Do you think this is what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind when he invented the telephone?
A good strategy to ensure a high passenger rating is to create as little work for your driver as possible. Lets say that you and your boyfriend go through a breakup (arguably one of the most emotional experiences a human being can go through.) During the breakup talk your (now) ex boyfriend mentions that he believes you cheated on him. Now, you being very proud of how faithful you are in relationships immediately deny this accusation from your ex but no matter how many times you insist that you are innocent in this your ex simply won’t believe you. So, you decide to do a little detective work to find out why your ex believes that you were unfaithful. Welcome to the ultimate guide to getting an ex boyfriend back if he thinks you cheated on him but you really didn’t. If you aren’t too familiar with Ex Boyfriend Recovery (this website) then I would like to inform you that usually at the beginning of every article or guide that I write I like to include a brief outline. I am not going to do anything to re-invent the wheel here but I still feel its important to stay on top of things so we have a clear path to follow when we are talking about a complex situation like this.
Speaking of the cheating situation at hand lets talk a little bit about the sections I am going to be covering today.
After 4 days of planning this guide I have decided to divide this page up into three sections. Specifically a situation where your ex boyfriend believes that you cheated on him when you really didn’t. So, before we can really take a look at his insecurities and feelings around his false assumption we must first understand what your ex boyfriend believes cheating to be. The problem is that things get a lot more complex when you take into account that every single person walking this earth has their own unique definition for cheating. So, from your perspective the only thing that matters is how your ex boyfriend defines cheating.
Would you like to know the thing that separates Ex Boyfriend Recovery from all the other ex recovery websites out there?
Basically what I am getting at here is that I think like your ex boyfriend so I am the ultimate benchmark for understanding his beliefs on cheating. Oh, but before I get into that I do want to have a quick discussion on the levels of cheating.
I guess the first thing that I would like to talk about is the fact that not all cheating is created equally. Simple, a woman who has an emotional affair with a man is going to be forgiven a lot easier than a woman who has a physical affair with one.
So, what we are going to do now is go down the list of what I (and by default, your ex) considers to be cheating and I will talk about how hard it will be for a man to forgive in each instance.
Look, having sex with someone else who isn’t your significant is the ultimate betrayal to your significant other. I mean, there is a reason why women who sleep around on their boyfriend have the hardest time in getting him back. Oh, and lets not forget that it’s also going to be the hardest thing for your ex to forgive.
Ok, this is a step down from actually sleeping with someone else but not much farther down.
If you could chart a man’s anger in relation to how he was cheated on then his girlfriend sleeping with someone else would be a 10 out of 10.
It means that forgiveness won’t be easy to achieve but much more possible than if he thinks you slept with someone else. Of course, lately you have been feeling a little lonely in the relationship so you decide to engage some light flirting with one of your guy friends. If you tell another man that is not me that you miss him, that you want to have sex with him or you send him naked pictures then I consider it to be cheating. Now, since there is no actual physical cheating going on the anger level isn’t going to be as high as if there was. And lets say that one day I log on to Facebook and I am greeted with this picture in my feed.
Oh, in case you have a sudden onset of blindness this is a picture of you holding hands with another guy very romantically.
I find these couple like pictures disrespectful to the man in the relationship if the man is the one in them. For the longest time I used to think I was alone in this irrational fear of being cheated on until I mentioned it to a few friends of mine. My other friend who had a girlfriend of six years (at the time) mentioned that he wouldn’t know what to do if he caught his girlfriend being unfaithful. The question we are asking here is do all men worry about being cheated on by their significant others? Lets pretend that you are grading a mans fear of being cheated on, on a scale from a 1 to a 5. With a 1 being that a man isn’t too scared of being cheated on and a 5 being that he is absolutely terrified of it to an unhealthy extent. Take my friend who was cheated on by his wife (8 times.) Well, this ruined him for future relationships because he was always on Red Alert for cheating. I have a feeling that, that is what we are dealing with here if your ex boyfriend thinks you cheated on him when you really didn’t. We are dealing with a man who is at a 4 or 5 on the suspicion scale and may have been actively looking for things that make you look like you are cheating on him.
