My name is Chris Seiter and I am unlike anyone you have ever met.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
Anyways, the thing you have to understand about me is that I take what I do very seriously and my number one priority is to help you get your ex girlfriend back.
With me you aren’t going to get some unintelligible 1,000 word article that gives you generic dating advice like be confident, win back her trust or improve yourself.
I guess the point that I am trying to make here is that you won’t find anyone who is going to go as far as I will for you. Well, believe it or not but I am one of the most successful relationship repair consultants on the web today. On my other website, the sister site to this one, Ex Boyfriend Recovery in which I help women get back with their ex boyfriends I have worked with over 3,000 clients. Breakups tend to bring out the worst in people and your ex girlfriend is probably no different.
It is entirely plausible that the breakup that the two of you went through in and of itself is enough to make her hate you. However, just because your ex girlfriend hates you now doesn’t mean she is going to hate you forever. For example, if you lie to your girlfriend about your whereabouts one night she isn’t going to dislike you as much as if she walked in on you sleeping with her best friend. What I am going to do for you now is go down the scale number by number and face by face and explain the outlook for each. In fact, if your ex girlfriend is a one on the hate scale it doesn’t really mean anything. Heck, a woman who hates you isn’t going to be smiling at you but that face clearly has a smile. Now, I am a glass half full kind of guy so the good news with a two is that it’s very easy to recover from. Usually a simple apology on your part can do the trick to subside things and bring her back down to a one. Neither of you really means them but in the moment you are both looking for something to say to hurt the other person.
I suppose I will let you in on my own personal experience with my ex and being a four on this scale.
I was out at a movie with my family (I am very family oriented so you best not make fun.) Now, when I watch a movie I like to turn my phone off because I have a pet peeve of people answering their phones while I am trying to watch a movie so the last thing that I want to do is annoy the other people in the theater.
When I got out of the movie I turned my phone on and immediately I was notified that I had gotten a few text messages. The messages were from my then girlfriend who wanted to tell me that she was out with her friends. I read a very long message which explained that they as a group would be spending the night at a mutual friends house. So, how long will it take for someone to get over the anger they experience with a four on the hate scale? In the back of my mind I was always worried to death about her running around with some guy. Imagine that you are out with your friends one day having drinks with them and catching up on sports. Heck, let’s just say that you are out with them at a sports bar watching the latest sporting event on TV. You tell your boys that you are going to head on home because you have an amazing girlfriend to get home to.
They don’t want to see you go but realize that it is late and that you do have to get home. Then you have the thought that every man seems to have when he hasn’t had sex in a while.
The thought of having an intimate night with your beautiful girlfriend excites you so you try to get home a little sooner.
You pull into your driveway with wine in hand and you are super pumped to seduce your girlfriend. Basically, this involves any type of situations where someone has been caught cheating or physical abuse is involved.
You are filled with all sorts of doubt about whose kid this is so you are forced to take a paternity test. If that happened to you, you would probably experience a hate so deep that it would never end.
Luckily for you, these types of situations are extremely rare and almost every other situation you can recover from.
In this section I am going to briefly discuss the most common reasons for why an ex girlfriend can hate you after a breakup.
In addition to explaining the common reasons for hate I am also going to explain how to overcome them. Now, seeing as how I am a relationship consultant who is always on the lookout for new knowledge to absorb I figured the video would be educational for me so I ended up watching it. Anyways, the video basically had this really old guy (which made me question his credibility) explaining how cheating is the number one epidemic that kills relationships. Then he brought a woman on stage who told a story about cheating so horrifying that I still think about it today. Ok, so this woman comes up on stage and starts telling a story of how much she loved her boyfriend.
Once the panic attack had concluded she was filled with a rage that even scared the devil himself.
Look, I am not good about beating around the bush so I am just going to come out and be honest about this. The reason that she told the story is to further explain the affect that cheating can have on a human being.
I will try to keep this as brief as possible since there is a lot of hate to dish out other than cheating. I don’t want to mislead you but a five on the hate scale can take years for someone to get over.

