My Mother and Sister lost their purses, wallets, some cash, checks, credit cards, ID’s, and their phones. GadgetTrak – Is an app that can be used on several electronic devices, laptops, phones, tablets etc.
Learn from my situation, get some type of tracking app in your phone or tablet immediately. We service iPhone repair in Schaumburg, cell phone repair in Schaumburg, & computer repair in Hoffman Estates. While we’ve heard several instances of how services like Find My iPhone have helped in recovering the device, it could also result in violence.
In San Diego, a construction worker who said his iPhone had been stolen at a reggae concert chased the pilferer and wound up in a fistfight on the beach that a police officer had to break up. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Apple’s Find My iPhone is one of those lifesaving apps for your iPhone that you hope you never have to use, but in the chance you do, you hope it pulls off miracles. Disclaimer: The names of the people involved have been changed for the sake of anonymity, but the events described herein are completely and utterly true. To set the stage here, a dear friend of mine, Gina and her husband, were hosting a dinner party for 10 guests in total (myself included) on New Years Eve at their home in Toronto.
At the time, no one viewed it as anything more than a soothing comment meant to maintain Gina’s resolve, but there was something else that seeped out of his words — motive. No one admitted culpability, but I insisted that everyone empty their pockets and be patted down to rule out the possibility that anyone was carrying it on his or her person.
Another guest, Carlos, watched to see if Donnie, Darrin or Maggie loitered around Maria’s car to see if perhaps the phone was planted outside. Suddenly, the phone was on and active with a green dot planted straight on Gina’s home address.
Not long after returning to her home, two uniformed officers arrived, took the statement and told us that a detective would be following up.
The detective suggested that Gina email Donnie directly and tell him that the tracking made it clear he had the phone from her home all the way to a downtown location, and that further tracking would likely catch him red-handed. A call to her wireless carrier also revealed that Donnie had actually made calls using her SIM card, adding even more evidence to his theft.
While not a perfect app, Find My iPhone proved incredibly useful in this case because it was the difference between guessing and knowing. This particular story is one I will never forget, and I still find it amazing that I was able to use technology to help find another piece of technology. My name is Annabella, I am Italian but I live in London UK, I think I am a fairly normal person, at the moment my cat is very ill, I took him to the vet Saturday but he didn’t give me much hope, may be 1 or 2 weeks before will be put to sleep, in my iPhone I have the best pictures and moment with my cat Pip. Sunday afternoon I went out for a short shopping trip, I was in House of Fraser in the Mac make-up counter, and I was trying some mineral powder, but the colors were or too pale or too dark, I took the powder back checking for a new one, it was matter of seconds, I forgot to take with me my handbag, when I returned to my chair, it was less then 2m away, my handbag was gone,with my bag also my purse, my home key, my credit card, 2 debit cards from two different banks, and a savings account cash card. Eventually we locate exactly the flats where my iPhone was, I was wondering in what the heck I am going to do now???????????????????
My iPhone had very little power remaining I could not lose any time and I was thinking about the pictures I had on it of my very ill cat, that made me want to cry, but yet I was filled with rage!!!
The fact I was so stupid to believe when she said she found the phone on the tram, now I remember I saw her I thought for such slim black lady she had a very big bag, that is why I remember her in the shop in Mac cosmetics, and after we left she or may be one of her friends used my debit card and made 2 transaction of 40 pounds each for a pay as you go phone.
Although it's one of the simplest accessories ever released, FMC Smart's Find My Car Smarter ($25-$30) hasn't been easy to review.
It’s obvious that FMC Smart considered these issues before releasing Find My Car Smarter, and designed the accessory with more than just basic features. The app includes other features, too, assuming you want to manually load it before leaving your car. Understanding how Find My Car Smarter actually works for its primary vehicle re-location service is critically important.
Over two weeks of testing, Find My Car Smarter performed respectably, showing us generally where a car was located, and doing best when both we and our vehicle were outdoors rather than inside.
Editors' Note: iLounge only reviews products in "final" form, but many companies now change their offerings - sometimes several times - after our reviews have been published. A lot of people leave their phones, wallets, and purses behind instead of putting them in a locker or carrying them around.
Please consult your financial advisor for specific recommendations regarding your personal situation.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.