In fact, this fear is so deeply ingrained in his mind that he feared it long before you came along. Generally speaking during this feeling out process you kind of give cliff notes of your past relationships. Nothing too in-depth (for fear of hurt feelings) but it’s natural to be curious about a persons past right.
Now, lets say that your ex boyfriend (during the courtship phase) asked you if you had ever cheated on a boyfriend before. Anytime a man asks you that he is trying to determine if history is going to repeat itself again where you cheat on him.
Of course, since you don’t believe in lying during moments like this you decide to tell the truth. You then go on to describe the horrible boyfriend you had and how you just couldn’t figure out how to escape him so you cheated as a way of dealing with the pain.
Lets fast forward a few months to when he actually does date you and his fears of being cheated on start to manifest. Lets say that you have been dating him for around 6 months and in those 6 months the two of you have gotten extremely close to one another and with that closeness his fear of being cheated on has slowly started to manifest itself.
Again, usually this fear starts out very light and then as time moves on (and the two of you become closer) you start to see him do things that are out of character. For example, he will ask more specific questions about your past cheating experience which eventually will lead him to spying on you through your phone or Facebook and ultimately end up with him doing some very questionable things like causing fights (over you cheating) or accusing you of cheating when you really haven’t. I guess the first thing that I want to tell you is that his false assumption about you cheating on him is partly his fault and partly your fault.
Well, it’s your fault because you did something to make him think you cheated on him. Granted, it’s probably not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but to him in this moment it is.
Of course, when I read the text message I don’t look at it like an innocent encounter between two friends. So, you can see that innocent little things like the text message above can be taken the wrong way by a boyfriend who is looking for evidence against you.
Before I get into the meat of this small section I want you to take a moment and re-read the section before this one. The whole point of that section is to explain to you how a mans fear of being cheated on can take control of his life in certain instances. This makes him finding something elementary like a text between two friends exchanging pleasantries much worse than it really is. It’s a combination of a man being controlled by his fear coupled with something that a woman did to light the fuse of the accusation.
In those cases where the accusation is false I am going to go out on a limb here and say that its more his fault than yours since the evidence he finds on you is kind of lame.
He has a great career for which he just got honored for and it looks like his wife is incredibly turned on by it. The man, pictured above, has stripped to his underwear and keeps yelling at Willis for letting him down. Now, I bet your are wondering how the heck this all ties in to overcoming a false accusation from an ex boyfriend.
Well, trying to reason with an ex boyfriend who has falsely accused you of cheating is a lot like trying to reason with a gun wielding mentally disturbed person. Except instead of physically like in Bruce Willis’ case you are going to get shot emotionally. I am going to teach you how to properly overcome a situation where you have been falsely accused. What do these additions mean and how can we employ them to help your ex boyfriend believe you when you say that you didn’t cheat on him? Remember at the beginning of this section I mentioned that we are going to start operating under a certain assumption. I know some people can hold grudges for a long time but no one can stay angry at the same level forever. I was furious when I found out that my ex girlfriend was flirting with another guy but the level of anger I had in the moment where I found out that she was flirting with another dude did not hold.
Around the same time the next week I was still upset about it but I was nowhere near the level I was at when I initially found out. Now, I don’t want you thinking that if you wait long enough his anger will go away completely.
HOWEVER, him being at a 6 on the anger scale as opposed to a 10 is a much better place to make progress in regards to forgiveness.
If I were you I would let two weeks go by before you start in with the hardcore convincing.
Well, what if you did all that and let him be by himself for two weeks but around day 7 or 8 you find that he is constantly texting you or calling you. This is his subtle way of letting you know that he may be ready for the next steps of this process.
So, if you find that you use a shortened version of the no contact rule and your ex is constantly contacting you almost begging for you to apolgoize to him for your fake cheating then it’s his weird way of telling you that his anger has subsided a bit and he wants to see you beg for him back.
For example, if we were dating and I were to tell you that I love you then I am sure you would feel pretty good about it.
