The following steps detail how to remotely connect to your office computer from home or elsewhere. To find your computers’ name, right click on your “My Computer” icon, and select “Properties”.
When reporting your computer’s name, only include characters from the “Full computer name:” field up to the first period.
Below is additional information about how to determine a computer's name through Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, and Linux. In the System Properties window you'll see the Computer name and Full computer name listed as shown in the picture below. Use the ipconfig command to identify not only the name of the computer but also any other network information. Note: because lots of information is shown in the output you may also need to scroll up to see this information.
If you have super-user rights, you can change the computer's name by using the hostname command.
Click the RIGHT mouse button on the icon and then select “Properties” from the menu that pops up. Highlight the text to the right of Full computer name and copy it by pressing Ctrl-C (or right-click in the highlighted area and select 'Copy'). Paste the text by pressing Ctrl-V (or right-click anywhere in a text box and select 'Paste').

What you get is the following Window – Note that your computer name is listed near the bottom (you might have to scroll a bit to see it). The instructions for  Windows 7 are the same on Windows 8 (if you use the Desktop and find Control Panel). You’ll be taken directly to a window that shows the computer name (as shown in the highlighted area below).
After clicking on properties, a Window will open containing several information about your computer. Don't think that yours will have the brand name of your computer is the same as its computer name.
Written by Daniel Gubalane - tech blogger, freelance web developer and former Physics teacher. If you to change the computer name or workgroup click the Change settings link to the right of the computer name.
Within this tab you'll be able to see the full computer name, workgroup, and also a description.
Within this tab you'll be able to view the computer name, workgroup, and description, as well as change any of this information. At the MS-DOS prompt or Windows command line, type the below command to display all important network information. ProActivity Reports sometimes needs you to tell it the name of your ProActivity Reports “Server” when you’re setting up your system.

But, if you choose to use the tiled interface to find your computer name, here’s how to do that.
Get to this by clicking on the small Apple icon in the very left hand side of the system menu on your Mac.
If were wondering if it can be changed – absolutely, this is also where you change the name of your Mac. The process on Windows Sever versions will follow one of the above examples depending on the version of Windows Server you have.
Hopefully this gives you the information you need to get that name and move on to the more pressing matters at hand. It just involves a few clicks and you will have your computer name ready for whatever you plan to use it with.
Some current games that I play are Diablo 3, Never Winter, Path of Exile, League of Legends (not as often as I would like), Star Craft, and the sims. If there is an Operating System you’d like mentioned here, please let me know in the comments and it may be added to this list.

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