Our submitter, Lee, says he recently went to the library in search of some subjects for drawing practice. 99% of the people in my office are college graduates, probably toward the top of their class. But once you get to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, you know what Valentine's Day is -- and it's really great.
So you stay silent, secretly hoping you'll get a candy gram or a rose at lunchtime on the big day.

Or if you're single, you probably decide to tell the world you don't give a damn about cheesy, commercialized holidays. During COLLEGE, Valentine's Day isn't such a huge deal, but it's a great excuse to dress in red and go to a party. In your POST-COLLEGIATE 20s, Valentine's Day is really all about the art of choosing a great restaurant. The description boasts, "Who says money can't buy you love?" which we're pretty sure was the original slogan for prostitution.

While browsing the botany section, he flipped open a particularly old and musty book when suddenly…OH, SNAP! If you're single, you dress up, go out with your girlfriends and resolve not to talk about relationships.

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