Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security was written by an economist and two journalists. Divorces, while unfortunately common, seldom lead to light-hearted thoughts or perhaps any thoughts at all about what the end of a marriage means for Social Security benefits. After being married to someone for at least 10 years, you may qualify for a divorce or, in Social Security geekspeak, an ex-spousal benefit based on your former spouse’s Social Security earnings record. The maximum ex-spousal benefit is half of the other spouse’s “full” Social Security benefit. Unfortunately, finding out what you ex-spouse’s full retirement benefit will be may be really hard. Only one married spouse can collect a full spousal benefit while allowing their own retirement benefit to grow by 8 percent a year between ages 66 and 70. Origins of Love Choice Decisions Childhood Experience Mom and Dad always fought My parents got divorced when I was young.
The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 1.YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR PARTNERS POTENTIAL – Do you find yourself saying………… My partner just needs more time to get it together. The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 3.YOU ARE ON A RESCUE MISSION You think you can solve your partners serious emotional, physical or financial problems while playing a parental or psychologist role. The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 4.YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR PARTNER FOR EXTERNAL REASONS.
The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 5.YOU CHOOSE A PARTNER IN ORDER TO BE REBELLIOUS This is one of the worst reasons for starting a relationship. The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 6.YOU CHOOSE A PARTNER WHO IS THE OPPOSITE OF YOUR PREVIOUS PARTNER.
The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 7.YOUR PARTNER IS UNAVAILABLE The partner tells you Im in another relationship but Im leaving it soon, or I dont love her and were not intimate, or she knows about us and is okay with it.
The 8 Categories of Relationships That Wont Work 8.YOU HAVE PARTIAL COMPATIBILITY Have you ever thought you met the right person because you had something in common like yoga and great sex for two months?
The 8 Character Defects That Will Ruin a Relationship 1.CHRONIC ANGER The partner may be warm to you until they dont get their way.
The 8 Character Defects That Will Ruin a Relationship 3.VICTIMHOOD Does your partner often complain and pout about things?
The 8 Character Defects That Will Ruin a Relationship 5.SEXUAL PROBLEMS There are 3 categories.
The 8 Character Defects That Will Ruin a Relationship 6.IMMATURITY This person cant hold down a job, is careless with finances, undependable, unmotivated, can be a coach potato, and wont want to grow up. The 8 Character Defects That Will Ruin a Relationship 8.EMOTIONAL UNAVAILABILITY OR DAMAGE FROM CHILDHOOD Most people are emotionally blocked and need healing before they are able to give and receive love. The 8 Qualities to Look For in a Partner 2.INTEGRITY Have you ever had a partner that lies and never admits they are wrong so they can have the upper hand? The 8 Qualities to Look For in a Partner 3 MATURITY AND RESPONSIBILITY Can the person earn enough money to support themselves and keep their living space relatively clean? The 8 Qualities to Look For in a Partner 4.HIGH SELF-ESTEEM Partners with low self-esteem dont love and value themselves leading to self-criticism, procrastination, allow abuse, and dont take risks to be successful in life. The The Daily Beast reported on Monday that in the midst of his early-'90s divorce from model Ivana Trump, the GOP frontrunner's then-wife accused him of rape. The story's origins are in a deposition by Ivana, detailed in an unauthorized Trump biography in 1993, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. The story of the incident, which allegedly occurred in 1989, reportedly comes from a deposition Ivana gave during the couple's divorce in the early '90s. But Trump's top lawyer, Michael Cohen, who sought to dissuade The Daily Beast from publishing its story on Monday, is now making waves of his own. In addition to threatening the Daily Beast reporters who worked on the story ("I will take you for every penny you still don’t have," Cohen reportedly told the publication, echoing his boss' bluster. While Trump's presidential rivals have remained quiet on the rape allegation and Cohen's remarks, the Democratic National Committee did issue a statement calling on Republicans to condemn Cohen's comments. In 2011, an ABC News profile reported that Cohen once volunteered for Michael Dukakis, the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, and is a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama in 2008. It is near Abigail Adams Cairn, marking the site from which Adams witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill at age seven. But we’re here to tell you, after answering lots and lots of people’s questions, that far too many folks didn’t have a clue that such benefits even existed, let alone how generous they could be. To do so, both of you must be at least 62 years old, and your former spouse either has to have already filed for his or her retirement benefit, or you have to have been divorced for at least two years.

