DAILY NEWS New York Sports News Entertainment Horoscopes Lifestyle Opinion Autos Covers Classifieds Search Crime U.S. Former Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot repeatedly in the back a€” and his remorseless killer stood over his body as the grid stara€™s wounded wife crawled away trying to get help, the Smith familya€™s lawyer said Wednesday. Pushing back against claims by alleged killer Cardell Hayes that Smith had been the a€?aggressor,a€? lawyer Peter Thomson described Hayes as the one who was out of control in a deadly road rage confrontation in New Orleans this past weekend. He said Smith had his licensed 9 mm handgun tucked away in a compartment inside his Mercedes SUV, and never tried to get it before he was gunned down.

Hayes apparently became enraged after Smitha€™s car bumped into his Hummer on Saturday night, cops have said.
Hayes and his passenger then got out and approached a bewildered Smith, who asked why they were attacking him, Thomson said.
Smitha€™s wife and another female passenger in their car got out to try to calm the situation down, Thomson said.
A coronera€™s report released Wednesday showed that seven bullets hit the Queens-born Smith in the back, and one shot struck him in the left side of his chest.

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