Most every couple at some point has an issue in which the other is suspected of cheating or actually does cheat. Forensic science can conduct investigations on a large variety of devices including cell phones.
In the past, many individuals have chosen to attempt to collect this information on their own with the use of SIM card readers. Whether you are living together, married or just dating, finding out that your partner is cheating can be devastating.
Along with being able to retrieve deleted text, there is a variety of other files that can also be recovered through the forensic investigation of a cell phone. Not only do you lose trust in that person but many times it is also difficult to trust future partners as well.

Some of the most common information retrieved from these investigations includes deleted address book entries, pictures and video, incoming and outgoing calls, and the duration of calls.
The reason for this is that many SIM card readers do not work on a variety of phones and actually destroy valuable evidence. If you suspect your lover is being unfaithful turn to a professional to retrieve deleted text.
With so many people using cell phones as their primary source of communication, proving that someone is cheating is becoming much easier to do. This information gives individuals the proof they are seeking when deciding if they should confront a partner who they suspect is cheating.
Once this information is damaged or destroyed it cannot be recovered, therefore making the information unusable.

The sooner you get an answer to this question one way or the other, you will feel much better, and if your suspicions are wrong then at least you know. In the end it is much more effective to trust professional investigators trained in this practice to obtain the proof you need. If you suspect your partner, spouse, lover or significant other has been unfaithful this is one of the options that is available to you. This will allow you to be able to use the information that is uncovered and ensure that it is undamaged and intact.

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