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Consistently having a busy schedule every week will help neglect your ex-boyfriend, who’s still being persistent.
In May this year, Demi and Harry Morton, who once dated Lindsay Lohan and even Demi’s own daughter Rumer, broke up.
Demi and Peter have been dating for a few months already and things are going perfectly for them. Proceedings hit a road block when she reportedly asked for more money from him, hoping to get a chunk of a very inspired investment he made, even though he made it after they became legally separated. Some even say that Demi’s deliberately holding back the divorce to get back at Ashton for cheating on her during their time together. What do you do when you have a tattoo of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on your body and the relationship ends?

Hurt and angry over the failed relationship, Cody wanted to make a statement about how he felt about his now ex-wife and their past together. The two persons both agree that they have chemistry and are good for one another.They officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Cutting off verbal means of communication will make your life much easier knowing that ex-boyfriend of yours can’t call or text you any more. Legally, Demi is still married to Ashton Kutcher, even though they filed the papers late last year.
Besides being downright ugly, it was ineffective because he could still see parts of her name, and so could anyone new that he started to date. Cover it with something totally unrelated, so eventually you don’t think of the person when you look at it. So much so, that some of us (like Cody) go out and get tattoos of our lover’s names, as a declaration of our commitment to the relationship.

The reason is, cover-up tattoos take longer to remove because there are more layers of ink in your skin.
Hatfield suggests that new love, or passionate love is transitory, usually lasting between 6 and 30 months.
The bad (and the good) news is, no matter how deeply he falls for you, he will not be adding your name to his collection of tattoos! A boyfriend that didn’t want to break-up in the first place is more than likely to continue pursuing his now ex-girlfriend.

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