I have noticed my exit rentry visa has 0 digit extra after the alphabetic character of the passport number , i noticed this after exit stamped the rest of the data in exit-rentry are correct . I was came from saudi on leave on basis re entry exit visa but I was extended my leave and that re entry exit visa has been expired. So any body can tell me it is necessory that name should be currect on order letter and when I will say my company fir again apply then how much days will be go for that process. I am Sabish Sahadevan i came on vacation for one month on 18th of may and my re entry was of 40 days .
Saudia, formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines, is the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a member of SkyTeam. Aeroflot Russian Airlines introduced a premium economy "Comfort Class" last year that provides a hybrid between business and economy similar to Air France's Premium Economy product.
The Saudia flight was from Dubai to Jeddah was so uneventful I will only spend a few sentences on it—I was tried and quickly fell asleep after the meal service, which included beef with noodles and mixed vegetables. After a refreshing stay at the Park Hyatt Jeddah, it was time to continue my journey to Dubai.
I did not stray far from the Park Hyatt Jeddah during my recent transit through Saudi Arabia, though I did spend a couple hours in the evening walking around the Kingdom's second largest city.
Visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been near the top of my travel list for years, though getting there is not easy. This is just a teaser post--you won't read about the trip for another month or so--but I am enjoying a refreshing stay at the Park Hyatt Jeddah, had a good experience on Saudia, the Saudi national carrier and now a member of Skyteam, and have been impressed that Saudi Arabia--at least Jeddah--is not as conservative as I had imagined.
As Fozz reported, in a ceremony in Miami earlier today, Star Alliance announced that Avianca-TACA and Copa will join Star Alliance by mid-2012.
Avianca and TACA merged last year, though the two airlines still operate separately and are not formally affiliated with an alliance. SkyTeam flyers will finally have an airline based in South America after Aerolineas Argentinas announced its intention to begin the process of joining the alliance by the end of the month, with full integration by mid-2012. Bolstering its prescence in China and the surrounding region, China Airlines has announced plans to join SkyTeam by mid-2011.
SkyTeam, which added Vietnam Airlines to its alliance last month, will soon add two more members to the team. Romania's Tarom Airlines will join later this week and offer an alternative to SkyTeam's already robust presence in Europe.
When I forced in a 23-hour layover in Jeddah on my recent Saudia trip, I was taking a conscious risk.
Visa outsourcing companies like Travisa will help you get the visa for a $65 fee, but I had a trip to Washington coming up and decided to do everything myself. Once that is enabled, the applicant should click on the yellow bar to allow the control to install. If no window appears then the ActiveX control is not installed, so repeat the steps above and restart your Internet Explorer. If you receive an error message, than your scanned photo is most likely not saved to the correct size. Moments later I recieved a call from the Chase fraud department, wondering if I had authorized a payment inside Saudi Arabia. Importantly, you'll need to include your Enjaz application number on the application and staple a color passport photo. I was going to be in Washington anyway, so I stopped by the Embassy on New Hampshire Avenue NW, located across the street from the Watergate complex. I entered the building and went through a metal detector, where I encountered a large marble lobby with incense burning and large pictures of the royal family on the wall. He simply nodded his head and stapled a perforated salmon-colored receipt to the back of my passport, tearing off half of it to give to me and instructing me to come back next week. I had dropped off my visa on Friday afternoon so I did not expect it to be done Monday afternoon.
Before stopping at the Embassy, I visited the post office to pick up a Priority Mail envelope and stamp--if I could not get the passport (and hopefully the visa) today, it would have to be mailed to me. Boy that seems like alot of hassle for a transit visa, if a person is not gonna be near one of there offices would you just recommend paying a service to secure the visa? It's typically not intimidating to procure a visa, if you follow the instructions and having all the documentations available. Earlier this year, I whiffed on my attempt to leave the Jeddah Airport while in transit (under 18hrs). Booked a Delta award today for wife and I on Saudi Arabian Airlines, tomorrow heading to the NYC consulate to try for transit visas, thanks for the tips, I had to reduce IE's security even beyond the low level needed to access my Chinese bank accounts. Went to the Saudi embassy a couple of days ago and was told the embassy doesn't issue transit visa anymore.
I plan to visit Egypt next year (when the situation cools down), and I'd like to fly from Jordan directly to Sohag so that I can get right into the Temples of Abydos.
I would contact the Saudi embassy in Delhi to handle this or an authorized service agent in Pune. I think it really helped (because the guy looked like he was going to tell me no transit visas) that I had the itinerary and a hotel reservation already booked, that I looked presentable, and that I had a fat passport. You are kindly requested to let me know that is it possible to go out from Riyadh Airport on a less than 10 hours transit.
Someone wrote that at immigration counter they took the passport and allowed to go out without holding the transit visa. Mohammad, if you are going for Umrah you need a special Umrah visa which you can get from your nearest consulate or embassy.
