To eventually get him back, you'll need to work your way back into your ex boyfriend's world again. Simply put, you can't "call just to say hi" or think up lame reasons that give you an excuse to contact your ex for something.
If you're having trouble breaking contact with your ex, or if he's still trying to keep the lines of communication open, this is your best opening move.
Once accomplished, your detachment needs to be something you're willing to stick to - at least for a while. Examining the above mindset, you can see why trying to get in touch too soon can really damage the chances of ever dating your ex again. That said, there is a certain time period beyond which it's okay for you to reach out and initiate contact.
First, you should now be enough of a mystery that your ex boyfriend is extremely curious about you. Third, contacting your ex boyfriend after all this time will be met with a lot more acceptance (and less suspicion) than if you'd tried to communicate within only days after breaking up.

Okay, let's move on to the important stuff: how do you go about making first contact with your ex boyfriend? Of all the ways you can get back in touch with your ex boyfriend, this one's at the bottom of the barrel. What you're saying here is that either your ex is too unimportant for a real live phone call, or that you're too cowardly to make such contact.
Although not very personable, email is a more acceptable method of getting back in touch with your ex boyfriend.
Using email, you can more accurately figure out exactly what it is that you're going to say.
What you say to your boyfriend on the phone is important, and you need to be extremely careful with how you proceed. You also want to drop the one secret trick that will make your ex unable to get you out of his mind. No matter what stage of the getting your ex back process you might be in, eventually you'll need to meet them face to face.

Hopefully, you've spend your no-contact period working on yourself, both mentally and physically.
If you ran into each other accidentally, excuse yourself with an apology that you've got someplace you need to be.
Chances are good he won't want to let you go so quickly, and if this is the case you can always extend an offer to call you when he gets the chance, so the two of you can 'catch up'. If you had the opportunity to take control of your break up, you need to do so as quickly as possible.
And when your ex boyfriend finally calls you, you'll need to know exactly how to handle that initial contact.

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