If you or a loved one are a Taurus Sun, do you know which House your Sun (or theirs) resides?
1st: Good-natured, extroverted, friendly, appearance  saavy, possible battles with weight control due to a healthy enjoyment of all things culinary, but overall solid health.
5th: Here, in the House of Creativity, the Bull folk can shine thanks to their natural love for beauty and talent, and for creating it around them (at least for themselves!). 6th: With the Sun here people will trust your cozy, honest, and unassuming  nature, indicating someone who is in service to others—this could present itself in the form of a financial advisor or even a personal chef!
7th: Having a Taurus Sun here, in the house of one-on-one relationships, is indicative of a business-type relationship, whether it’s for business or romance. 8th: The five senses so familiar to Taurus, no matter where the Sun resides, will be emphasized here, especially toward physical pleasure and financial gain through other peoples finances.
9th: Any Sun Sign placed here indicates a romantic soul who wants to see and experience the world through travel, spiritual encounters, and even then more so by sharing their experiences or philosophies gained, with others. 11th: Those with their Taurus Sun placed here can be preoccupied with status, particularly the status of those with whom they surround themselves. If you’re still not sure, consider a natal birth chart analysis, but only if you know—or can get—your exact birth time. Are you hoping to welcome a dog into your family, and want to know what type of breed you are most suited to? Jack Russell’s are friendly, playful and clever, just like a Gemini, so this is a match made in heaven! Golden Retrievers or Labradors can be an excellent match for people born under the sign of Cancer. Virgos are the natural helpers, so hard working Springer’s with cute little faces will make a Virgo’s heart melt! Irish setters are happy go-lucky dogs that can be silly and don’t take themselves too seriously, just like a Libra, who loves to have fun whenever they can! Instead of a working dog, an Irish Setter will most likely want to have a nap on the sofa when they feel like it. Confident, Intelligent and assertive, German Shepherds make a best friend for a fire sign such as Sagittarius. Very friendly and gentle with an easy going social personality, a Siberian Husky and a Capricorn would be perfect for each other!
Beagles are suited to Aquarius since they’re both unique, hardworking and like to stand out! Brake or carb cleaner, the electronics are away from where you will be cleaning anyway so you are unlikely to damage anything.
Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! You are a social butterfly who fills her life with excitement, novelty and an ‘always on the move’ pace. You need all the attention in the world and as such, anybody drawn to you has to have enough energy reserves to fuel that attention tank. Pragmatists who crave a refined partner- someone who has got his sh*t together, is dependable and will never betray them- are your suitors.
Old souls who appreciate creativity and are attracted to the idea of a lifelong partnership with someone who has a rich inner life filled with good food, art and music are your suitors. A lover of love, I am forever looking for ways to garnish the ‘elation’ on the ‘relationship’ platter. Generally, Taureans are practical, cozy and affectionate folk who enjoy the “good life” as in all things that its planetary ruler, Venus, represents…music, food, good friends, the best of the best.
A knack for money matters and for spending it on yourself, but only if the items are of worth and quality; can tend to indulge in extravagance, but might be less so with others, at least those that are not in your inner circle.
It’s likely you will not only want to surround yourself with beauty in your own home but also showcase your appreciation for beauty as well as your appetite for the culinary…for your own enjoyment and for others. If you are both out for financial security and share a bit of taste for power, it will be a harmonious union, but with benefits of the Venusian touch. As a Taurus Sun, you will want to show the world your best side, from your affable, solid, trusting personality to one who is  and is surrounded by the best…clothing, spouse, home, car and a reputation for giving a good party.

