I was expecting the story line to drag out the part where Hyun Wook learns about Se Na’s real identity. He stalked Se Na all the way to the bus and to this place where Se Na met up with her best friend to have a drink. Although Se Na isn’t the most sophisticated character (well, duh, she plays a poor girl), she does dress comparatively well. After being fired from the hotel, she got another job at this gourmet doshirak (lunch box) joint as a delivery girl.
Hyun Wook takes his stalking skills up a notch and bought a house close to where Se Na’s living. Se Na’s dressed for comfort in a checkered pair of pants, a printed tee and a cute cropped cardigan.
Hyun Wook found out Se Na’s working at the doshirak joint so he started ordering from them just to get Se Na to deliver to his house.
Dae-woong literally stops in his tracks, shaking his head like he must’ve heard wrong. What actually happens is, he leans in close, and Mi-ho grabs in a hug that sends him running away and begging for mercy. Dong-joo, magical-knife-wielding-liar-liar-pants-on-fire-emo-boy, turns over the mystical 100-days hourglass on his desk. Dae-woong tries to lay some ground rules with Mi-ho, saying that their arrangement isn’t so much a relationship as it is a contract.
He fixes her face (love all the excuses for him to hold her face in his hands), and she tells him about how five hundred years ago she wanted to paint her face like that and get married, but because of all the bad rumors, no one came and she got locked up in that painting.
Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo, and shows off her couple ring, saying that people only give these when they like somebody. At home, she tries to ask Dae-woong what he wants, but mostly he just wants her to be quiet while he learns his lines. They head out and run into the chicken shop lady, and Dae-woong is surprised to see that Mi-ho has made friends in the neighborhood.
He tells her to talk right here, but she steps away, and he sees her smiling and being coy, which raises his blood pressure. At the bus stop, the entire gaggle of men (and even an ajumma) waiting for the bus marvel at Mi-ho, gaping at how pretty she is.
On the bus, they sit an aisle apart, but then another guy sees Mi-ho and decides to get up and sit next to her.
Mi-ho muses that the ring is quite handy—it has the power to send any unwanted girls running in the opposite direction. She asks why he didn’t make Hye-in his girlfriend right away then, and he lets it slip that he was going to, with rings and all.
He reverse-psychologizes her that he’ll take his ring off then, and she lunges to stop him. He leaves her outside while he goes in to a people-only school building, but once inside, he starts to feel guilty for leaving her all alone out there. Dae-woong rushes her back out, and when she offers to attend class with him, he lies that class got canceled. At the restaurant she orders a multi-course meal, putting him on edge, but he can’t say anything.
Director Ban chases her in his car, delighting in her speed, but she manages to give him the slip. Dae-woong rushes to eat his meal with lightning speed, and runs back to the lecture hall to find it empty. Mi-ho has gone to Dong-joo instead, clutching at her heart and saying that something is wrong with her. Dong-joo puts his hand on her forehead to check her temperature, popping Dae-woong’s jealous lid. She finds him grilling up meat (mmm….gogi, gogi) and in a pissy mood because she ate expensive meat elsewhere with another man, and then came home to him. He answers truthfully that he would like to, and asks if his wish (her offer earlier to do anything he wanted) could be to hide her existence from Hye-in. She starts to shout, angry and hurt that he clearly doesn’t think of her the same way that she does. Director Ban has a drink with the crew and spills his red wine down his shirt in a fit of angst, and then does a Better-Tomorrow-blood-spattered-walk to the bathroom. Hye-in and Sun-nyeo meet up, and after finding out that Dae-woong is back at the action school, Hye-in decides to head over to clear up this couple ring mystery once and for all. Dae-woong realizes she’s pretty far gone, and gasps when he discovers empty soju bottles among the beer cans.
She does so happily, and tells him that the mosquito part is something she already does, so that they don’t eat him up. So through her character, those things that used to be associated with the dangers of female sexuality (in the gumiho myth) actually get re-appropriated.
Also I wanted to use it for later, you know how you find that one show you like so much but can’t remember where the scene was that you wanted to find and have to go scanning through disks or files. I want to make sure to savor this recap, I am sure I will come up with more intelligent comment later. But aside from all the uber-cuteness, one thing I truly enjoy about this drama is that things get resolved pretty quickly (other than the big plot points, of course). I agree with you about how refreshing it is to see the characters be honest with each other and not misunderstand each other for too long. Sometimes I wince at the characters saying things that other kdrama characters wouldn’t have the balls to say, but then I realize that how awesome it all is! Everyone’s urging Hyun Wook to do something about the situation – sue Jae Young or plead with him not to go.
On her way to work, a throng of reporters were in front of AnA, trying to get a hold of Shi Woo. Meanwhile Oh He Sun overheard her husband talking to someone on the phone and immediately became suspicious. While on the road, Hyun Wook was almost hit by a car and this promptly triggered another attack. Shin Hae Yoon told them Hyun Wook can create and produce the music since he’s great anyway.

