Once we are fully vested in that pursuit, we begin to adopt it as our identity with no real awareness that it’s a role we are being programmed into. We all have different roles to play in life and each of those roles comes with their own set of skills and responsibilities.  On any given day you might be a parent, a technician, a marriage partner, a commuter, and a student or teacher. This is where things get a little confusing because to some degree, we all get our identity from what we do.
The same thing can happen when a workaholic ends up unemployed or an athlete gets injured or too old for their sport.
Who we are as a person, on the deepest levels, has only a passive relationship with our life roles.
I created Find Your TRUE SELF to help you connect with your core identity and discover who you are apart from your various life roles.
Then I will give you the tools to bring your beliefs and passions into harmony with your core values. Find Your TRUE SELF is your personal blueprint for positive change and a happier, more fulfilling life. Apple’s Find My iPhone is one of those lifesaving apps for your iPhone that you hope you never have to use, but in the chance you do, you hope it pulls off miracles.
Disclaimer: The names of the people involved have been changed for the sake of anonymity, but the events described herein are completely and utterly true. To set the stage here, a dear friend of mine, Gina and her husband, were hosting a dinner party for 10 guests in total (myself included) on New Years Eve at their home in Toronto. At the time, no one viewed it as anything more than a soothing comment meant to maintain Gina’s resolve, but there was something else that seeped out of his words — motive. No one admitted culpability, but I insisted that everyone empty their pockets and be patted down to rule out the possibility that anyone was carrying it on his or her person. Another guest, Carlos, watched to see if Donnie, Darrin or Maggie loitered around Maria’s car to see if perhaps the phone was planted outside. Suddenly, the phone was on and active with a green dot planted straight on Gina’s home address. Not long after returning to her home, two uniformed officers arrived, took the statement and told us that a detective would be following up. The detective suggested that Gina email Donnie directly and tell him that the tracking made it clear he had the phone from her home all the way to a downtown location, and that further tracking would likely catch him red-handed.
A call to her wireless carrier also revealed that Donnie had actually made calls using her SIM card, adding even more evidence to his theft. While not a perfect app, Find My iPhone proved incredibly useful in this case because it was the difference between guessing and knowing.
This particular story is one I will never forget, and I still find it amazing that I was able to use technology to help find another piece of technology. My name is Annabella, I am Italian but I live in London UK, I think I am a fairly normal person, at the moment my cat is very ill, I took him to the vet Saturday but he didn’t give me much hope, may be 1 or 2 weeks before will be put to sleep, in my iPhone I have the best pictures and moment with my cat Pip. Sunday afternoon I went out for a short shopping trip, I was in House of Fraser in the Mac make-up counter, and I was trying some mineral powder, but the colors were or too pale or too dark, I took the powder back checking for a new one, it was matter of seconds, I forgot to take with me my handbag, when I returned to my chair, it was less then 2m away, my handbag was gone,with my bag also my purse, my home key, my credit card, 2 debit cards from two different banks, and a savings account cash card.
Eventually we locate exactly the flats where my iPhone was, I was wondering in what the heck I am going to do now??????????????????? My iPhone had very little power remaining I could not lose any time and I was thinking about the pictures I had on it of my very ill cat, that made me want to cry, but yet I was filled with rage!!!
The fact I was so stupid to believe when she said she found the phone on the tram, now I remember I saw her I thought for such slim black lady she had a very big bag, that is why I remember her in the shop in Mac cosmetics, and after we left she or may be one of her friends used my debit card and made 2 transaction of 40 pounds each for a pay as you go phone.
Joshua and Sean taught me that finding out if I fit a certain job or company was as simple as asking someone who works (or worked) there. My abilities to write, brainstorm, market and sell combine nicely with the mission of helping others. I’m omitting countless other people who have assisted in my transformation during this journey.
Now, the message that Joshua and I created months ago is spot on – not because the wording has changed – but because I have changed and polished myself. I could still be angry, asking “why me?” Yet I chose to think positive and take one baby step forward.
One lesson sums up this journey: If you don’t know what you want or how to change, ask for help.
Larque GoodsonLarque Goodson understands that many companies and professionals struggle to find their voice and tell their story. It’s been a pleasure to watch Larque progress on her journey from jobseeker to entrepreneur.