However, if I were to show you that I love you by taking you on elaborate trips, spoiling you rotten and taking care of you in every way you would have ever wanted a man to take care of you (assuming that you wanted to be taken care of) something tells me that you would feel better about that when compared to me just telling you I loved you. Ok, now that we have that little explanation out of the way lets turn our attention to the task at hand. Our job here is to move from point A on the graph above where your ex is angry at you because he thinks you cheated on him to point B on the graph where he forgives you. Well, in order to do that effectively you are going to have to take a pretty massive action.
Your ex boyfriend is clearly peeved at you because he thinks you cheated on him when you really didn’t. I need you to locate the behavior that you engaged in that made him think that you cheated on him and stop that behavior. For the sake of this article I am going to just pretend that he looked through your phone and caught you flirting with a male friend.

Now, I know that you may not be so thrilled with this because you are losing out on a friendship with the male friend but sometimes a sacrifice has to be made for the greater good. These things always work better when I give examples so I am going to construct a little scenario for you.
Lets pretend that you took a picture with a guy friend and made it your profile picture on Facebook while you were dating your boyfriend. Now, your ex boyfriend sees that you have made this picture your profile picture on Facebook and immediately becomes very angry with you. In fact, he becomes so angry that he suspects that you are cheating on him and breaks up with you. You take down the profile picture (and any pictures you have taken of the guy friend.) You even go as far as to cut the guy friend out of your life.
The point is that you need to have some type of evidence to show your ex that he is completely wrong about you cheating.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. My ex was told by some of our old coworkers that I was having an affair with one of our coworkers for 3 months into my ex and my relationship.
I dated my boyfriend (Now ex) For 3 years and after a while we decided to move in with each other. Sorry, for rambling but two days after we broke up I found out I was pregnant… I told him and he was happy. Are there things you can do, during the breakup, that will turn your ex girlfriend's feelings around? This is why it's crucial to make the right opening moves just after your ex breaks up with you. You used phrases like "things will be better" or even the dreaded "I promise I can change". Those are the things that will go through her mind the INSTANT you start using counter-rejection.
Obviously every situation will be different, but this is just one of several early moves you need to make. Again, the quicker you can start making the correct choices, the faster you can stop making the wrong ones. Tailored to fit your own relationship situation, learn shortcut strategies to winning her back by drawing out your ex's true feelings for you. Oh, and how could I forget that I am going to be applying all of this to your ex boyfriend. The first time I heard of the grass is greener syndrome was when a reader of this site pointed it out to me.
That is definitely not the case anymore as I did extensive research to make sure I knew everything there was to know.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
The Grass Is Greener Syndrome- The belief that what you currently have in your life is no longer good enough or adequate.
The GIGS is mostly used to refer to people in relationships but it can also be applied to people who are in jobs.
Of course, since we are trying to gain insight into your ex boyfriend here we are going to be using the grass is greener syndrome in the context of relationships. If I had to pick out one of the most frightening aspects of this entire thing it is that you could be doing everything perfectly in your relationship, you could literally be the best girlfriend in the world to your boyfriend and he could still have a bout of GIGS. For most of the women on this site this has to be one of the most horrifying outcomes that can potentially unfold. When the inevitable talk comes where he explains that he just isn’t into the relationship anymore you immediately assume that he lost feelings. To be honest, this is a situation where I think he may be justified in his reasoning to want to look elsewhere.
In other words, your inability to be a caring girlfriend was your own downfall as it caused me to look over the fence to see if the grass was greener anywhere else.
In other words, he jumps from relationship to relationship trying to find someone who is going to fulfill him.
One portion of people believe that ending a relationship because you think you can do better usually works out. The other portion of people believe that just because you think the grass is greener on the other side doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to work out. If your ex boyfriend could rate his experience having a relationship with you on a 1-10 scale what do you think he would give you? Lets use the example I gave above in the last section about you being a horrible girlfriend and doing nothing but berating him throughout the entire relationship as a placeholder. Alright, in this particular instance if your ex boyfriend can find a girl that can put provide him with a situation better than a 2.5 then for him the grass is indeed greener.