I had sent in my applications with all the supporting documents and passport via priority mail to them last week via priority mail. Perhaps it has something to do with the MERS-CoV virus problem in Saudi Arabia, but you are truly in a tough spot.
The rules say that if the stay is longer than 18 hours, a visa is required even if you do not leave the airport. Do you have to fillout the Enjaz form to get a transit visa at any consulate or is it only for the consulates in the US? Do you know of anyone who booked a full 72 hr stopover with Saudia and were able to get a transit visa?

I visited the embassy here in London and after a period of questioning and querying the paperwork I provided (covering letter, flight details, proof of employment and hotel reservation), they granted me a 72 hour transit visa at a cost of ?54. If anyone has any questions or queries about how I managed to get a visa please feel free to contact me. Can you confirm that do i need to apply separately for my family to go along with me by road through saudia to bahrain from kuwait on transit visa. As i already planned but now got condused that they will allow my family to accompany me on my trip to Bahrain. Dear Azeem, Your local Saudi consulate or embassy will have the best answer, but my understanding is that each member of your traveling party must have a visa in their own passport. Hi Basanth, I just put in three dashes for that section --- since it does not apply for transit visa. You are eligible to apply for one, though it is still difficult to set this up through the embassy or one of the consulates in the USA. I am a citizen of Singapore who lives in the US and plan on doing this through the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Singapore. Also, when I put in 3 dashes under the Sponsor ID section, it says "Numbers only" under the error message. I have applied for transit visa through Enjas and successfully completed and made payment using credit card.
We tried to get transit following the way you suggested and the consulate in LA declined stating that they do not provide the transit visa. He first told me to contact airline, we contacted airline and airline asked to talk with embassy..
I am a british citizen travelling from Pakistan to Cairo with a 15 hour stopoever in Riyadh where I have a friend who wants to show me around the city.
Unfortunately, you have to go with what the Enjaz site is charging because trying to contact tech support was futile in my experience. I recommend, if you confirm the rate charged was incorrect, is that you lodge a credit card dispute after your trip is complete. Malik, you should be fine -- as long as you have a valid transit visa in your passport, it does not matter which airline you fly. Shaje, I think Dnata, the ground handling company who will check you in at DXB, will have no trouble tagging you bag all the way through to GVA. Upload All the Visitor(s) Passport Copies*Please remember to upload passport copies of all the visitors. There are quite a few number of times when government departments in Saudi Arabia, especially Jawazat require Border Number. You can find the Border Number written by hand on your passport by the immigration officer at the time of entry into Saudi Arabia.
Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. When you apply for Exit re entry visa with your HR department, they may return to your passport next day claiming that exit re-entry is done against your passport without any paper.
After I was mail to my cimpany then they was sent order letter from saudi government for new visa.
And any panalty will be pay from my side to saudi embessy and last thing that what a documents required for that process. Many are quick to dismiss Saudia because it is a dry airline, but I've flown Saudia four times and give it my stamp of approval. The same driver who brought me to the property the afternoon before took me back, dropping me off about two hour before departure.
There is no such thing as a tourist visa in the KSA and even obtaining a business or transit visa is difficult, or so I heard. In a poorly-written article published in the Huffington Post, Miller bemoans that Saudi Arabian Airlines will soon be a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, the airline group that Delta is part of.
The Taiwan-based carrier serves 93 destinations in 28 countries with a fleet of 66 aircraft. Contact your nearest Saudi consulate or the Saudi Embassy in Washington if you are in need of one. The consensus across the internet was that Saudi Arabian transit visas are routinely denied and nearly impossible to procure. And for that I credit Alex Brewer, BrewerSEA on Flyertalk, who was able to procure a Saudi Arabian transit visa for his trip through the Kingdom in 2011. Still, I was on my way back to Philadelphia and in the District again, so I stopped by at 3:30p to see if my visa was ready. We are required to halt at Jeddah for nearly 15 to 18 hours.We wish to avail this time in having a trip in and around Jeddah for which we require 18 hours Visa from Saudi Arabian Authorities.Will you please help us and guide us to get this Visa and trip around Jeddah? Have you written a detailed letter to the Saudi mission stating why you need a transit visa? My understanding (of life in general) its that exceptions can always be made--you just have to keep trying.
A friend told me that he called the Embassy and they said they do not issue transit visas anymore. I have already booked the tickets with saudi arabian airlines and have an 11 hour layover and 20 hour layover on the way back. I have another query you might be able to help with: I am flying to Abu Dhabi from JFK through Riyadh--where I have a 23 hour layover. I am going to get one in sri lanka but i would rather not pay the 10 dollar fee and fillout all of the information online if its not necessary.
I ask because most people simply book one flight with an 8-23 hour or so stopover in JED or RUH.
