Take this process slow as you don’t want to force your ex into it or scare them away even more. Take a Good Look in the Mirror – Everyone has flaws, and sometimes those flaws can get in the way of a really great relationship. Casually Communicate – After you've done the groundwork of looking in the mirror, assessing your wrong doing, and actively trying to change it you are ready to reach out to your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. Go Out as Friends – Once you've had a chance to build a cordial relationship with your ex through casual conversation you can ask them out on a date or just out as friends.
Express What You Want – If you and your ex have been successfully going out on dates and having a great time while doing it, you can prepare yourself to express what you’re looking for. There are many reasons why people break up, and fewer reasons why they get back together again.

Therefore, you shouldn't make a list of all the wrong things your partner did and how they should change to accommodate you. Meeting them will be much different than talking on the phone and will likely spark a few flames.
Again be open to what your ex might have to say and also prepare yourself for the fact that the relationship may now just be a friendship. If you realize that you’re missing out on the best thing that has ever happened to you and you want to get your ex back then it is time to do the necessary ground work for getting them back. Knowing what you did wrong is important if your relationship is going to last a second time around.
It is best if you evaluate yourself and determine which qualities you can change to make the relationship better the next time around.

If you really want to get your ex back, avoid drama or talking about the breakup or how hurt you feel, keep the conversation light and the focus on positivity., You should continue this process for a few months before moving to the next step. Again in getting your ex back, remember not to apply too much pressure to talks about the relationship and instead stick to just having fun and enjoying the moment.
Tell them that you apologize for your actions, that you've made change, and that you’re interested in giving it another shot. If you desire detailed instructions and steps, then checkout our Pull Your Ex Back  Program.

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