If you apply for the benefit, the Social Security Administration will look up your ex’s earnings records and tell you what your benefit would be.
But if that same couple were to be divorced, and neither of them had yet filed for their own retirement benefit, each of them could, at their FRAs, take a full ex-spousal benefit based on their ex-spouse’s earnings record. Mostly True Your ideas about romantic love are so off that you have probably gotten your heart broken over and over again. Spiritual Style (believes in God or higher power, has moral views, open to the mystical and different philosophies of life, compassionate toward less fortunate) 8. Why would you attract to somebody who was: emotionally unavailable, abusive, immature, dramatic? You make the mistake of only looking for missing qualities rather than making them an important but incomplete part of an entire list of desired traits. You were probably abandoned as a child and repeat this pattern of finding people who cant be there for you as well – the perfect Imago. You have to tiptoe around the house and they physically throw objects or verbally put you down. You end up being the parent reminding them to do things which builds resentment and kills the passion. This person cannot or will not talk about feelings causing problems with intimacy and trust.
Whether it is becoming more patient, dealing with stress, treating you better, or stopping smoking, you will ultimately respect them.
Do they respect your feelings, your time, possessions, boundaries, and other peoples feelings?
High self-esteem partners take pride in who they are and treat themselves, others, and their health very well. While marital rape and sexually assaulting a spouse remains uncriminalized in many countries (and was, until the mid-1970s in the United States), it has been illegal in all 50 states in America since 1993. As an attorney, husband and father there are many injustices that offend me but nothing more than charges of rape or racism," Cohen said. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
For nearly three years, at the age of 14, he accompanied Francis Dana as a secretary on a mission to St. Here are some of the Social Security secrets you need to know about cutting the marital knot.
Instead, inside Social Security’s bag of arcane rules is one that says a full retirement benefit is the amount a person is entitled to receive when they reach what the Social Security Administration calls Full Retirement Age (FRA).
Heck, this is such a good deal (and known by virtually no one) that it might be enough to get the couple thinking about getting back together.
You likely have an unrealistic and distorted view of love from watching TV, movies, reading novels, etc.
Personal Growth Style (attitude toward self-improvement, wants to learn about self and change for the better, sees own shortcomings, attends seminars) 9. Are you the one who usually reaches out for affection, intimacy, date night, and fits into their schedule?
Your parents told you to marry somebody Jewish and you only date protestants or your parents emphasize money and you attract to the broke, anti-establishment type or your parents are conservative white people and you youve had three African American boyfriends.
You could also be avoiding intimacy, or have low self-esteem and dont feel you deserve love.
Remember the styles are the physical style, emotional style, intellectual style, social style, sexual style, communication style, spiritual style, personal growth style, financial style, and Interests and Hobbies style. Sexual addictions where pornography, excess masturbation, or the need for sex one or more times a day causes major intimacy problems.
They complain a lot, they dont trust easily, are cynical and pessimistic, and allow fear and worry to rule them. Gradual attraction occurs when the attraction is not just based on your partners looks, but by who they are and how you are with them.
Ambassador to Brazil Condy Raguet's "rashness and intemperance" nearly "brought this country and Brazil to the very verge of war"? Out now from sister company Simon & Schuster, Get What’s Yours is available wherever books are sold. In the silver lining department (and we’re not suggesting let alone advocating mayhem), you can remarry after age 60 and still be qualified to file for a survivor’s benefit when your ex-spouse dies.

So, good luck trying to build an informed plan for how to collect the best possible mix of Social Security benefits. Of course, they would have to live in sin or lose this marvelous divorce consolation prize.
Intellectual Style (educational background, enjoys learning, attitude toward world affairs, creativity) 4. Financial Style (relationship with money, attitude toward success, hard worker, ambitious career, honest and ethical, financially responsible) 10.
We consciously seek out positive qualities of our parents and unconsciously seek out the negative qualities so we can heal ourselves and become whole.
Settling for crumbs will end up making you feel hungry for love, controlled, cheated, and miserable. You might be attracted to this Imago, if you saw one of your parents or siblings ignored, unloved, or mistreated. 2.ADDICTIONS Whether its to alcohol, drugs, or whatever, it will take the persons time, attention and spirit away and ruin intimacy between both of you. 7.RESENTMENT FROM A PAST RELATIONSHIP They are still traumatized or hurt from a past relationship that they project on to you or dont learn from their mistakes. Find out if they are aware of it, how it affects relationships, and are they actively working on healing themselves. If I asked your past partner their biggest complaint about you, what would it be and would you agree? Positive people turn obstacles into learning lessons and opportunities, and work through conflicts faster, with less blame and more cooperation.
Interests and Hobbies (enjoys music, dance, movies, travel, or whatever you are interested in). A man who had a critical mother will attract to a woman who is critical so he can heal that part of him.
If they love you more, you will feel defensive, pressured, and smothered by them like they are too clingy or needy.
Behaviors include: unpredictable anger, irresponsibility, bad moods and emotional deadness. 4.CONTROL FREAK Do you feel criticized, judged, constantly under the microscope, and live in fear of displeasing your partner?
A lack of sexual integrity occurs when the partner flirts, touches others private parts, makes sexual comments, and of course infidelity ruins a relationship. Severe damage includes sexual, verbal, or physical abuse, eating disorders, parental abandonment from divorce, death, adoption, or suicide, parental addiction to alcohol and drugs, religious fanaticism where the person was taught they were evil, bad, and sex was dirty and sinful.
Key Questions: What are some of the most important lessons youve learned about pain in your life?
People who rationalize to themselves that is isnt a big deal that they dont have sex or arent attracted to their partner, make them ripe to have an extramarital affair. You can file as early as age 62 but you will be hit with stiff early claiming penalties of up to 30 percent of that 50 percent. Mostly False You have a realistic understanding of love relationships and realize that love is not enough to make a relationship work.
We have this love Image that we project onto our partner and exaggerate the likenesses, diminish the differences, and distort the truth so they will fit into this image. Tell your partner, you refuse to live with an addict unless they get professional help immediately and stick to a plan.
Spend time discovering if your partner fulfills each of the 8 qualities to look for in a partner. So, instead of getting half of your ex-spouse’s full benefit, you’ll get only 35 percent of it. You attract to them because you had a controlling mother or father, or you are a victim looking for someone to do everything, or your last partner was passive and you choose the opposite this time, or you were abused. Sexual performance problems such as impotence that lasts, premature ejaculation, and lack of interest in sex ruin intimacy.

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