You’ll receive a phone call from Jim, who’s depicted as J on a map and offers you a chance to play his missions. Once you kill all of your enemies, collect their weapons and ammunition, which are likely to be quite handy soon. They will follow you, but make sure you do not shake them off as you need them to arrive to a certain place (press CapsLock to see the overall distance between you and their vehicle).
Once on the road to the airport, you’ll receive Stubbs’ text message regarding his man at the south-western airport gate. Just as you finish the call, Ashley, your “girlfriend”, calls you and tells you about her distress. Stubbs wants you to attack the prison bus carrying prisoners, which would be of special value to him set free.
Shoot the passenger and then drive in front of the van and drop the bomb (obviously you have to switch to it using the Q key).
Once this mission is over, Jim tells you about Terry and Clay – guys who help you out of the trouble (you can find them in your phone as the „Backup“).
Draw a gun and make your choice – let Brian go (he’ll be available as a random character later) or execute him. Elizabeta asks you to pick up Marta, who is smuggling drugs from Puerto Rico and just arrived at the airport.
You’re going to see your old friends in a cutscene – Marta, Malc and Liz, as well as her sidekick Andreas. Ashley calls you after the mission and asks you to meet Ray Boccino in Drusilla’s in Little Italy.
Once you get to the Libertonian Museum, use the side entrance to get in and walk through the museum to the EXIT door. Use the RPG to break inside the gate, but make sure you kill the guards at the prison walls. If you want to help us with proofreading of our translations (articles, updates and other texts), we will be glad to invite you into our team. If you are an English native speaker with free time and you are willing to help us, please send us an e-mail. Director, Tyler Yee accompaniesthe Bay Area rapper and Baldwin'scollaborative efforts with slowed down scenes that take the viewer everywhere from the inside of a mansion to the poolside at night.
The end of the cutscene depicts Billy Grey, The Lost club president, returning back to his gang from the penitentiary.
You might see the club logo on the road (try to keep the formation as depicted in the introductory cutscene).
The quarrel begins once Johnny returns, but Jason interrupts it, warning everyone that there are Angels of Death gathering outside. Johnny doesn’t seem to be happy about him becoming a gang member (Johnny doesn’t like Billy’s behavior in general).
Suddenly Billy talks you into attacking the rival gang, who are supposedly responsible for Jason’s death (which isn’t true).

Once you get back to the street (using two ladders), you notice beaten Billy being arrested by police. By holding the left mouse button you activate the bomb and shorten the explosion time once you drop it. There are two ways to go now: either throw a grenade into a window (and wait for Brian to escape from the house), or shoot your way through to him. He tries to escape, when you slow down a little (and yes, it is fairly inevitable, hence slow down someplace where it’s safer for you). Once you get to the entrance marked with the yellow sign, two police choppers (and plenty of SWAT units) arrive. If you maintain your position on top of it for some time, your health level increases and bike damage decreases. They seem pretty mad at Billy, who broke the fragile truce between both gangs, and call for the explanation. Try to keep in front as there’s gonna be a race on a highway and you might be willing to win, don’t you?
If you need some help, just grab a phone and call Terry or Clay.Then just grab the wheel and drive the truck away. Stubbs wants Johnny to kill his uncle, who’s about to land his helicopter at the local airport at 12:30. You can shoot it down using the RPG, or kill the security guards at the entrance, drive near the convoy and complete your task face-to-face.
You receive Jim’s text message upon the arrival reminding you about the “Terry and Clay services”. Personally, I recommend the latter (be sure to carry a gun – automatic, desert, doesn’t matter – if you want to see an impressive cutscene). After returning back to your club, you’ll get acquainted with the house and its features – playing the cards, shooting the pool, arm wrestling, watching the TV, using the PC and last, but not least, the bed for saving the game position. A raised middle finger brings an abrupt end to any negotiation efforts on both sides and Billy kills one of the rival gang members. Be prepared for a couple of enemies arriving once all of your enemies at the clubhouse are dead. Once you park it, you’ll see five bikes to be stolen – four of them will make it as well, though. Lose your heat level and then take the bus to the usual location (follow the yellow route). You’re becoming the club president and you have to take Jim and Brian back to your clubhouse.
Your task is to follow the three vans driving around the city (they are marked as three moving targets on your radar). Johnny tries to sell the drugs, but fails and loses his bike, not to mention the police coming. Once on a highway, shoot the cars closest to you and make sure you protect defenseless DeSean well.

When talking to Ray, Jim manages to cut the rope and take Ray’s guy as a hostage (and cuts his throat). They’re free, so do not hesitate to take everything there is and make sure you have the armor and the RPG.
Another cutscene starts, revealing the bike is in the possession of the Angels of Death – another LC gang. You can get rid of them either when driving, or you can stop and sweep them manually, so to say.
Turn right and then turn left, but be careful as there are enemies covering behind the pedestal. When you get back to the dockyards, you’ll see a cutscene revealing a couple of police officers trying to get bribed in exchange for their silence. There are a couple of cops waiting, but a loaded gun and proper cover should help you out of this situation.
The last van is accompanied by a chopper with an armed enemy, which means – first things first. There’s a completely new weapon, which should help you deal with all the enemies – the assault shotgun. Once on the spot, watch the cutscene depicting the purchase of the diamonds from the boat cook. Should you choose the latter option, I recommend hiding in the alley near Ashley’s apartment.
You can efficiently dispose of the enemies at the far end using the explosive barrels and tanks.
Once all of them are dead, sit in the van, wait for Malc to get in too and lose your heat level. Billy calls you to make sure you have the money and tells you about Tom Stubbs, the congressman (the “S” icon shows up on your map).
The van is rather slow, which might render your escape slightly complicated, but still possible. If you choose Clay and Terry’s help instead, you have to get to them and wait for the attackers to arrive. Proceed through the tunnel (do not forget to destroy police cars) and soon you’re going to lose your heat level. Grab the diamonds and throw them in the trashcans in two places (just as Ray ordered you to).

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