Then of course for those of you who want a more comprehensive game plan for overcoming cheating I recommend that you check out my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO. I just want to start off by saying that a four on the hate scale can sometimes take months for a woman to get over. I am talking about the kind of deception that is so horrible that a woman will feel violated after she finds out the truth.
After dating your ex girlfriend for a year I finally decide to come clean to her and tell her that I told her a massive lie, that I was single without children, when in fact I am married with children. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
We are in college together and she is really busy becoming a doctor and under a lot of pressure.
She asked for space and we went no contact for a few weeks while I tried to figure out what was going on.
I’m willing to fight for this girl and what we had was great and I know she remembers that. So, about how long into no contact do you think I should wait before posting an update having fun with a friend that happens to be female?
Correct me if I’m wrong, you texted her a lot and now you’re blocked right and then you decided to do no contact? Instead, you are going to get very long in depth explanations for everything I talk about here. It is true that you can do certain things to your ex girlfriend during the relationship to make her hate you more than normal. Getting your ex girlfriend to a one on the hate scale is the holy grail of what we are trying to achieve here. If your ex girlfriend is a two on the hate scale it’s pretty much the equivalent of disappointment.
Let’s just say that the two of us got into a heated argument on the phone and yelling was involved.
In fact, what I would like to do now is talk a little about the most common reasons an ex girlfriend can potentially hate you after a breakup. Oh, and since I went through so much trouble explaining the hate scale above we are going to be using it as a benchmark for the level of hate your ex girlfriend is probably experiencing if this wrong was done to her. After all, this is a guide teaching you how to get your ex girlfriend back if she hates you. She talked about how being with him was like being in a world made completely of rainbows, butterflies and lollipops. I guess the point she was trying to make is that she had never been so satisfied in a relationship. If you cheated on your ex girlfriend then I assure you that you have a lot of work cut out for you. Now, before you start charging me with a pitchfork you should give your ex a chance to because I am about to lie to her. Even when she was shutting me out she told me I was the best guy she had ever dated and hadn’t done anything wrong. She will likely receive the letter this week, and she already read the email and didn’t respond. She made me happier than I have ever been in my entire life but one day about 3 months in she said that someone said that while they were at party that she was making out with one of my friends. Oh, and when I do give you generic dative advice (like the examples I gave above) will give you a very long explanation for how to do those things. I guess the point I am trying to make here is that going through a breakup brings out some very intense feelings. After all, you aren’t going to win her back if she is something crazy like a five on the hate scale. For example, if the two of you are talking and she catches you in a lie about something then she is going to be shot up to a two on the hate scale. You see, this woman was under the impression that she made her boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) happier than anyone in the world. We had a talk about this and she actually told me that she wanted me to date her and date other women so I would be satisfied, to which I strongly dismissed.
They said to tell her I support her as a friend and wanted to be there for her through this rough time.
She had been dragging me along for a long time, and in February, she broke up with me on my birthday – a week after she moved across country.
I’m a little skeptical about posting anything having to do with jealousy, however I also see how it can be a good thing. I knew in my head that she wanted to be exclusive but I thought I couldve have my cake and eat it and she accepted this false pretence that we were merely friends and I continued to sleep with her and other people. I wasn’t getting any affection any more, every time i saw her things felt weird and awkward. Right now what I would like to do is give you a quick little education of hate and your ex girlfriend. We talked things out and decided we were worth fighting for and we were going to commit to what we had. She sent me an email two days later pleading with me to take her back, but I decided to do no contact.
I have stepped it down a bit on Facebook though – I typically post two or three times a day, but I went a couple of days without posting anything.
Now I did screw up and send her an email and a letter – and we had our business conversation via text message. We were forced to move into a small house in the countryside 40 miles from any family or friends and we didn’t drive. I think even at the time I knew I cared about her, but I have had too many poor relationships in the past I didnt want to get into anything. She got really angry that I encroached on her space and told me she didn’t want to talk for at least a few months. I just want some advice for how long to back off and what to do when it has been enough time.