Then take yourself out of range of all the electronic noise from computers, cell phones and the television. I’ve noticed that more and more people are starting to feel almost completely disconnected from their true self. For one thing there is nothing about the structure of our society that facilitates such a connection. Any ambitions that don’t fit the mold are seen as foolish dreams rather than expressions of our true self. And it’s probably a reasonable assumption that your life involves a combination of several of them. And this is especially true if one of our roles requires a huge commitment of time and energy.
If our whole identity is tied to a particular role and it changes, it can leave us wondering who we are. Because they got their identity from their primary life role, the change creates an identity crisis and they can end up feeling lost and confused.
Instead, our real identity is defined by our core beliefs, values, passions, and motives, and expresses itself through our courageousness, openness, and personal power. I’ll help you examine the beliefs and passions that define your perception of the world around you and your place in it. This will allow you to create an empowering sense of inner harmony and avoid the self sabotaging behaviors that can undermine your ability to succeed in life and business.
It has already helped thousands make a stronger connection with their true self and I know it can help you do the same.
In what was a very personal story for me, I recount how I was able to help track down the thief who stole a friend’s iPhone this past New Years Eve. Dinner was served, drinks were flowing safely, conversations carried on and smiles were evident all around. When Gina first got her iPhone, it was the first thing I set up, just in case she ever misplaced it.
All of us were now looking under every nook and cranny — inside and outside — in search of this elusive iPhone. If the phone couldn’t be found in some inanimate hiding spot, then could it be that one of the guests actually had it? Gina had decided that she would call the police, while Maria and her three guests were ready to go.
But it was still dark outside, so at 8am, Gina, Carlos and myself ventured to the same location to look for ourselves. At this point, Gina’s husband, who had gone to sleep before she even realized her phone was missing, was brought up to speed.
He was to either give her phone back and have no charges laid against him, or he could deal with the police, who would be coming after him with charges. He apologized profusely, saying it was an “honest mistake” and that he “meant to give it back but couldn’t find the right time in front of everyone”. What many of you might not know is that Find My iPhone is free to use, but is turned off by default. With the important and personal data stored on smartphones, tracking should almost become a mandatory feature for all of them, regardless of make or model. We provide news, reviews and features by some of Canada’s best tech writers, run regular contests for the hottest new products, and keep our readers current with the latest tech news with our monthly newsletters.
Signs indicated I should start my own business to help others find their voices and tell their stories through traditional and social media. She helps people distinguish themselves, inject personality into company messaging and generate fans through traditional and social media. Now tell me this: When it is just you standing alone in the quiet of total solitude, who are you? They tell me that they just don’t know who they really are, and they have no idea how to figure it out.
Ironically, most of the creative geniuses of history were originally labeled as foolish dreamers. When children grow up and move out they call it empty nest syndrome for the parents and separation anxiety for the children. It is the connection with this inner aspect of self, our TRUE SELF, that so many feel out of touch with. Do you feel that your life is an outward demonstration of your deepest values, passions, and beliefs?

Donnie was a friend of one of Gina’s girlfriends, Maria, and he was meeting everyone for the first time. Long after we all toasted to the New Year at the midnight hour, the clock read 3:31am, and Gina’s friend, Maria, along with her three guests, Donnie, Maggie and Darrin, were ready to head home.
If so, and it was meant as a joke, almost two hours had expired and no one was in a laughing mood. Tensions were slowly rising, and at one point, Maria flatly accused Donnie of taking the phone because of two factors: there was a 10-minute period where his whereabouts were unaccounted for and he had motive. When you go as far as looking through vents with a flashlight, and even making sure that it didn’t somehow end up in a toilet or a thin veil of snow, you get the feeling that foul play might be involved. After getting out of the washroom, I decided to try iCloud one more time before Gina called the police. When I got back to the computer, I realized that the green dot I saw was the phone’s location 17 minutes prior to when I logged in, so after refreshing the page, the phone was now downtown in what appeared to be a condo building.
Carlos even managed to climb a ladder onto the roof of the dealership to see if it was somehow up there. All data on the phone was still intact, meaning it had never been wiped clean with a factory restore. While unemployed, I’ve discovered that a big change can start with just one little step and an open mind. One guy suggested I talk to Joshua Waldman because he helps people find work through social media. In courses at the Small Business Development Center, I feel frustrated while other people seem excited about their new ventures.
From a young age we are channeled in certain directions according to criteria like aptitude and the expectations of others. Everyone looked around their personal space to see if perhaps it was under a table, a tablecloth or some other obstruction. Bizarre, Gina thought, because she distinctly remembers leaving her phone on the dining table prior to removing plates and cutlery from the table with other guests. After a brief private conversation between Gina, myself and another guest, she outwardly asked anyone — whomever it may be — “If you have the phone, please give it back. They got their jackets, slowly made their way to the front door, said their goodbyes to us all and went on their way.
Gina placed a call to Darrin, who confirmed their location and that they had indeed dropped off Donnie at said location downtown only minutes ago, though they also knew it wasn’t where he actually lived. Could Donnie have tossed the phone out because of the remote alarm, which can’t be turned off? The remote alarm was turned on and off because Find My iPhone can’t search for a new location while the alarm is on.
He agreed to surrender the phone at the front desk of a downtown Toronto hotel the following day, wherein he wouldn’t have to show his face, along with Gina’s word that she wouldn’t pursue prosecution. All was well, and the lesson Gina learned is that syncing with iTunes more often is a necessity to keeping data in order. And what I found was that the more little steps I took, the more comfortable I was with the new me. Of course, this is done for our own good based on the premise that a well paying career equates to a fulfilling life. If not, then how interested are you in making that inward journey toward your missing connection? He wasn’t going to hide very easily, but if he discarded the phone, he could get away scot-free. This is the story of how my little network has brought me to a whole new understanding of the meaning of my life. So Sean sent me home with a bunch of homework – self assessment, career inventory and how to create a hunting strategy.
Peering into garbage bins, sewer grates, under vehicles and in flower beds, there was still no sign of the phone.

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