Hundreds of costumed characters took to the streets of Howard Beach on Saturday morning for the annual Halloween parade down Cross Bay Boulevard. Batman, Superman, the Cowardly Lion, good witches and bad, ghosts, goblins, Elvis, Elvira, Mickey, Minnie, Ursula the Sea Witch, Super Girl and a host of others took a stroll under pleasant skies from 159th Avenue to 165th Avenue where they were met with pizza, goodie bags, pumpkins and other holiday treats for all. Looking all ghoulish and groovy, girlfriends Gabby, 10 Isabella 9, Allie 9, and Nikki 9 were out for a day of chaperoned fun with Batgirl—who is not 9 or 10.

Halloweenista Amy Powell , 3rd from left back row—holding a naturally red haired Elmo, and friends strike a pose—everybody say Trick or Treat! It appears that Super Girl was trying to have a word with Mickey while the camera distracts Ursula, the Sea Witch. The beloved event, run each year by the Howard Beach Kiwanis Club, was another casualty of Sandy, but was back with full force this year.

The past years events have been known to have food, samples and hand out goodie bags filled with freebies.

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