Scot Armstrong, whose writing credits include The Hangover Part II, Old School, Starsky & Hutch and Semi-Pro, will make his directorial debut on this film. Miller, whom recently filmed a stand-up special for Comedy Central, recently debuted his short film from Sundance, Successful Alcoholics on FunnyOrDie, which he co-wrote and produced, co-starring with Party Down’s Lizzy Caplan.
Without knowing specifics of the role (particularly the age), I really like the Adam Scott idea.

Josh zuckerman or to kind of rekindle the 5 minutes they were together in GHTTG, Jonah Hill. Miller will play a hard-drinking slob who, along with his uptight roommate, sets out to rescue his friend Nardo, who is stranded and naked in Mexico. Jason Segel can also be a good awkward situational character as he is on HIMYM, annoyed with Ted and Barneys sloppiness.

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