Who'd ever think that a guy living in Seattle that drives, owns and marries nothing even remotely American would ever be so condescending to another human being? Same basic deal for safety keep it locked up when it's not on your person, keep your finger off the trigger unless it's time to shoot.
For the small fry, something so it fits in the front pocket of jeans or shorts and weighs nothing, a summer gun so to speak, S&W 642 or 442 for a revolver or Ruger LCP380 for a semi-automatic. Colder weather or winter, when you're going to have an over shirt or fleece on most of the time, no reason not to carry something larger, a full sized frame so you have a better grip, larger caliber, more ammo capacity. This is going to be like which oil or tires are best thread, and you know it, you've seen it before!

I am more comfortable with the semiautomatics, so on Wayne's and other recommendations, I am giving the Ruger LCP a try.. Maybe I'm misinterpreting his definition of 'big enough', but 6 or 7 shot Shield M&P (or other comparable pistols) wouldn't be enough for me. This way he can carry flush mags on him, and stick a G17 mag in it at night (or fuck, even a 33 rounder) for more capacity.
I have used lots of rifles and know about guns and gun safety, I do not know shit about pistols.
I would like it to be big enough to do enough to protect me and the family, but small enough I can carry it with out being to visible or bulky.

Its small enough I carry mine in my pocket with a small rubberized holster just to keep anything from getting in the trigger guard.

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