The question how to Find Out What's on Your Girlfriend's Wishlist has been asked 175 times by our users. How to eradicate all the complicated issues of the yahoo product with association of tech support team? How to the top information technology engineering college can help you find a suitable job? Yes it comes as a bit surprise but studies reveal that women grab hold of many opportunities when it comes to cheating on their men. Various reasons might just accumulate but here are some of them which are likely the reason to cause break-ups, infidelity etc. Not paying enough attention!More then often women give reasons like, you don't love them anymore, or you never spend time together or even 'I was never your priority' types.
Men fail to understand their partner's expectation and take things the way they look and as women love to get attention this leads to both of them drifting apart.
If all the answers come out to be yes, even if it was way back in your past; then it's your time for payback.

So never underestimate her, she might be the one who is working on keeping all the details intact with her. If you have ever been wrong to your woman at any point of time, then god knows whether the time has come for your payback! Where has the 'Sex' gone?Are you both too engrossed with your work or other commitments that don't give you time for any priorities for both of you like, making love!
Remember those initial days of your relationship, when just a touch could make you both feel jitters.
Those nights you spent cuddling, kissing and staying up all night together, because you wanted to be together; then where has that spark lost! I have piles pending!If you think, your day would come to put up your complaint against her, and then you are clearly wrong!
Men never understand how can they come out to be having more (home complaint) cases against them; you can never win over you girl. The pleasure you feel while showing off your 'Manliness', she too does while revealing her hot, sexy side waiting to be woken up from its sleep. By just speaking up or talking to each other you could understand each other better and instead of wasting your time to show off your qualities to the world, you both could end up doing the show-off thing to each other in your bedroom!

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