The purpose of Self Assessment is to declare to HMRC all income for a tax year to ensure the right amount of tax is paid.
A company director must complete a Self Assessment Tax Return if they were a director in the tax year. If HMRC do not send a notice to complete a tax return, please get in contact and we can check for you – all we will need is your UTR number. If your personal details are not up to date at HMRC then you may not receive important correspondence. When an individual identifies a reason for filing a Self Assessment Tax Return, they must tell HMRC. An individual Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) will have been issued by HM Revenue & Customs if you have completed a SATR in the past. Information about an individuals income from your company is normally within the records in our software. We can help prepare and file personal tax returns – simply complete the questionnaire on your dashboard.
If you’d like our help with your Self Assessment Tax Returns you can complete the questionnaire on your dashboard that will be displayed after 6th April. The deadline for filing Self Assessment Tax Returns online and making payments is midnight 31st January.
Even if your tax return is filed as early as April, you don’t have to make the payment immediately unless it is overdue. Payments on account are advance payments towards the tax bill you will owe for that tax year.
You’ll need to make sure HMRC receive your payment before their deadline to avoid any interest. The SA302 is helpful when making payments as it shows the total due by the deadlines and your UTR number.
If we filed your return, you’ll find copies of your Self Assessment Tax Return and SA302 in your filestore. HMRC allow almost 10 months from the tax year end to file Self Assessment Tax Returns (not that we recommend leaving it that late!). As soon the return is one day late, HMRC automatically issue their first penalty and continue with additional penalties until the return is filed. I have two separate UTRs – one UTR which I used to file my SA previously (individual UTR) and one Company UTR number (Got it after I registered the company).
Am I right in thinking that I should be filing 1 Self-Assessment Tax Return that is as an individual only ? HMRC issue a UTR number for individuals that is used when completing a Self Assessment Tax Return. There is also the Company UTR number that is used when a company files its Corporation Tax Return (CT600) at HMRC. You are correct in that for you as an individual you will need to file one SATR per tax year using your individual UTR number. Hi Elena, if you have been issued with a Self Assessment Tax Return to complete then you cannot ignore this. You still need to register for Self Employment even though you already complete Self Assessment Tax Returns. Hi, I registered as a self employed HMRC, and already I received papers from them and paid my tax, but until now I didn’t receive WELCOME LETTER from HMRC, and my solicitor told me it is important to show home office for applying for marriage visa. Unfortunately we have not heard of HMRC sending out a welcome letter however Companies House do send one out to new directors of Limited Companies. You will need to ring HMRC to find out your current situation and let them know your new address.
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Even though the tax season is a few months away, it is always a good idea to have your records in order before the big day arrives. If you can not find any of the above documents which may show your UTR number you can always contact your local tax office.
Once you have found your local tax office, give them a call and have as much of your tax information to hand (such as national insurance number, date of birth, address etc). I now think I have registered twice in my attempt to get a UTR I cannot get through and it has cost me about ?20 in phone fees trying. Thanks for the advice on the number to ring, like many other on here, I have spent a fortune on phone costs waiting to be spoken to, the number from outside the uk was answered straight away, even though he asked me what country I was phoning from and stressed that it was not for UK use, he dealt with my request (just this time) Why is it so easy when outside the uk?

