On Tuesday night, a decade after the formation of Black Veil Brides, Biersack made his live debut as Andy Black. Fans who preordered The Shadow Side, the debut Andy Black album out this Friday, as well as a number of friends and associates saw the singer lead his new solo project through a short but electrifying set.
Andy Black will play another intimate show in New York City on Thursday, May 5, at the Knitting Factory.
Essentially, what you need to do is to stop saying and doing the things that are going to turn her off and start doing things that are going to draw her to you. When you interact with her, are you behaving in a way that makes her feel drawn to you or repelled by you?
It doesn’t matter that you experienced good times together in the past or that she used to feel attracted to you, used to respect you or used to really love you. Those things really don’t matter at the point where a woman has broken up with a guy and is thinking about moving on or has already moved on. The only way to make your ex care enough to want to get back with you, is to start saying and doing the things that are going to make her forgive your mistakes, feel respect for you and feel attracted to you again.
Most women do not want to play the role of being a guy’s mother, big sister or teacher in life. Once again and quite naturally, when a good man gets broken up with by his woman, he will want to apologize and say sorry for how he has made her feel.
Why a rushed apology doesn’t work in almost all cases when getting a woman back is that she will have broken up with him for deep, complex reasons. For example: He might have been clingy, needy or insecure or on the opposite end of the scale, he might have taken her for granted and not really given a shit about her. During the relationship, he didn’t really care about her, took her for granted and may have even broken up with her a few times. It’s going to take a bit of time for you to think about it, maybe do some learning and then start to behave, think and talk differently around her. In some cases, a guy was a confident, masculine man prior to meeting his woman and was able to maintain that for the initial part of the relationship. He lost touch with what it means to be a man, so when she broke up with him, he reacted by crying, begging or pleading for another chance.
When I help guys to get their ex back, one of the first things that I advise is to stop texting. The only time you should be texting your ex is to get her on the phone, so you can then arrange a meet up.
The reason why is that if you think about what a text actually is, you will realize that it’s just words on a screen. What I always advise for guys and what I provide in my program for getting an ex back, are texts that actually get her on the phone. Some guys make the mistake of thinking that the path to getting an ex back is being her friend. It doesn’t make her feel like she wants to be with you in a romantic, sexual relationship. There are way too many mistakes that guys make because they don’t have a plan or the right advice to follow. Some guys have friends in their life, or brothers, cousins or a father who they can turn to who will help them out and teach them what to do.
I don’t know if you know my story already, but basically what happened to me is that I got lucky with a girl that I met at a party when I was 19 years old. Her and I got into a relationship and then a year and half later, I had become needy, insecure, over-protective and she cheated on me and then dumped me. I didn’t know what to say or do to get her to forgive me, to get her to give me another chance or to feel respect and attraction for me once again. Pretty much everything that I was saying and doing around her (including cussing at her and calling her all sorts of nasty names for cheating on me), was turning her off and pushing her away. I only had one friend who was basically telling me that all women are bitches and can’t be trusted, so I should just move on. So, basically I was on my own because back when I got dumped, there was no internet with people online helping each other out. As the years went on, I lost a lot of confidence in myself around women and I eventually got to the point where I had to move on.
I then met my sexy, 20-year old girlfriend when I was 35 years old and recently we got engaged (at age 22 and 37) and are going down the path of marriage. So, in other words, I know how to attract women, I know how to pick them up and I know how to keep a relationship together. What has made me an expert at getting an ex back, is helping more than 100 phone coaching clients to successfully get a woman back.

The steps that I provide in my system have been developed by helping more than 100 phone coaching clients to get their ex back.
Some guys are okay at picking up new women and kind of got lucky with their current woman when they met her.
Some guys are completely hopeless at picking up women and don’t know how they even picked up their ex or what to do to get her back.
Then, at the meet up, you need to say and do things that trigger her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you again. My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships. I've already helped countless men to get their woman back and I know that I can help you too. If you want me to help you get her back, don't leave my site until you watch this FREE video training on how to get your woman back now. Watch the free training and you will learn how to get her back NOW without having to waste time ignoring her, or waste energy trying to convince her to give you another chance.
The show went down at LA’s intimate Lyric Theatre, a venue less than a tenth the size of The Wiltern, where Black Veil Brides filmed the Alive And Burning concert DVD on the Black Mass Tour just 18 months ago. She doesn’t want to teach you how to be the sort of man that will be attractive to her. She wants to feel like you’re a man that she can look up to and respect, not a man that she has to guide, take care of or be gentle with. Yet, over time, he lost his way and became a bit insecure, needy or clingy of his girlfriend, fiance or wife. Women are attracted and drawn to strength in men, so when you present a woman with emotional weakness, it doesn’t draw her to you or turn her on. The most efficient and effective way to make a woman feel attracted to you, to respect you and to forgive you is to talk to her in person. You can’t just be hiding behind text because most texts are actually going to turn her off. In most cases, it just makes her experience friendly types of emotions towards her ex where she likes him as a person, but doesn’t feel attracted to him in a sexual way.
Those guys are great with women and can provide advice to him to follow to get his ex back. She starts feeling respect for you again, she starts feeling attracted to you again and she starts opening herself up to the love. You might have tried to meet other girls, but they just don’t make you feel the same way as your ex does. What you need to do is trigger feelings inside of her that make her want to get back with you. You’ve got to make changes and I can explain exactly what you need to change right now to get her on the phone and be willing to meet up with you in person.
She wants you to be able to work that stuff out yourself and start being the type of man that she actually wants you to be. I worked out how to kiss women within minutes of meeting them, how to take women home for sex and I enjoyed that lifestyle for about 10 years. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too.
View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. This post will help you understand the steps you need to take to recover and get in touch with your ex as quickly as possible.Can you really text your way back into his heart? Using the techniques in the Text Your Ex Back program, thousands of women all over the world have rekindled their lost relationships.
Waiting 30 days before contacting him is crucial – and hard.Sending powerful, emotionally-charged texts can rekindle his feelings for you.So, why do you need to wait? I’ll share some Text Your Ex Back examples with you too, so you can get an idea of what type of text messages by Michael Fiore you’ll be sending.What you will learn in this postWhy the 30 day No Contact Rule is set in stone. You still have too many wild emotions flying around to really make meaningful contact with your ex.Just think about it – do you really have anything thoughtful to say? At this point, you’re probably still fuming.I made the mistake of contacting my ex during the first 30 days, and you know what happened? You need to be brutally honest here, and that can be tough – especially if you were the one who was dumped.If you were dumped (like me), the reason behind your breakup will be pretty clear after reading this section. The author goes through a list of 7 reasons your ex might have given you for the breakup and what those reasons really mean.
All the classics are on the list, but there are also some that will really add some insight, including:It's not you, it's me.

