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I pantaloni in jersey dal fit perfetto progettati per definire ed esaltare le forme femminili si vesto di primavera.
The jersey pants from perfect fit designed to define and enhance the female figure is dressed in the spring. Facebook TwitterAmerican Apparel has stirred up quite the controversy for decking out its mannequins with very visible patches of untamed pubic hair.

As of this morning, the storefront at the retailer’s East Houston location in New York features three mannequins clad in transparent white underwear, exposing their unkempt bikini lines and stopping window shoppers dead in their tracks.
District Visual Manager Dee Myles told the Observer that the display is meant to ‘bring rawness and newness to a holiday thought of as a romantic Hallmark holiday. Realizzati con una membrana in silicone e con un gioco di cuciture e tagli che creano un effetto push up per il lato B, rimodellano cosce e glutei garantendo ad ogni donna una forma perfetta. Made with a silicone membrane and with a game of seams and cuts that create a push-up effect for the B-side, reshape thighs and buttocks ensuring that each woman a perfect shape.

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