Gain notoriety for writing a blog about your amazing life and all the rich and famous men you’re dating now. Post craigslist ads in the “personals” section for him looking for a gang-bang (with other men).
So, you were leeching off his resources, letting yourself go, and moping around the house (that he paid for?).
Mothers Share The Picky Eating Habits Of Their Kids (21 pics)Somebody Stop These People From Texting Right Away (38 pics)30 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now (30 pics)Normal vs. There have been lashes at the person of the APC presidential candidate , Buhari since Sarah Obozuwa spoke about the affair between him and his wife, Aisha Buhari. We have often complained about the lack of truly far-reaching concept cars on today’s show circuit. A startling set of pictures has shown how unborn babies of smoking mothers are affected right in the womb, these babies are seen hiding their faces. Former President of Nigeria, Shehu Shagari who was rumoured to have died over the weekend has debunked his death rumours. A 32-year-old Uwem Femi Asuquo, who took his little niece to stay with him to help ease the burden on her family after his brother died in 2012, has ended up defiling the ten year old girl. 22 year old boy, Douglas Ojugbo wanted to date a girl but ended up death when the father of the girl shot him, he has connived with the police to hide the corpse of Douglas Neighours said that Mr.
Mrs Olayinka Adeyemo is heavily pregnant and could put to bed any moment but she is still working as a tricycle rider(Keke Napep ). Three kids, hungry, in tears and frustrated were abandoned by their father at a railway station. For the second time she has given birth on toilet, three of her five kids were born in the bathroom.

She is only 25 but would stay single rather than wasting her time on a pointless relationship. Aidan is only five and lives with debilitating deformities but that has not stopped him from laughing, smiling and having cuddles. This is not one of those Hollywood movies we watch but a real scene when two drivers fought over a lane.
Peter Ogba, has pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 44-year old marriage with Felicia, for alleged infidelity. Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi has expressed his desire to die for Nigerians if need be to stop the incessant killings of Boko Haram. She has been missing over a decade ago in Ghana but turned up in Nigeria to share some of the harrowing tale that would stun you. For example, since The Ex is gone I make 10 times the amount of money than when I was with him, I look much hotter now, have more friends, been traveling the world, and I’m finally happy. It’s old skool, but still a lot of fun.  For the added bonus find a pregnant friend to pee on the stick for you and post the positive photo on his Facebook page. It’s especially vengeful if he’s already driving on a suspended license (yeah, we already know I date losers). I also knew that he was going to bring his wife and three kids this time, so I sent a message to his friend letting him know that I missed Chesty so much and just had to come back to the island to see him. I even had a friend of mine that lives there tell Chesty that I was at the bar looking for him — that he just missed me. The best revenge would be moving on and forgetting your ex, not by choosing to remain in his life via spiteful pranks and tactics.
She is offering men money to get her pregnant because she is too independent for a relationship.

How did this happened that a motorist drove onto a car bonnet after another driver cut him up?
A doctor who was overcome with emotion after the death of a teenage patient went on his knees and sobbed for his lose. I knew word would get back to him and he would worry about getting caught in his cheating ways.
I would have loved to see the color drain from his face as his wife asked him who I am.  Ha ha! Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff.
Of course you want to fuck other, different people, but the thought of betraying your spouse or partner is usually enough to stop you. He had to call the bank but they ignored him…What was he going to do with this colossal deposit?
Ejike Mbaka, has again cried out that his life is in danger and security agents are doing nothing concerning it.
At 17 she left her small Iowa town to follow the band Phish and live in her car, she spent time protesting logging in Oregon, got arrested for organizing a topless march in Ohio, received a Bachelor’s degree in photography, spent a month camping in the forest at a rainbow gathering, received a Master’s degree in Music Management, managed some rock bands, modeled for Playboy, slept with a rock & roll legend a few times (hey, you would too), sold real estate in Los Angeles, bought a condo in Las Vegas and lost it to the bank when the market crashed, built her house in the Hollywood Hills in a bikini after the contractor she hired stole her money, took classes to become a magician, wrote articles and columns published in several magazines and websites, ran a production company, produced commercials with huge stars like John Stamos and Betty White and currently owns a casting company. Maybe it's not the nicest thing in the world to happen to you, but the people reacting like that are every bit as bad if not worse.

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