She sent a batch of emails telling me to trust in God and not to give up on her and that we can get through it together. Well about a week later she stopped saying she loved me and started texting me a lot less and completely stopped hanging out with me. After another week it turns out she had another boyfriend already who she was supposedly (even though she denies it) cheated on me with. We had a turbulent relationship, I was in a bad place and I pushed my stresses and poor mood onto her. She recently saw me on a night out and started telling her friends not to talk to me because i am a prick and told people to get away from me. After pleading with me to take her back, I relented and we worked on our relationship for about a year.
She confronted me on some messages I sent her sister in confidence when I asked her for advice back when she was cheating on me. This website is a fantastic resource, and Chris must be a genius to think of doing this website. From your experience, should I be counting the no contact period from the initial startup, or should I have restarted no contact for an additional 30 days?
We broke up and she was moving country in any event for work, but the original intention was to stay together. Especially because about 5 days, I relented and contacted her, but at that point she had changed her mind. I plan on another 30 days of no contact – she has a birthday that will fall a week after the end of that. So now here we are and we got into an argument this morning when I tried to tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me because she thinks she taught me something by doing all of that to me. I was supposed to drive her car across country for her with all of her stuff, and she told her parents that I bailed on her – even though I had not. She will be turning 30 this year, so there’s not much time left to be screwing around and dating people. I don’t want anything to backfire, but at the same time, he might be able to paint me in a good light to her mom while we are in no contact. After for years the social service became involved and I cleaned up my act as a father and partner. Well I really want her back and it didn’t seem like she was mad anymore (I had lied about a few things during our relationship but not about anything super important). I talked to her dad and convinced him that I would pay him back for his plane ticket, and I would drive back with her. Her family is feeding her negativity, and her social life has always been a big secret with no steady friends and no best friend. Her dad told me I’m a member of his family and that he hopes we get through it cause he wants us to marry. And we are christians, and she sees everything as signs from God, where as I see them as consequences for our actions.
This makes it even more difficult, because she doesn’t react quite the same as your average girl.
I lied to the social saying everything was fine and if there were any problems they would be my fault as I didn’t want my girlfriend to be hurt by the pressure of criticism and I tried to get her help. My initial thought was to keep playing it by the books and move out there without telling her. So after a few days of her not talking to me I implement no contact and follow it to a T for three weeks. I sent her some of the money that I owed her for rent etc and I thought we were going to move forward. But the moment she got it not only was I physically and emotionally bereft of attention… I also lost my best and only friend as she was now too tired to even have a laugh in any way.
When I pushed her via text to find out what is going on she lambasted me and said I was scum, that I never changed, that I am a disgrace to my family.
And for the record, I have made no attempts to contact her – the only reason she would have blocked me is because I post everyday. I honestly dont know what i did this time – she wont tell me and she has virtually blocked me from all platforms of communication and changed her number. I know everyone in the world will be thinking move on you blew it years ago, it’s your own fault. Just focus on no contact and wait it out, or should I try to get her to unblock me first – using a friend or maybe her dad to send some crazy news?
But i dont think I have ever actually felt this hurt by losing someone or by someone having a bad opinion of me. I check my phone to see if she replied to me, I lose the plot and GNAT her if she gets angry at me, pleading for her rationale or forgiveness. I sent her some music I new she like and have told her how I am getting a better life and a drivibv lisence so I have friends and family and am more able to help her cope with the stress of… having an uncomfortable stomach and having a 4 hour a day down the road desk job. I dont actually know what to do…i know i am being pathetic, not much of a prospect for her as a man, that I keep falling apart. I do 8 hour days take my son to school everyday do all the cooking washing cleaning washing up gardening hell all the house work and I’m always the one to instigate fun activities for the family and I read all the bed time stories. But I have as good as lost her, she lives in another country and I would do anything to just turn it around.
I give her a full body massage every single night in the hope she may thank me but she never does…… is she using me?
She told me she wanted to get an abortion once she had moved in with me ( 2 months after we met) but my mum had an abortion ehenshe was 17 and regretted it so convinced my girlfriend to keep our son.

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