At the end of the day, you’ll better understand yourself and your past relationship.Admit it, it’s hard to be honest, but it’s so important to work through the process. If you’re feeling confused and clueless about what to do now, I’d highly recommend you to get started right now with the program.Download Text Your Ex Back From The Official Website?Mastering the Art of Text JudoWhat is Text Judo anyway?
It teaches you how to craft text messages that will break the ice, rekindle old emotions and give your old relationship a fresh start. And remember, this is not a booty call, and you won’t be able to fix your relationship with just these initial texts. Let him know that you still care.Maybe your ex is going through a tough time, and you want to let him know that you’re there for him. Emotional Honesty texts will validate your ex’s feelings, but they’ll also create incredible intimacy.
For example, “I really appreciate how you were there for me when my grandmother passed away.” Let him know that you’re grateful he’s in your life.
Use sights, smells and sensory images to really bring those memories back to life.“How I Feel” texts. Here’s a great example of this type of text: “It’s funny, but sometimes I really crave you.
We want what other people have, and we get really protective when other people try to take what’s “ours.” Green Eyed Monster, or GEM, texts use jealousy in a positive way, but your timing has to be right and you need to be at least a little subtle about it.
Remember, you’re sending these texts to get his attention – not make him angry.Here’s a great GEM text example to really understand how this all ties together:See how subtle, but powerful this message is?
You’re letting him know you were out with someone else, but without throwing it in his face. You need to make sure that you send these at the right time, and you need to keep it virtual. The messages you send will be powerful, and they’ll bring back old memories that will rekindle his old feelings for you.How to Take Everything Back to the Real WorldOnce you’ve reached the final phase of Text Judo, you can finally move from texting to dating. This entire system is so much more effective if he decides that he wants to see you.Keep things simple and casual. But don’t assume another date is on the table.The texting doesn’t end after your first date either. You’ll find plenty of free examples in the Text Your Ex Back program that you can use to seal the deal and move forward with your new relationship.Questions About Text Your Ex Back?I'm sure you have some questions about the program and whether it will work for you.
The number of days is up to you but 30 days is generally a minimum benchmark for most people to recover from a breakup.
Even if you don't need 30 days, your ex may appreciate the time for himself.I've tried everything to get my ex back. How can text messages work any better?The reason why text messaging works so well is because it is the most direct and personal method we have of communicating with each other. The goal is always to build and leave behind a positive interaction between you and your ex. The program provides examples of the types of messages you'll use, but it is highly recommended that you adjust the message so it reflects your relationship. Don't worry, Michael Fiore also walks you through crafting text messages that best fits your situation.How often should I text my ex?This really depends on your ex's reaction to your messages. Will this still work for me?Yes, the texting strategies can also work on instant messaging or social media like Facebook. Keep in mind that the program does not guarantee that you will successfully get your ex back. The easy fix is simply to refresh the page and the order button will appear under the video. A Genuine Program Every Step of the WayThe Text Your Ex Back program is the most thorough and detailed “get your ex back” program I’ve read.
With the provided examples, sending texts will be almost intuitive.Ready to reel him back in?Click Here to Get Started With Text Your Ex Back TodayYou only get one “love of your life”. I’m Charice – the girl who 5 years ago would have never believed there was ever a good excuse for fighting to get an ex back. Then, I lost someone I really cared about, all because I got cold feet and forgot how special our relationship was.From that point forward, I knew I had to get him back. It took a lot of work and perseverance, but we are now living our happily-ever-after, and I am excited to teach you how to do the same!Click here to read more about my story.

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