But this afternoon he allowed Trump to get away with sharing a batshit insane conspiracy about Ted Cruz‘s father, so you be the judge.
An Oklahoma City man who says he is from an apocalyptic future spent his time back in the present violently demanding 2016 fast food. Dante Anderson was arrested after allegedly pushing an Arbya€™s manager, jumping over the counter and stealing chicken and bacon from the roast beef joint.

Oklahoma City Policea€™s Gay Knight told KOCO that Anderson said he was from four years in the future and that his actions are how people feed themselves in 2020. He was charged with robbery, assault and destruction of property after damaging cars by kicking them. Our motivational quotes speak to many topics - success, life, relationships and self-esteem to name a few.

Those rough days build your character, endurance and strength and in turn, prepare you for your purpose.

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