I apply for my UTR number but in that time I also change me home adress , and I didn`t receive my UTR numer,how I can get back , because I didn`t know my UTR numer . Hello I was return my tax 2 years ago and I was did this on one of tax return agency , but I not reseve any papers and even my tax whic is was ?200 , now I need my utr number coz I need start to work and that agency gone . Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to find a VAT number for a company How to find my PPS number How to find your NI number How to register as self-employed in the UK How to Find a VAT TIN Number How to Register for VAT Online How to find a tax ID number for a licensed daycare provider How to complete a VAT return How to Get Your National Insurance Number Online How to check my tax identification number How to Find My Employer's Tax Identification Number How to calculate basic rate (BR) tax How to Find My USA Visa Number How to Find a Car by Serial Number How to find a UK address from a telephone number How to find a registration number How to find my lost Facebook account How to stop claiming Job Seeker's Allowance How to Find Cemetery Plot Numbers in the UK How to Find the People Who Live on My Street How to find a name and address using a telephone number How to find the owner of a number plate How to cancel Job Seekers Allowance How Much Does a Nephrologist Make in a Year? Whether you’re someone who likes to file your annual self-assessment tax return nice and early, or you leave all the scrabbling around until the last minute, there are a number of factors which will impact your ability to file yours with HMRC. Your Unique Taxpayers Reference Number, or UTR, is what identifies you personally with HMRC for all things related to your personal tax obligations.
If it comes to it and you’ve lost your UTR number, or the above correspondence, your best option is to contact HMRC directly. Your alternative is to appoint an agent (usually an accountant) to act on your behalf when it comes to your tax affairs.
If you’re looking for a bit of help to get your self-assessment tax return filed this year, why not let us do it for you? If you want to receive a UTR (Unique Tax Payer) reference number you may need to register as self employed with HMRC. By Phone -  You can also register by telephone as self employed in order to recieve your UTR number.
I registered for a utr number last wednesday, and I need a utr number before I can be paid, any ideas how long this will take too come through? Hi I sent my utr from off in November and I still haven’t got my utr number what shall I do ? Ed Walker: If you are were previously on PAYE and now want to become self employed, you can apply to your local tax office to get a UTR number.
I registered as a sole trader on the Inland Revenue website over 3 weeks ago but haven’t yet got a UTR number.
Paul Wilkinson: You can call your local tax office if you would like an update on your UTR number, their phone number can be found on the HMRC website.
I contacted you in july to tell you iam now self employed, i didnt recieve my UTR number so i contacted you again in September, I have still havent recieved a Utr number and need it for my tax credits.Please can you tell me how or who i speak to to get this number. Natalija: I would contact the local tax office that you applied at, they might be able to tell you if there is backlog with your UTR number application. I’m new to self employment (registered online last week), and still have alot to learn.
Once you have registered, will the tax office contact you to acknowledge your registration? I want to ask if is possible to obtain the UTR Number, if i have not the number insurance ? Hi,i am international student and allowed 20 hours per week as per uk law, i would like to become a self-employer,Can i apply for utr number,while i have NIN number.? Hi I need to apply for a utr number, I am 61, I was unemployed for one year prior to that I was off sick after a stroke, I have the chance to apply for a NVQ training cadidates in floorlaying, I now receieve pension credits, if I apply for the utr, but not carry out any work will I lose my benefits? If income has been received that tax has yet to be paid on, for example tax due on dividends, HMRC will collect the tax due via Self Assessment. If you let us know your UTR number we can check your address records are correct with HMRC. This is done by completing either an online HMRC form or by downloading and posting a completed SA1 form to HMRC. As soon as it arrives, please forward it to your account manager so we can assist with questions and the filing of returns.
There may however be income from other sources that we don’t have which will be required to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return. Don’t forget, to receive the early filing discount on our fees for preparing and filing Self Assessment Tax Returns, your completed homepage questionnaire and any supporting information needs to be with us before 31st October following the tax year end. We recommend that you complete this as soon as possible after 6th April as due to the numbers we must complete, we do so on a first come first served basis. We begin work on them as soon as the tax year starts on the 6th April and we recommend filing your tax return as early as possible so you can understand if you owe further tax or if you are due a refund. It is calculated by looking at your previous year’s tax bill and if that was over ?1,000 it is calculated automatically and is payable in two instalments.
They will also apply a late payment penalty of 5% of the tax due if it remains unpaid by 2nd March. Prior to that, i.e, from 06 April 2012 till 07 January 2013, I was permanently employed and was paid monthly. This is a personal tax return and related to an individuals personal taxation for the tax year (6th Apr to 5th Apr).

Your company will then file its CT600 using the Company UTR at the end of its financial year. I registered for self assesment online in February as I have just started to receive a small income from a second job which is self employed.
Unfortunately HMRC can take a while to issue a personal UTR, but usually it is within 6 weeks, and there is no quick way of getting through on the phone. If you do not think that you are required to complete this based on your income for the year then you will need to contact HMRC to inform them. I have just 9 days until my appointment at home office, could you tell me what shall I do please.
I registered as a self employed in November 2014 and I did not receive a Self Assessment Tax Return yet.
This article will help you to get organised and to find your UTR number if you have lost it.
Your UTR number is a 10 digit unique code that is given to you by the Inland Revenue as an identification tag for your tax records.
Most major cities have a tax office and you can use your phone book to find your closest or you can use this tax office locator. I would like this to stop as soon as possible as it may leed with me having to leave my job becouse i can simply not aford the high tax rate as i am experiensing fanacial difficalties.
Luckily i have not needed it so far but now i do and judging by all everyone else is saying im going to have to waste my time and money trying to get it, its a joke! Do this either via their helpline on 0300 200 3310, or alternatively speak to your local tax office.
The same security rules apply however, with an agent normally getting your UTR number from you at the point you sign up for their service. Our service starts at ?100 + VAT, and we’ll do all the work to prepare a draft return for you using the details you supply. It allows both sole traders (a business owned and operated by one person) and partners from a partnership to apply with HMRC as self employed.
You can either go to tax office or give them a call and they will be able to mark you as self employed and register you for a Unique taxpayer reference number. You need a national insurance number to work in the UK and normally anyone that is eligible to work is given a NI number.
But one problem – i try start trade only online (ebay) and live outside UK (EU) I have UK bank account, Ni number etc…but where or which adress should be provide if i not live in the UK?
I would try calling your local tax office where you registered, they would be able to see chase it up. You can call the tax office that you applied at to see how your application is coming along or if there are any backlogs. I?m stalling out UK during the all month, to do some business in Spain and visiting some relatives.
It is therefore important to be aware of Self Assessment so that money can be put to one side ready to pay HMRC. The first is due on 31st January, the same day as your balancing payment which clears your tax bill for the previous year.
There are different ways to pay HMRC and the time you need to allow for your payment to reach them depends on your payment method.
You can find this information in your Self Assessment Tax Return and SA302 tax calculation. So do I need to register for self employment or I can just fill in my tax return declaring my income from private patients as well. They are quick to remind you about paying tax on time, what you owe and the repurcussions if your late but they aint that bothered about helping people to do it. This is the only way HMRC will send your UTR number to you, so get a move on if it’s approaching the deadline!
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It is designed to help you spread your payments plus HMRC prefer to receive your payments as soon as possible rather than waiting until 10 months after the tax year end again.
I never heard from HMRC since then till approx 5 days ago asking me to sort out my TAX matter till 31th of January 2011.
In order to do that i think first of all i have to fill in registration form but i worry that by doing so i will be automatically registered as self employed person anew, what i am not.

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