One of the first things that you need to do is stop the incessant talk about engagement and how so and so is so happy now that she’s got engaged. Getting married is the easy part – but getting him to propose marriage in the first place is tricky.
If he’s worried about money – then you need to assure him that you’re not going to be constantly burning his wallet. What about that other scenario where, wait for it…he secretly feels that he needs to hang around for longer because he’s not sure that you are definitely the one for him? He will have fears about marriage and that may be why you are now asking the question about how to get your boyfriend to propose to you. This entry was posted on August 18, 2012 and tagged how can I get my man to propose, How To Get My Boyfriend To Propose.
Georgia, who was sitting and listening to this conversation couldn’t wait to speak up. If you happen to be around your ex boyfriend after the breakup, you can tell a lot about what he's feeling just by how he reacts to being near you. This can be a good sign, because your boyfriend might be trying to patch a few things up while feeling you out on the possibility of reconciliation. Think of it this way: if your ex didn't care one way or the other, it would be easy to look in your direction.
If you're willing to take action, you'll always have the opportunity to apply instant reversal techniques geared at reconnecting with your ex boyfriend.
Guys can be gently nudged and cajoled but they cannot be forced into a marriage if they’re simply not ready for it.

He doesn’t really want to hear it and drumming it into him day after day will wear him down to the point of snappiness. There are a multitude of reasons why he might not want to get married right now, including the obvious ones.
Don’t keep insisting on how you want the perfect white wedding with the fancy car, the most expensive wedding dress at the swankiest place in town. If you’re not treating him right and showing him that you are the catch of the century, he’ll definitely have this on the back of his mind.
You need to find a way of allaying those fears without it seeming too obvious which direction you are leading him in.
Sensing her urgency, we asked, “It seems like you have a few tips for us about how to get a boyfriend, do you Georgia?” Smiling, Georgia said, “Every woman has a best friend. Indeed, if you approach things the wrong way and get over pushy – he’s likely to disappear for good!
Not only for wedding talk but for all aspects of your life you need to show him that you can get by without him spending money on you all the time.
We put forward the question “How does a girl get a boyfriend these days?” Emma laughed out and said “We wish we knew the perfect answer.
Did it occur to you that you can get a boyfriend while sitting in the comfort of your own house?” Without allowing us to speak, Katie continued, “The Internet is changing our lives. Whether your best friend is a girl or a guy, why don’t you ask them to hook you up with someone?
So what can you do to speed up his internal marriage clock and get him to pop the question that bit quicker?

You need to always strive to be attractive to him and subtly make him realize that there’s nobody better for him out there.
Or there’s the career driven guy who wants to concentrate on that first before he settles down and has kids. Like I mentioned before, you need to employ subtle psychological tactics and actually let him feel that you’ve dropped the subject. It doesn’t matter how much he seems to be in love with you, men have something built into their DNA that predetermines them to always be on the lookout for something better. Make damned sure that your friends, your mother and father and other members of your family are likewise not pressurizing him on the subject.
There are many chat messengers that you can download and meet people in open chat rooms or private chats.” We think this is an interesting way to get a boyfriend. If he feels like you’re on his side in this matter then he’s going to be much more likely to consider the question on its own merits than if you’re all ganging up on him. But how do we know that the person we meet won’t be a psycho or a character?” “Your best friend will surely not recommend someone like that to you, will they?”, said Georgia and put our worries to rest.

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