Heck, maybe you were the best girlfriend that he ever had in his entire life and he gives you an 8 out of 10. Well, if your ex ends up getting the GIGS he may potentially leave you because he thinks he can do better. Anyways, lets say that he does find a girl that he ends up dating for a little while but he only sets her bar at a 7. This is a case where the grass is not greener and he is going to be really kicking himself for letting you go.
Remember, the grass is only greener if he can find someone who can beat the bar that you set. This is normal for every single romantic relationship that has ever been formed since the beginning of time.
What’s interesting is how the honeymoon period can affect the grass is greener syndrome. Lets pretend that you and I were dating and I decided that I thought I could do better than you (classic GIGS.) Anyways, after I leave the relationship I determine that my experience with you was a 7 out of 10. The honeymoon period begins to wear off and that is where the true test of a relationship begins. The main point here is that the honeymoon period has a way of inflating where the bar was set so it’s important not to be fooled by it. I immediately memorize a few lyrics to the song and send a text message to myself so I can look it up later and buy it. It’s impossible for a human to have a continuous emotional high for so long without adapting to it.
Now, just because the honeymoon period is over doesn’t mean the relationship is over. I actually have two real life examples that I can tell you of how the grass is greener syndrome works.
I am going to give you an example of a woman who I communicated with on this site who ended up getting her ex boyfriend back after he got GIGS.
In addition to that I am going to be giving you an example of a case where the grass WAS greener on the other side by talking about the mindset of someone I know who met his future wife after a case of the GIGS.
A girl gets dressed up one night to go to a big party because she knows HE was going to be there.
Little did he know that the girl (who asked me to remain anonymous) was waiting to be his future wife all along. She makes it her mission to prove that she is and takes to the internet to try find a way that she can win him back. That’s when she stumbles across Ex Boyfriend Recovery and starts reading my articles. She does her best to abide by my advice but ends up devastated when she logs on to Facebook one morning and notices that he is in a relationship with another girl.
What I was hoping was that this girl had set the bar so high in her relationship with her ex that this other girl couldn’t compare when the honeymoon period did end up wearing off.
Brad and his new girlfriend eventually started fighting and broke up after 6 months together.
Sometimes an ex going on the rebound can be a good thing especially if you are the best girlfriend he ever had. This is a very personal story to me because I actually know this person and haven’t just communicated with them via email.
Someone I know really well was in a relationship with a girl for just under a year (like a month shy.) The relationship was pretty intense. The issues started occurring when the honeymoon period was over and my acquaintance began to notice that his girlfriend was a bit of a flirt. Her indiscretion with the other men in her life began to drive a wedge between the relationship her and her boyfriend (my acquaintance) had built.
Pretty soon her flirty nature had driven him to the point where he had a hard time trusting her at all which of course led to more fights and made him very resentful. This went on for almost a year until one day my friend had enough and found the courage to end it. If we could take a sample of the scale in his head this girl he dated would probably be a 2 or a 3 out of 10 which means that just about any girl he would date after that is going to seem better. My friend takes relationships very seriously and was left very deeply hurt at how much he felt he wasted his time with this 2. He wasn’t going to make the same mistake by dating a girl that could wrong him the same way that this one did. Essentially what my acquaintance is doing is that he is making sure that the next person he dates is going to be super high quality.
So, if you were wondering about a case where the grass is greener on the other side this would be it.
Someone who had such a bad experience in a relationship that they make it their mission to find the greener grass.
If the bar is set low in a relationship it is possible that an ex boyfriend can find someone else who can easily beat the mark. Someone who moves on completely after a relationship and actively searches for greener grass will probably find that greener grass.
He still liked me but my boyfriend felt that he needed to feel what it was like not to be in a relationship since he had never really experienced it. He has expressed several times during out time together that he need to try to be alone before he can be with me ‘forever’. So my problem is that I don’t know if he will be ready to get back together after just a month. We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her.
But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned.
If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. They help us conduct business, stay in touch with loved ones and take pictures of our food and genitals. I do this because I think it is helpful for people skimming to understand how my pages are going to flow. Each of these sections is meant to really take an in-depth look at everything that is going through an exes mind (assuming he thinks you cheated on him when you really didn’t) and teach you the things you need to do to raise your chances of getting him back.
