There’s a reason ‘exes’ are ‘exes.’ However, that is not to discourage you, not in a post like this!
Of course, the ‘time apart’ might have given you a good grip over the post-breakup phenomenon where all you want to do in the entirety of your waking (and may be dreaming) existence is to get back with your ex. First of all, address the ‘why.’ In the ‘why’ of this situation lies the key to gauging if getting back with your ex is really a good idea! Next, address the ‘fallout.’ If you can identify the cracks that caused the rift to widen and burst open and think you can bridge them, it might be a definite sign that you are ready to waltz around a second time. Just because you have dated her in the past does not mean that you can skip those first few notches. Just because you have acknowledged the problem does not mean that you need to scrape and hash out all things that went amiss. Recreating happy moments is always best in a safe, familiar setting – and friends help to tap into a lot of the potential in the process. Also, remember that while I have used specific pronouns in the article, the rules apply both ways. A lover of love, I am forever looking for ways to garnish the ‘elation’ on the ‘relationship’ platter. After going it alone for the past few months, you may be second-guessing your breakup with your boyfriend before summer began. However, if you cannot identify any areas that you can fix (calling when you are out, flirting with other people, etc.,), then you might be better off without initiating a blame-game round of relationship-failure.
Do not expect to rev up your engine from zero to sixty without as much as getting behind the wheel. Ask her what’s going on, how her work is, if her dog still poops on the porch, and if she still cooks those amazing meatballs! The list you made in step 2 and 3 of the li’l self-test outlined earlier on may come in handy here. Your trip down memory lane should, instead, focus on the positives – trying to bring out the memories that kept it worthwhile.

A mutual friend group may not only share jokes, stories, and anecdotes of the epic times you two had as a couple, but also smoothen out the awkward pauses and the uncomfortable silences. Do not, for once, think that it was your onus to own up to your mistakes and now, you can very well, relapse into your old patterns of indifference.
Anybody who claims that twisted methods of manipulation, deceit, and trickery work is an a****le. The tips aren’t gender-specific and you can use them to get your ex back, even after you have spent considerable time apart.
One of the most important reasons not to get back together with your ex is if you’re doing so in a moment of weakness. Sometimes people are waiting for some sort of magic love bullet to bonk them over the head, but that only lasts so long in any relationship. Post-breakup, you talked mad s**t about the horrible things he did, and as a result, no one would respect you for taking him back. So, before you get behind the wheel and jam on the accelerator hard, it is necessary to know if you want to get your ex back for the right reasons. If you are still in the throes of Breakup-itis and the months apart have done nothing to alleviate the pain, then you should probably just shut down the engine! If you can look your ex in the eye, take responsibility for your half of the relationship’s demise, apologize, and tell her you miss her, without as much as a beep about her fault, you are on the right path. Propose getting back together (and that does not mean moving in together) and wait for her response.
Tell her you are willing to set things right by taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. No good can come from her hearing about your bad dates and conquests and your envying the guys who took your place! If you expect the magic to happen without so much as a flick of the wand, dude, that takes the effort to move that hand and cast the spell too! Of course, the wooing will be way different and the final answer can be a ‘no’ (yep, that’s right, just wrap your head around it).

The temptation is there, the circumstances are right, and you’re sincerely weighing the pros and cons of getting back together with an ex.
This is a two-part lesson: If there’s a chance that things are not over for good, be mindful of what dirty laundry you air to your loved ones. While you may have tasted the ‘time apart,’ done the soul-searching, dated some lackluster women, and realized that you were somewhat of a d**khead to let her go, Round two might not come all that easy.
That might only be an urge to massage your ego by proving that she will still take you back. Love is hard work and you cannot expect to reap its fruits unless you are willing to sully your hands in the mud and manure! Accept it, for it is a reflection of your ‘work’ (howmuchsoever and howsoever it was or wasn’t). More than a third of cohabitating couples and a fourth of now-married couples have actually broken up at some point in the past.
If all you want is attention and someone to talk to, then getting back with your ex is highly discouraged. However, if you have absorbed the shock, then there are a few questions, whose honest answers may help steer you toward getting your ex back or taking a U-turn and driving full-throttle in the opposite direction. How do you get her to say ‘yes?’ If the answer to all of the above questions signals a green, how do you ensure that your attempts to re-engage do not backfire?
Of course, if it doesn’t yield an affirmative on both ends or things begin to head South again, you’d better bid the final goodbye.
Missing the idea of having a boyfriend, and not necessarily him, will only lead you down the same, ugly road.
And that’d be a reflection on whether or not her acceptance of the situation aligned well with what her actions had to say, loud and clear!

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