If so, you may be consumed with one goal and one goal alone: finding out how to get your ex boyfriend back. If the break up was not your idea, you may be hurt and your memories of the good times you shared may be causing you a lot of emotional pain and suffering. As much as you may want to rekindle a past relationship and get it back on track as quickly as possible, it is not always possible.
More often than not, both of you need to spend some time apart and think things over before you start making moves to get back together again.When deciding whether it is worthwhile to try and get your ex boyfriend back, the first thing to consider is who ended the relationship. If it was you, you may be able to get your ex boyfriend back more easily than if he ended it.

Then again, if you broke up with him, he may be unwilling to risk having his heart broken again. The more heated your break up was, the more difficult it will be to get your ex boyfriend back.You may also want to consider why you broke up in the first place. Figuring out why you broke up can also help you tell whether it is worthwhile to try and get your ex boyfriend back.
If you, or he, ended the relationship because you disagreed about fundamental issues such as marriage, children or religion, it may not be worthwhile to get your ex boyfriend back.
If you avoid them for a period of time after the relationship ends, you will accomplish two things.

The first is that you will not appear as needy as if you were clinging to them, calling them repeatedly and following their every move. Remember, they cannot miss you if you are always around.You should also take steps to resolve any issues or problems in your own life that would hinder a relationship from starting up again. If your ex left you because he felt that you were jealous, abusive or dealing with other serious life issues, showing that you have identified these problems and are working to fix them can be the best way to get your ex boyfriend back as quickly as possible.

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