Remember, we are operating under the assumption that your ex thinks you cheated on him so understanding his willingness to forgive will give you insight to how angry he is with you and how hard it will be to convince him that you didn’t actually cheat on him. So, if your ex thinks that you cheated on him by sleeping with someone else you are going to have your work cut out for you in convincing him otherwise. Eventually the flirting leads to heavier topics like sex, telling each other that you miss one another, sending naked pictures back and forth.

However, there are certain factors that come into play that can make him more afraid of it.
For example, maybe he cracks your Facebook password one day and decides to take a stroll through your Facebook messages and finds some flirty messages between you and a friend (a guy friend) and makes some very wrong assumptions about the two of you. Now, lets back up to the courtship phase of your relationship where both of you were feeling each other out to see if you wanted to be in a relationship with one another. In this case I would say you should send your ex boyfriend screenshots of any communication between you and the guy friend on the phone or on Facebook to prove without a doubt that you are innocent and did NOT cheat on your ex boyfriend. The thing is my ex and I work in the same building, but I really haven’t talked to him and have barely seen him at work since I started dating my current bf (5 months ago). We have our spot spats every now and then but are completely inseparable and can’t keep our hands off of each other. Karanastasis's takes you by the hand and shows you, step by step, the fastest and most effective way to get back together after an unwanted breakup.Learn why his ground-breaking techniques have helped tens of thousands of people get back with boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Now, as I stated above, a lot of women have been wanting this guide for a very long time and I have been putting it off because I didn’t feel I had a good understanding of what the GIGS was.
So, lets take a moment and look at what your ex boyfriend may be experiencing assuming he got a bout of the GIGS.
The truth is that he didn’t, he just thought he could do better even though things were great.
So, the way this basically works is that a guy can’t ever find happiness in a relationship. Unbeknownst to him just the way he is, always thinking he can do better, prevents him from ever sustaining a long term relationship with anyone. Of course, the other fly in the ointment for him is the fact that the grass may be a little greener at first but it almost always never stays the same. Well, for those of you new to the game the honeymoon period is this period of the time at the beginning of a relationship where you have this constant emotional high and your significant other can do no wrong. When you are driving around in the car and listening to the radio what do you do when you hear an amazing song for the first time? It just means that your ex boyfriends initial view of the relationship he is currently in may go down a little bit. In other words, I am going to give you an example of a case where the grass was not greener on the other site.
Sure, there were fights here and there but generally speaking everything was great most of the time. You see, his parents kept urging him to marry the girl and as time went on he kept finding excuses not to man up and propose.
Eventually she works up the courage to email me (back when I was answering 100% of them and not getting overwhelmed.) She told me her story and I point out that she was a very good girlfriend to this guy and eventually he is going to realize his mistake. At the beginning of the relationship with the honeymoon phase everything seemed to be pretty great. So, rather than getting right back on the horse and potentially dating a rebound girl he took his time. Who is willing to take every day to look inwards to find out what they really want out of a relationship. Eventually he got so could at vetting women that the girl that was strong enough to make the cut was predestined to be his wife. Is a grass greener syndrome when he starts dating a girl with different beliefs as the ones he has? He also said that he hadn’t really missed me the last 1-2 weeks and that he wish he didn’t feel like this. He cried a bit and he said that he felt so weird and would miss me and think of me and he started talking about the first time we kissed.
He did break up with me because he needed to be alone and I think that he needs to try this to become more mature and appreciate the relationship. I am an avid fan of exboyfriendrecovery and I’ve been reading most of your topics that is related with my situation. My boyfriend just broke up with me after three years, living together for two of those years.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. Today, I really really really almost desperately needed some papers signed and I knew he could get them signed faster because of his position there. I had slept with this coworker once, before my ex and I were together, and I had told him about it.
Everything was seriously going great, yes we had a fights and arguments here and there but who doesn’t, right?
