out of the game and re-loading. You should get Genetically Superior, Courier Service, Order Fulfilled, Manhunt, Cleaned the Mean Streets, You Got the Message, Dare Devil, Assassin’s Greed, Endangered Species, Under the Radar, and No More Strangers. Billiards can be a rather complex game, but GTA has done a fairly good job of simplifying it. Each friend has certain activities that they favor over others, and through doing social activities with them, they will begin to like you. As you plant your drugs, you will be ambushed by a group of hostiles that you will need to eliminate.
There will be guys working on it, but they will not be agressive to you for taking their car. Break into the vehicle and do what you need to do to lose your 2-star wanted level before returning to Brucie.
You have two main options, get in the unlock car and risk getting pulled out and beaten up, or take them out from a distance and risk a wanted level from your gunfire.

Use any means to take down the vehicle that you feel most comfortable with, knowing that damaged it is worth less money, and may require a visit to the Pay n Spray. That means that the police and owner will be temporarily distracted, allowing you to get in and drive off.
There is no quick and easy way through this one, keep in cover, and keep moving forward until all the red dots are gone. Shoot rockets at the cars to take them out, and hopefully take out all of the deviants as well. Across the street is a little mini park with trees which is perfect for snipering them all off. Try to approach on foot and launch a rocket at them to end the chase before it begins, otherwise you're in for a fun chase. Again, pull out the rocket launcher to end this mission quickly, then pick off the stragglers using whatever method makes you the happiest. When you've cleared a few out, work your way in, being sure to duck and cover to avoid unneccesary injuries.
Shoot some rockets in there to ignite them and take out most of the group, then hide to take out the rest. Take them both out with a rocket launcher to quickly end this mission, otherwise you're in for a chase. Make your way up using guns and rockets on the enemies and the cars around them to eliminate your enemies.
How much they like you is based on several factors, such as the car you're driving, where you purchased your clothes, and where you take her. Sometime after you sleep with them you will receive a call from the woman offering her services. Once you find and enter the car, you will see a message on the screen that lets you know you have successfully found the car that he was looking for. So if you are looking to do this quickly, going to a safe house and saving your game advances the game ahead 6 hours, so if you drop off a car, then go immediately to a safe house, when you wake up the next text will be waiting for you. If you land in the pool, or keep going into the river, you will complete the jump, but try to land on the road between the two. To hit the jump, you need to land on the curve of Union Drive West, flying over the warehouse. I have included a screenshot with instructions for the Postjung website but there are many others that you can use. The multiplayer can also be frustrating, as you will want to stay organized to keep from going off-track.
You should get Teamplayer, Join the Midnight Club, Taking if for the Team, Top the Midnight Club, Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie, and finally, Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic. In essence, one player shoots the striped balls in, the other shoots the solids, and once a player has their balls sunk, they may shoot for the 8-ball. If you do no aiming, take the shot that it gives you, you should make the ball almost every time. Almost all advanced billiards mechanics such as English are included in the game, but to obtain the achievement you shouldn't need to worry about those things. You then need to travel to Algonquin, call him, win those three races, then go to Alderney, call him, and win those three races.
Locate one, retreat back aways, approach at top speed, aim for only half your car to actually hit the ramp, and sit back and count the spins. I just hit the corner of it in a Super GT accidentally, and I counted eight barrel rolls before I hit the ground.
You will now be in your loft, and in the search radius, but completely out of reach to the cops.
You will be very close to Brucie's garage, so you should be able to return it very quickly.
The method that will eliminate the driver is to follow the car around until it is waiting at a red light. They will soon be on your tail though, so do what you need to do to lose your 2-star wanted level before returning to Brucie. If you don't take out the cars first, when you start shooting, they will all get in cars to make a getaway, making the mission much more difficult.
Any remaining stragglers can be taken out by going up the right side and looking down on them over the wall. If that fails, chase him down and try to either shoot out his tires or just run into him to launch him off the bike. The best part is, they no longer have to be done all at once, you can take your merry time and do them at your leisure. Once you arrive, you can take your time, so as soon as you arrive at the scene, start wreaking havoc until police arrive to stop you.
For this achievement, pick up a taxi on one island, choose a destination on another, and sit there for the entire ride.
You can also perform odd jobs for people all over town, drive taxis, kill hookers, and other things that it just wouldn't be a GTA game without, to collect enough money to reach this lofty bankroll.
Bellic, Retail Therapy, That’s How We Roll!, Dial B for Bomb, Warm Coffee, and Liberty City (5). After completing the story, be sure to call upon Terry and Clay before doing gang wars, etc. Then, when the target is hovering over the triple 20 (inside ring, top number), press to steady your aim, throw the dart by pressing . If you made it far enough, the achievement will unlock, if not, return to the end and try again.
When you select your criminal of choice from the Most Wanted menu, a GPS beacon appears on your map and takes you right to them. When you find Jimmy, he will be asleep, knife him to take him out without alerting his friends. Likewise, you will notice an inner ring, which is worth triple points (and the one needed for this achievement). The runway works best because you have a very long distance where you can drive perfectly straight without worrying about cars pulling in front of you. If they are available to help you, they will tell you, though sometimes they may be busy, as they have their own lives as well. Then let go of and press and you'll be transported to your destination with no police around, so your level will disappear. If you have trouble getting the vehicle to stop at a red light, at a stop light intersection, drive ahead and block the path of the vehicle. If the rocket approach doesn't work, during the ensueing chase, once the trucks receive enough damage, the passengers will make a run for it, so you can eliminate them that way too. As soon as you complete your mission, your wanted level automatically disappears, so you can go and take the freshly slain cops' car free of charge.
After completing a mission for Luis' mother, you have the ability to participate in Cage fights.
It is also important to note that performing a wheelie is easier on a slower bike, such as a moped style bike, so if you're having trouble maintaining a wheelie, seek out one of these and you may have better luck. Don't go upstairs, just take cover on the left side (as you enter), at the top of the stairs. It will try to get around you, but as soon as the red light pops up, the driver will obey the law and stop, leaving him an easy target. Visit the cage fighting arena, win all 18 fights (6 rounds, 3 opponents each) to earn ToGT: Bear Fight. Fly to the highest possible height with a helicopter and parachute out to earn TBoGT: Adrenaline Junkie. When playing through missions, you'll see different objectives you complete to earn the percentage.

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