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If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed email so you won't miss a thing. Click here to download our free printable graph paper suitable for children and grown-ups alike! This entails extraction of data from plotted graph image in tabular or graphical form (saved to an Excel file for further analysis).

Between using The Force on surrounding battle droids and flying to infinity and beyond, Aimee enjoys squeezing in some personal creative time.
With a background in advertising, marketing and design, she is proud to stay home raising her boys. Free Graph Extract ProgramGraph Extract Program is a free Windows based program to extract data from any graph image.
The program will accommodate linear, log-linear and log-log plots, and will work with scatter plots, line plots or barcharts.

Find Graph digitizing toolFind Graph digitizing tool is another way for graph to data conversion.
You can make selective digitization with support for input image formats including: BMP, JPEG, GIF and so on.

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