And his family started putting stuff into his head, telling him I cheated when I never did. In my opinion, there are really three outcomes that can occur when it comes to your ex boyfriend. Well, when he finally does get in a relationship with someone else he may found out that she is a 6 out of 10 as well. This is a bit of an issue because after you listen to a song that much it kind of loses its appeal after a while. Sure, some honeymoon periods last longer than others but the end result always seems to be the same, it ends. By the time Brad had crawled back to her she had already found someone else and was happy in her relationship with him. But perhaps most impressive of all is the ability to have the strength to say no to women that couldn’t make the cut. My 3 year ex boyfriend broke up with me two months ago because we were fighting a lot and said we were different people (actually we are not). I mean, we fought a lot, but he was my everything and I was always with him, supporting him. I mean like becoming the ungettable girl and show him how better things can be, because yes, a lot had to be improved. When she’s completely different from me and when she cannot give him a serious relationship as the one we had? Like a super fun drug, your smartphone is highly addictive and can easily turn you into a glassy-eyed zombie, constantly checking Instagram to see if anyone liked that picture of your omelette. So I wrote to him asking if he could do me that favour, and left the conversation on my phone. Anyway, towards the last month of our relationship, I started going through his phone, which I never had done before.
A month and a half later he started dating causally this girl he was flirty with when we were dating. I wish you will be replied from someone so at least I can read as well ?? How did your story end up? The daily chores of dishes, laundry, shopping crept up and he pretty much hated having to be an adult. So, here are some telltale signs that it’s time to put down your phone and re-engage with the real world for a bit. That same night I went out to dinner with my bf, but I didn’t want to tell him that in a restaurant so I decided to wait until the next day to tell him. After 30 days of NC he had contacted me wanting the truth, and after I told him he called me a liar, and that he could never forgive me. Anyway my question about GIGS is, do you think guys can realise the grass isn’t greener as soon as experiencing first dates with others? So, at one moment I went to the bathroom and he grabbed my phone and checked my conversations, of course finding that one. He comes across a text that I sent to my friend basically saying that I was meeting a guy for a date.
Called me a whore and a prostitute, told me he wanted to smash my face and spit at me, that I was worthless, that I deserved to die, among other things. The next few times I saw his facebook messages I saw about 2 or 3 messages he hasn’t to girls. During our 1st year we live together but after our anniversary which was during summer I had to move out because he will go back to school and study college again.
When he completely doesn’t want u and ignores u and dont need any committed relation.
We began bickering so much that that we just drifted further and further apart but didn’t want to break up. When he left me at my place, he pushed me out of his car and threw my phone out of the window, called me a whore and left.
It was nothing to fight over but it still bothered me realise he had sent THEM messages, that means he put in the effort.
February of this year he announced that he wanted to move home and live seperately from me. But what really set me off was the last message I read the last time I checked his phone, it was to his ex. He showed me his love only for 1st 3 months and then it was all fights and arguments which now had turned into a complete break up. Later that night he called me crying to tell me he would never forgive me or believe me ever again, that he loved me but we were over for good because I was a liar.
I don’t know hat he said since he deleted the message he sent to her but I did read hers.
Because of that he became distant from day to day and I became too needy because he’s not texting me anymore unlike before.
It baffles me, we always had a great relationship, this reaction makes me think of when I just met my current bf, I was also talking to my ex at the same time, when it wasn’t official with none of them, but he knew that.
I brought it up to him right away and he just told me to brush it off, because “These feelings come and go once in a while.
Because we were both working so hard, we barely had time for each other and we lost our spark. Then we moved and he asked for a two week break, then after the break he was ignoring me which made me feel needy and desperate which drove him away. So I let him go, after a week I learned that he’s dating someone else from his school. After I learned about that, that’s when I discovered your site and started doing the no contact. This is when I realised we were in a really bad place and I make a huge effort to get us back on track. When he learned that I’m dating another guy, he came back to me immediately and I forgave him and accepted him back. We really talked about it and he was starting to make more of an effort with me, he stopped texting her as much.
He was worried that his willingness to strike up an inappropriate relationship with someone he barely knew meant to him that he didn’t want to be in one.
Last week he broke up with me because he said that I was too needy and he wants to be free.
He even never asked sorry everytime he denies me with the girls that he’s flirting with.

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