A New Jersey man ended up in custody himself after he used GPS technology to track his lost iPhone and attacked the wrong man, mistaking him for the thief. Andrew Smith, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department is concerned about this trend. The best way to channel your anger would be to provide the information to law enforcement officials so they can catch the thief, and recover your device. In what was a very personal story for me, I recount how I was able to help track down the thief who stole a friend’s iPhone this past New Years Eve. Dinner was served, drinks were flowing safely, conversations carried on and smiles were evident all around.
When Gina first got her iPhone, it was the first thing I set up, just in case she ever misplaced it.
All of us were now looking under every nook and cranny — inside and outside — in search of this elusive iPhone. If the phone couldn’t be found in some inanimate hiding spot, then could it be that one of the guests actually had it?
Gina had decided that she would call the police, while Maria and her three guests were ready to go. But it was still dark outside, so at 8am, Gina, Carlos and myself ventured to the same location to look for ourselves.
At this point, Gina’s husband, who had gone to sleep before she even realized her phone was missing, was brought up to speed.
He was to either give her phone back and have no charges laid against him, or he could deal with the police, who would be coming after him with charges.
He apologized profusely, saying it was an “honest mistake” and that he “meant to give it back but couldn’t find the right time in front of everyone”.
What many of you might not know is that Find My iPhone is free to use, but is turned off by default. With the important and personal data stored on smartphones, tracking should almost become a mandatory feature for all of them, regardless of make or model. We provide news, reviews and features by some of Canada’s best tech writers, run regular contests for the hottest new products, and keep our readers current with the latest tech news with our monthly newsletters.
There’s also a practical hurtle, namely that Find My Car Smarter requires you to give up a charging outlet in your car for something simple like this. You can set it to remind you when your parking meter expires, by telling it how many minutes you’ve paid for, and can also create hotspots for street sweeping or parking enforcement during certain hours, days of the week, and locations. Criminals capitalize on this and go slithering around gym parking lots looking for exposed valuables. This app allows you to locate your phone on a map, remotely lock your device, play a sound, and display a message. Once you activate the app it sends you periodic location reports so you can track the movement of your device.
All references to interest rates, giveaways, deals, products, and websites can change without notice. Last known location will be shown as well as active location if available (the battery must be charged and there must be an active data connection). To be able to do that you should ensure Find my iPhone is enabled on your device (you can check this article to find out how to do it), which will also ensure that the person who has stolen it cannot use it, which could deter the person from committing the crime again.
Donnie was a friend of one of Gina’s girlfriends, Maria, and he was meeting everyone for the first time.
Long after we all toasted to the New Year at the midnight hour, the clock read 3:31am, and Gina’s friend, Maria, along with her three guests, Donnie, Maggie and Darrin, were ready to head home.
If so, and it was meant as a joke, almost two hours had expired and no one was in a laughing mood.
Tensions were slowly rising, and at one point, Maria flatly accused Donnie of taking the phone because of two factors: there was a 10-minute period where his whereabouts were unaccounted for and he had motive. When you go as far as looking through vents with a flashlight, and even making sure that it didn’t somehow end up in a toilet or a thin veil of snow, you get the feeling that foul play might be involved. After getting out of the washroom, I decided to try iCloud one more time before Gina called the police. When I got back to the computer, I realized that the green dot I saw was the phone’s location 17 minutes prior to when I logged in, so after refreshing the page, the phone was now downtown in what appeared to be a condo building. Carlos even managed to climb a ladder onto the roof of the dealership to see if it was somehow up there. All data on the phone was still intact, meaning it had never been wiped clean with a factory restore.

But this task is handled in an interesting way that the accessory's almost invisible design belies, and though the overall experience isn't ideal, it's definitely worth discussing.
But once FMC Smart’s two pieces are connected, they become a tiny black nub with a small blue power light on the charger.
Plug Find My Car Smarter into your car, perform a one-time registration of the accessory with the app, and you can feel reasonably confident that the app will tell you where you left your vehicle, even if you did nothing more than turn off and exit your car with your phone in your pocket. Geofences can be established for home, work, and other locations so that the app works more reliably, and if you’re as likely to forget your phone as your car, the app can be set to chime and vibrate on your phone before you leave your vehicle. This command is received by the app, even if you’ve exited it or dumped it into the background. They were coming out of their gym when my mother noticed bits of glass on the ground near their car. The only problem is that your phone needs to be on and connected to the internet or the app won’t work. It can also use cell phone towers and wifi to track your device so you won’t have to worry about it losing its internet connection. I try to keep the information on this site current, but things change, deals expire, circumstances may be different now than when they were first published. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Everyone looked around their personal space to see if perhaps it was under a table, a tablecloth or some other obstruction. Bizarre, Gina thought, because she distinctly remembers leaving her phone on the dining table prior to removing plates and cutlery from the table with other guests. After a brief private conversation between Gina, myself and another guest, she outwardly asked anyone — whomever it may be — “If you have the phone, please give it back. They got their jackets, slowly made their way to the front door, said their goodbyes to us all and went on their way. Gina placed a call to Darrin, who confirmed their location and that they had indeed dropped off Donnie at said location downtown only minutes ago, though they also knew it wasn’t where he actually lived. Could Donnie have tossed the phone out because of the remote alarm, which can’t be turned off?
The remote alarm was turned on and off because Find My iPhone can’t search for a new location while the alarm is on. He agreed to surrender the phone at the front desk of a downtown Toronto hotel the following day, wherein he wouldn’t have to show his face, along with Gina’s word that she wouldn’t pursue prosecution. All was well, and the lesson Gina learned is that syncing with iTunes more often is a necessity to keeping data in order.
Leave your valuables at home, secure them in a locker, or the very least put them in the glove box or the trunk.
The best part about this app is that you can do it right now, it’s free and it literally takes seconds. The cherry on top for this app is that it allows you to snap pictures of the would be thief with your phones camera.
He wasn’t going to hide very easily, but if he discarded the phone, he could get away scot-free. If you phone leaves your campus or school ground the app would notify you and you could use it to locate whoever has your device. Peering into garbage bins, sewer grates, under vehicles and in flower beds, there was still no sign of the phone. Put another way, Find My Car Smarter can guide you generally to where your car is, but between pinpointing your vehicle and your own location, it’s not likely to be accurate down to a several-foot distance. An in-app setting can let it warn you when the GPS signal is weak; another in-app feature can let you manually set the current location if you want to override the automated recording. Please learn from my mistakes and prepare from the possibility that your phone might be lost or stolen. Regrettably, these features underscore the questionable value of a $25-$30 accessory solution: if you need to use them, you could as easily drop a pin on your own Maps application for free.

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