Hyperkalemia is a common problem that can range in severity from inconsequential to life-threatening. Grand Rounds 46 , this week's best posts of the medical blogosphere, is up at Parallel Universes .
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TODAY – Another viral photos recently went viral online after a mysterious good looking man appears in the mountain province of the Philippines. Everyone were excited to know him, apparently, there’s one user who revealed the true Identity of this man. Previous: 2-year-old baby suffers from severe ulcer after eating the chewed food of her grandmother! External stuff - illness, eyes, depression, RSI - seeps into our lives in imperceptible increments. Bandong, she shared it last week on her facebook profile, According to her, she saw this heartthrob while heading towards Sagada.

Over the course of the Iron Man and Avengers films, his arc led to the creation of Ultron which almost resulted in the end of humanity.
Through his all-knowledge-possessing-sentient-metal baby, Tony learned that having the capability to act with unchecked power has awful consequences. As a result, Stark embraces taking accountability in Civil War with the Sokovia Accords in order to better define the relationship of the Avengers with the standing governance of wherever they may intervene. We think the shot of War Machine going down might have less to do with The Winter Soldier but more to do with the government screwing with Tony.
We know there’s an action set piece in the beginning that could very well lead to Cap compromising her and the mission to chase down Bucky.
So she has nothing to gain by being on Cap’s side, but this could also be a misdirect. Filled with knowledge, he might see the bigger picture, but as Tony is his maker, it seems like the natural choice for him to cooperate publicly on Stark’s side.
Will they have a best friend moment where they realize they both have dads allegedly killed by the Winter Soldier?

In the viral marketing campaign for Ant-Man, there is a WHIH news segment with Christine Everheart where the bottom news scroll reads: Stark Industries Announces New Scholarships For Promising Students From Urban City Schools. Peter Parker is a kid from an urban city school in New York with a knack for science who could very well be one of the students that gets a scholarship.
Just speculating, but working with Stark Industries would grant him access to tech that helps him build his Spidey suit and tools.
Whether or not Stark knows his identity, Parker as a student and as Spider-Man probably looks up to Tony as a role model. He grew up in the MCU during the events that unfolded in NYC and it seems fitting that he would become Tony’s little science bro.What side are you on?

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