It seems the Saudi missions in the USA have really tightened up on transit visas--not sure why. Bought a ticket directly on Saudi airlines website from Toronto to Dhaka with a 17 hours 40 mins transit in Riyadh. Please note that you need to stay at the international transit area for no longer than 12 hours. Also, if I have a 36 hour transit in Saudi Arabia, am I eligible to apply for a transit visa?

Do you think that will be a better idea or should I get the transit visa through Travisa in the US? Do you have any idea when is the EARLIEST that i can apply for and obtain the Transit Visa for Saudi Arabia?
Dela Costa, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines), based on the offensively discriminatory manner in which Filipinos are treated in the Arab world, including the Kingdom, I would not hold out hope for a quick issuance of a visa and instead plan on remaining in the airport during your layover. I know Bahrain issues special visas for those transiting via the King Fahd Causeway to the Kingdom, but I do not know if visas are easier to obtain in Bahrain, but considering that KSA treats it as a sort of vassal state, it might be easier.
Saudi Arabia doesn't have an on-arrival visit visa like Bahrain does, they told me I cannot get a visa through the embassy nor on the causeway. Kindly someone guide me what action should I take now and is it safe to travel back to riyadh with the current exit-rentry paper.
I seek advice from the experts that can i go back to saudi as now i got an opportunity in one of the company. Case-by-case exceptions may still be made, particuarly if you work with a reputable company like Travisa to help obtain your visa.
His success story gave me hope and the day after booking my ticket, I went to work on obtaining the visa. Visas generally take a week process, unless you are Canadian (due to a diplomatic row, visas for Canadians can take 2-3 weeks for approval). To the right was the visa office and I proceed right to the window, where there was no line. I responded that airfare was dramatically cheaper flying via Jeddah on Saudi Arabian Airlines and presented him with my visa application, a confirmation of my Enjaz registration form, a copy of my air itinerary, and a copy of my hotel reservation.
I told him I was leaving town but handed him the stamped, self-addressed envelope to mail the passport. Would I have to send my passport back to US or could I just go to consulate here in Alexandria? I have a problem with my returning flight as I will be waiting for almost 18 hours and 35 minutes.
If you are referring to the ENJAZ app above, the upper field is simply for writing in Arabic and the lower field in English. If you do not exit the airport, there is no on-site hotel and the chairs are very uncomfortable for sleeping. My connecting flight to Lahore (Pakistan) does not leave until 12pm on Dec 17 which makes the layover about 22 hours. I'm considering just toughing it out in the airport during that time as opposed to going through the hassle (and cost) of acquiring a visa and hotel room for the night. Even if you get past check-in without the visa check, your passport is examined upon arrival in RUH or JED at the transfer desk.
I guess for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. In the USA, it seems the Kingdom has halted the issuance of transit visas (especially in light of MERS) but my understanding is that in other nations it is still possible to obtain a transit visa, especially countries in the region. I am planning to fly from JED to Dubai and then back to Jed in time for my flight back to GVA.
However, sometime, it happens that the immigration officer forgets to write the Border Number on the passport. Saudi Arabia allows transits of up to 12 hours without a visa (and you generally cannot leave the airport), but beyond that a visa is a must.
I used Adobe Photoshop to resize my passport photo to the requisite size and tired to upload it--not that my face was legible anymore. He told me to hold on a for a moment and came back about five minutes later with my passport, opening it to show that not only had I been granted a visa, I had been granted a double-entry visa in case I wished to go into Jeddah again during my 8-hr return layover!
Im leaving from dubai but upon speaking to the Saudi embassy to the UAE, they do not issue any transit visa so they recommend of visiting the new york office saudi. But when I press the print out icon, the application screen gone and got first screen and asking to enter application number and passport number in order to track my application status.
I found from net, what there is possible to get 7-days transit visa, but i could not find anybody who actually got it.. You can eliminate a lot of the guesswork through Google, Flyertalk, and blogs like mine, but uncertainty persists.
Unlike many carriers, Saudia makes clear that there are no refunds on a restricted ticket if a visa is denied. From what i have read here, the airline will not let me board if my layover is over 18 hours and i don't have transit visa. Someone i knew was going to talk to someone at the embassy but it is snowing here today so embassy is closed. Also, what do you think the repercussions would be for landing in SA without a visa in hand?
Which means that according to the folks at Saudi Airlines - they will not be able to check my luggage all the way through. With no visa, I would have been denied boarding, losing my $557 trip and more importantly, my chance to try out the Park Hyatt Jeddah and visit Afghanistan. I had a friend working in KSA back in 2010 and I tried to visit him by applying for this visa but could never reduce my photo to less than 18kb (if i did, it's a very poor quality where I couldn't even recognize myself.) Did you use adobe acrobat entirely? If you are going to the airport, there is a jawazat office in the basement floor (same as parking floor) of the International section.
Also, do we have to fill two separate forms to apply for visa, if we are travelling together? So I have to collect my luggage a the JED airport and then walk right back in for my flight to GVA.

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