Before you choose a supporter it is important to work out the kind of support you need.
Naturally, we all have one question in mind: ‘Is Ebola going to reach the US and spread out? The Ebola virus infection also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever causes internal and external bleeding.
The Ebolaviruses live in animal hosts and humans get ill if they eat the meat of an infected animal or get in direct contact with its fluids or feces.
Until now, late August 2014, there have been registered the biggest ever Ebola outbreaks, in West Africa, counting 2,615 infections that caused 1,427 deaths.
What you need to know is that Ebola can reach the US or any other country via plane, hosted by an infected human traveler. More, airline crews are instructed to recognize passengers that present signs of Ebola, flying from Africa, and to place them under immediate quarantine.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Ebola symptoms can be divided in two stages: Early and Advanced.

If you think that there is a vaccine that makes you immune to this deadly virus, we have some bad news; there isn’t! However, it is quite rare and major outbreaks have only been registered in Central and West Africa.
After Ebola reaches the human body it spreads from human-to-human only through direct contact of broken skin or mucous membranes with the infected person’s blood or other secretions like saliva, semen, urine or stools. The initial health problems caused by this infection are: high fever (with chills), fatigue, severe headache, sore throat, joint and muscle pain.
Hospitals can only isolate a sufferer to prevent him from infecting others and provide him with supportive treatment which aim to help the body to fight the infection. The best way to prevent ebolavirus infection is to avoid travelling to countries with known outbreaks. If you’re a health care worker wear gloves, masks and goggles whenever you come in contact with an infected person.
Starting with the first recorded Ebola infection cases, back in 1976 and until now, there haven’t been major reasons of health concerns for the Western World.

It’s so lethal that it can kill between 25% and 90% of its sufferers, depending on the ebolavirus that causes the infection. The fact that this disease isn’t spread via air, water or food makes it much more less likely to cause a pandemic outside its countries of origin. If the disease is detected in its early stages chances of survival improve because the supportive treatment can be more efficient, buying the sufferer more time to fight the illness away. Unfortunately, this summer the most important outbreaks, since the disease is known, have been recorded in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia with a total death tool of over 670 people.

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