After suffering the agony of a breakup and bearing the pain of heartache, after weeping through endless nights of hopelessness and frustration, after taking your anger out on everyone and everything, you finally find yourself on your feet again with a fixed goal in your mind – to get back your ex boyfriend!
Can a few text messages get your ex back in your arms, holding you and never wanting to let you go?
Can texting make him regret his decision, remember the good times and realize he made the worst mistake of his life? A The guy you love, the guy you should be with, the guy you can’t help thinking about all day a€“ Is now the guy that got away. But luckily, texting happens to be one of the most powerful (if not THE most) ways to get your ex back a€“ Without humiliating yourself, coming off needy and clingy, or losing your dignity.

We all know that most guys are addicted to their cell phone and never miss any text message sent to them. Unlike calling him, messaging him or writing him an email, texting is a full proof way to get your message across to him. Go to a place where you are sure to bump into him – a place near his house, or office or take a route that he normally takes to reach office. Just when jealousy starts bubbling up in your ex boyfriend as he spots you with other guys, it’s time to take the lead.
But If you use it the right way a€“ You can find your way back to his heart easier than you can imagine.

Catch up on him at a common friend’s get-together or some other place he visits, and show him what he’s really missing!

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