They can also devote time to creative activities, but these will likely be behind the scenes, more to replenish their energies than for others to see. Wishingmoon accepts Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta, Solo, Electron and Switch (UK only) for telephone readings (18+). Astrology can help to shed light on the perfect animal companion for you and your personality, so if you’re searching for the best breed of dog for your lifestyle, try taking a look into the world of zodiac for answers! A laid-back Taurus may not want a dog that is an absolute rocket when it comes to their temperament. This breed is small but mighty, meaning that they are friendly, love playtime and are more than capable of running around a park for hours on end. This sign loves a cuddle and lots of loving attention whenever they can, plus they often look after the people around them.
With a working background, often used as a farm dog to drive dairy cattle for miles in the Swiss Alps, they absolutely love having a job to do. This breed is excellent because of their attentive and alert nature, which is similar to a Virgo.
People born under this sign often want to add that fire to their life, meaning they can take off for an adventure at any time. As an earth sign, Capricorn does work hard, yet loves to get out as often as they can to let their hair down. People born under the sign of Aquarius are naturally very intelligent and determined, meaning they want to succeed in life and get the most out of it. Pisces is a sign that will be devoted to their loved ones, always offering support and attention. Doers in their own right, they will, however, understand your need to lead and will have no qualms being second-in-command. Emotionally mature and financially stable, these souls shall fulfill your need to have a go-to person to fall back on when the sh*t hits the fan as well as satiate your urges of surrounding yourself with luxe delights. As such, the person drawn to you shall have corresponding levels of an itch for excitement and shall be as happy, fun-loving, open-minded and chilled-out as you are! Knowing that you have let them inside the hardened exterior you’d built to ward off the insensitive souls, they shall appreciate your warm, nurturing soul and shall do anything to be a part of the solid foundation of love you crave as much as they do.
People drawn to you will be those who crave a star- reaching out for someone who needs them as much as they do. The fact that you are put-together all the time and figure practical solutions to complicated problems beyond the scope of other mortals holds a special premium over all else. Knowing you for someone who loves harmony and does all in your power to maintain it, the people you draw are the ones who will join forces with you to strive to make the world you live in better in all possible ways. They like your openness and are drawn to you so they can partake in the incredible energy that surrounds you. And since you fit the bill and make a perfect picture for their ideal partner, they shall flock to you and find them seeking not just the best in you but also enabling you to bring out the best in them.
They know that the driving force behind you is your need to do good and help the people around you. They want to partake of the expression of emotions through art and would love it if you allowed them to be romancing you, artistically! They are slow to anger but you can count on them usually having a good reason to become furious when they do.
The challenge will be to leave the comfort of your routine and surroundings, but if you can break away from these, you will thrive and then wonder why you had such a hard time making the decision to do something so enriching!
As a result, the public will likely find you a comforting, practical sort who is easy to trust and follow. That said, these folks can be solid, reliable and loyal friends, and are often known for giving a good party, offering a comfortable and safe place for all to let their hair (s) down! Eager to please and energetic, don’t be shocked when their little legs can run for miles. People born under the sign of Gemini can often have a get up and go attitude to life, which is excellent for an active, outgoing breed, such as the Jack Russell. A dogs such as Golden Retrievers are known to be guide dogs and other service pets for people will health problems, which means they match perfectly for Cancer’s affectionate, caring nature.

This means they always know what’s going on and also have a good eye for detail, always on a roll!
They want to breeze through life with ease and not have to put too much pressure on them, which makes them an excellent match for a relaxed Libra. They might want to take part in activities such as hiking, so they will need a dog that is able to keep up with them. Fun-loving and adventurous, these enthused souls shall share in your ‘go with the flow’ mantra in life and help you live your life of pacing all corners in the world without having to ‘grow old’ on a couch with the pizza and remote control! Why they do this is because they know that the loyalty they get from the bull when they’ve made up their mind is intractable.
They will love you for your passion and dreams and share in the ways you channel your invincible energy to bring them to fruition. This is attractive to all people who crave stability and security and do not want to be stuck in a relationship with an oversized kid! Consider the Bull…if they do get mad, you better hope it’s not while they’re in a in a china shop (or at least that you are not with them)! Just remember that the next time the opportunity comes your way to explore, don’t get stuck and not take it! Corgis are known to get a little stubborn from time to time, wanting things their way, making this breed a great challenge for fiery Aries, encouraging them deal with other big personalities. Surprisingly, even though this dog can be as quick as a rocket, they are are often known as the biggest couch potatoes going.
As Leo’s are natural leaders with plenty of confidence, an intelligent dog like a Bernese will respond well to Leo’s authoritative nature. They are a fantastic match because the sting in a Scorpio’s tail can often be seen as a negative, instead of something used for defence.
This is why a German Shepherd is a perfect match, because they too can get irritated, just like a Sagittarius when bored.
If Capricorn can’t get away from working hard, they can train this dog very well to follow commands, making the breed even more of an excellent companion. They love a challenge yet are calm and caring, just like an Aquarius is to the people they love.
People born under the sign of Pisces are often seen as very charming individuals, often drawing people towards you. Before long, you will find them swear their fealty to you and pledge to give you their unyielding support in your mission to make the world better and brighter. The good news is that their anger generally doesn’t last long and they move back to the wide-open fields to happily graze and rest among the flowers, preferring the more passive life than the bull fight…Read: Ferdinand the Bull. They’ll always be up for a snuggle, which is ideal for a Taurus who likes to sit back and relax.
Dobermans are fearless yet very caring, making them and Scorpios work brilliantly together!
Both love to be free and will love exploring together whilst enjoying a brilliant friendship. This is the same with the Pug, because they are a very popular dog that people love to be around.
Together, a Pisces and a Pug will enjoy a cute bond together that will always be very affectionate. That said, they can achieve much in whatever they pursue because of their single-minded focus. And if their routine or comfort place is changed, they can be quite the pouters and a force de la resistance. Like their wrath, their decision making is slow and cautious, but rest assured that, when they do finally make a decision, they have no doubt or regrets about their decision and will go full force to support it or implement it.

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