As for Se Na, Hyun Wook sent her a bunch of music stuff, which pretty much occupied her sleeping quarters.
Time jump to three years later, we see Yoon Se Na (Krystal) in the back alley of some club. Hyun Wook’s shirt here is from C.P Company, his pants are from Tommy Hilfiger and his bracelet is from Mori.
Hyun Wook’s cardigan here is from Philipp Plein and his pants are from McQ Alexander McQueen. Hyun Wook’s blazer is from Tommy Hilfiger, his shirt is from Neil Barrett and his pants are from Nudie Jeans. Dal Bong was so smitten with Se Na that Hyun Wook decided to hire her to take care of his dog while he’s gone.
Hae Yoon found out Hyun Wook is staying at the hotel where Infinite Power, ANA’s talent, is having a concert. Despite Se Na’s earlier mishap with the dog, Hyun Wook still hired her to take good care of Dal Bong.
Shi Woo, on the other hand, looks dapper as always in a black button down shirt with plaid sleeves and a pair of black pants.
Hyun Wook checks up on Se Na over the phone just to make sure she isn’t wallowing in despair.
She’s also in her usual outfit formula – which is pretty much a shirt, a jacket and a pair of A-line or pencil skirt.
Dae-woong convinces his friend that he’s fine, and Byung-soo notices the couple ring on his finger. He counters that Dae-woong doesn’t see her as a human or have any reason to like her, so she starts rattling off all the things Dae-woong praised her for, like her super-speed and strength. They get interrupted by workers ready to clear out the attic room where they’re staying, so Dae-woong pleads with the director to let him stay there for the duration of the shoot.
Mi-ho is busy staring at a picture of beef, while Dae-woong shakes his head at their naivete, for being fooled by her beauty. Eagle-eyed Dae-woong sees him and beats him to the seat, silently taking her hand and holding it up, to display their matching rings. Min-yeo has to get off at the next stop, so she asks for Dae-woong’s new phone number, but when he reaches for his phone, Mi-ho grabs his ring hand and holds it up defiantly, in the same gesture that he just used.
I know he’s an old classmate, but Hwang Tae-kyung is most definitely going to purse his lips at you for that. She says she wanted to stop him in case he liked that other girl and ran off to mate with her. She then wants to take him out to lunch (oy, woman!) so then he rushes back to Mi-ho and LIES that he has to go run an errand, and leaves her there. Meanwhile, Mi-ho gets caught raising her hand in class on accident while catching a fly, and gets kicked out, so she waits and waits for Dae-woong outside. I love that he goes from feeling guilty one second, to mad that she didn’t even wait for him in the next. She asks him what he wants, and he declares that there’s nothing he (a human) could want from a gumiho.
He runs into Min-sook, who is out to meet friends, and he comes up to her in a back hug, while she feigns protest.
He convinces her to put her tails away, and she’s so happy to finally be asked to do something, that she complies, and asks what else he wants. Hye-in enters behind him, and when he looks back at her, Mi-ho jumps off the ledge and disappears.
Now Mi-ho has declared her feelings, done something truly for Dae-woong’s benefit, and even though he would never admit as much, we can tell by his actions where his heart is heading. She’s cute, innocent, and alien, but a sexual being, which reclaims some of the territory back from the patriarchy.
DW and MH talk to each other with a refreshing amount of honesty, and things don’t stay hidden for episode after episode. She also delivered the song she’s been working on for her battle with Jae Young that never pushed through. But Hyun Wook has one primary concern now: find Shi Woo and stop him from doing harm to himself because of the situation. Some are against it as they wanted to pursue a lawsuit but because of the hold Jae Young has against his father, he decided to let it go and retaliate with talent instead. When she got to her workplace, she saw Sang Bong talking to Hyun Wook about Shi Woo’s whereabouts. I was never one to harp on unusual drama pairings so him being paired up with the much younger Krystal isn’t an issue to me. He’s been holing up in Jeju, farming a small piece of land and living in relative seclusion. But the lady told him that’s unusual because there isn’t anything logged and told him he must have made a mistake. While talking to a friend in a bar, he heard the same song he and So Eun fought over three years ago. Joo Hong gussied Yoon Se Na up, taking pity on her when she showed at that dinner with Hyun Wook, totally overshadowed by Shin Hae Yoon.
He told Hyun Wook he wants another song for his solo debut – something even better than Infinite Power’s. But when Hyun Wook told her they aren’t going to use her song anymore, she broke down and cried. During one of their many discussions about the handsome dog owner, Se Na felt something strange in her heart. Yoon Se Na’s skirt and gingham shirt are both from Zara and her sneakers are the same Keds sneakers from the previous episodes.
