Female Giant Golden Orb-web Spider (possibly Nephila sp.) with tiny male spiders also visible in web. Sitting at an outside table at the coffee house, chatting with Matthew when we were joined by Dylan. I told him that I was an IT guy and started to explain the computers that pray for equality and redemption.
I felt that my presence at the table, although clearly welcome, was interfering with Dylan and Matthew’s planned meeting. I gestured to a table nearby, where a woman was seated, and told him to ask the woman if he could count her ribs and compare his own. Download this wallpaper, right click on your desktop, click on properties then desktop and there you will find browse button.

Jaguar (Panthera onca), adult female at the edge of Pinquen River, lowland tropical rainforest, Manu National Park, Peru.
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Matthew went off to monitor his parking situation and left me to get acquainted with Dylan, whom I had not met previously. He immediately told me that the curse of inequality placed on Eve was just an analogy for inequality among different groups of people. He observed that an IT guy like me had a role not unlike that of a preacher or monk; one steeped-in the doctrine of technology. Dylan seemed interested and I dove right in with this affable stranger, who, it turns out is, among other things, a craftsman par-excellence.

I explained that a central meme of the project was that the offering had been accepted by God.
God has answered the prayer and renewed humanity’s state of grace, restoring equality among all humans.

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