He pretended it’s all just a big coincidence and Se Na scornfully reminds him he is the reason why she had to change jobs.
He waited for Se Na at a convenience store and pretended he has extra ice cream he can give to her. The Green-Eyed Monster takes center stage this episode, and turns everyone right-side-up, then upside-down, providing hysterical laughter, adorable hijinks, and lots of pouty lips.
He starts to laugh nervously, and Mi-ho mistakes it for giddiness at wanting to mate with her.

He says, complete with Very Intense Stare at no one in particular, that as one side empties, the other one will fill up. Dae-woong lifts up her face to see the damage, and then goes online to find a way to take it off. He remembers the other present he bought for her, and goes up to present her with the giant chicken leg doll. He answers that those things aren’t so important, in a world with cars and airplanes.
He promises to do extra cleaning, and Chow Yun Fat Lite is of course delighted to think that Dae-woong’ aunt might come by if he stays here. He asks to speak to Mi-ho, and Dae-woong’s jaw drops as she answers the phone cheerily to talk to this strange man. To his dismay, Hye-in wants to drive elsewhere for lunch, and he gulps, wondering if it’ll be okay if he goes. He asks if she can endure it, and she smiles to hear that it means she’s adopting human traits, and insists she can handle it. She smiles, knowing he overheard her conversation with Dong-joo, and he chastises her for pretending to be a sickly weak girl, putting on an act to get expensive steak. She wonders, with a stricken look on her face, if there’s nothing he wants from her other than her fox bead. He gets her to hammer in a nail with her bare hand, and howl at the neighbor’s dog to shut him up, and kill the mosquitoes. When Shi Woo met up with Rae Hoon, he asked why they’re so opposed to having him on the team.
He told her he listened to her song and although it was unpolished, it was catchy and easy on the ears. The plot is something we have heard of before, or read somewhere so it’s hardly new material.
A car passing by suddenly burst one of its tires and swerved, colliding with a car in front. I’m assuming she’s speaking to her dead sister as if she’s still alive, telling her about the scenery at the park and how she wished her sister’s still there with her so she won’t feel that alone. She asked Joo Hong is she can borrow her name in the mean time so she can delude the thugs that keep on tracking her. She’s showing prowess in music too, calming a crying kid by playing music using wine glasses. The song brought unwanted memories to Hyun Wook and caused him to have a momentary panic attack.
And although he usually shows off a confident and arrogant side, he’s actually vulnerable on the inside. They also show one too many scenes from the past they’ve already shown and it’s getting a tad boring. He feels sorry she’s being bullied because of her rejected song because if not for him, they’ll still use it. Se Na’s unaffected by Shi Woo’s callousness and even offered him a calling card of their doshirak business. Hye-in huffs at the mention of Dae-woong having yet another girl, and then gets metaphorically bitchslapped when she finds out that he’s doing the movie after all. He asks about the girl in white, the action star of his dreams, and Dae-woong pretends not to know, and warns Mi-ho to run away if she sees the director. Dae-woong glances sidelong in anger, and steps up to Mi-ho, putting his arm around her right in front of the guy, and sticking his hand out to show the ring. Dae-woong assures her that he’s not that easy, and declares that no matter HOW POPULAR he always was (heh) he only ever had eyes for one girl. He cooks her a steak, and when she notes that he doesn’t eat meat, he says he prepared it for when she came to visit. He hangs his head with a pang of guilt, as he says that she knows that’s the truth, so why ask?
Tired of all the blame, Se Na fought back and asked if they really think she’s that great to be the cause of everything. But more than that, he’s angry that someone can just become CEO while he’s been stuck as a producer for most of his career.
But they did include certain twists to the characters that made the first episode a success and made me want to watch the next. A truck passing by on the opposite lane collided with the cars and skidded to where Hyun Wook’s car is. So Hyun Woo pretended to be going home from work and coincidentally met her just to tell her he’s been busy. Seriously never thought that a pair of cheesy rings could bring me such endless glee until it became a plot point. Like a real student!) and she’s super nervous and excited to be going to class like a real human. He finally heads down to wait for her outside, but on his way down the stairs, he sees Mi-ho walk in with Dong-joo. Rae Hoon told him they couldn’t accept that the member who worked hard with them was kicked out just like that to accommodate him, he who has far less talent but has better looks, in the team.
Before he can get So Eun out of the car, the truck already hit them, fatally wounding So Eun.
Shi Woo said he did like Se Na’s song but his main focus now is competing with Infinite Power. He goes to get her some bubbly water (it’s what Dae-woong and Mi-ho call the lemon-lime soda, which is adorable since he only does that for her benefit).
So Eun heard rumors about Hyun Wook sleeping with the singer of the song and that’s what’s eating her away.

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