Most breakups don't take root immediately; this is why so many couples often split up and then get back together. This is why at times it seems as if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you, or at least still has strong feelings. It's not uncommon to have residual feelings for someone; even for someone you yourself dumped.
When you want your ex boyfriend back, it can be hard to differentiate between him actually being interested in you and just plain old wishful thinking. Be sure to take our Does My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back Quiz to get a good, solid, impartial idea of where you are. Any time your ex starts backsliding into old habits like contacting or communicating with you again, it's because he's thinking about you. If your ex calls to tell you something good that happened to him, it's because he still feels emotionally bonded to you. Make sure you give your ex the same encouragement you would have given him had you still been going out together. Most guys have a hard enough time remembering their current girlfriend's birthday, or their anniversary. If that's not necessarily the case however, your ex could be warming up to you as a prelude to getting back together. To make a long story short, any time your ex's attitude toward you radically changes, it's because something changed in his life to make him reconsider you again.
Sometimes your efforts at getting your boyfriend back fall flat, and you need a little push in the right direction.
The Ex Factor Guide is a relationship resource specifically designed for women going through an unwanted breakup. Using psychological tricks and triggers, you'll find out exactly what to do (and when to do it). When you're done with that, read up on some of the many success stories and glowing testimonials from women who've used Ex Factor to regain control of their once-broken relationships.

Also read up on some quick adjustments you can make that will change your ex boyfriend's current opinion of you, no matter what may have happened to break the two of you up. Lovesick Rasheen Harrison chose to forgo the love letter and chocolate route and instead took the road less travelled (the smelly one at that). After catching her long distance boyfriend cheating (turns out he actually lived with his long-time girlfriend), Kelly Summers created a Youtube channel and documented her grief for the world to see. Four months into nerd Alex’s relationship with bombshell Cathy, the love of his life ran into his arms, tears streaming down her face.
Although these two have never dated, this story deserves to be on this list, for obvious reasons. Don’t check out your boss on LinkedIn, as this website tells you who has been viewing your profile.
Be careful with all private Facebook activities, if you send a dirty picture, check check CHECK it’s being sent as a message and not being posted on their wall. Here’s a list of people who should have listened when MeatLoaf professed “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” and instead, took Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’ to ridiculous (and decidedly felonious) levels. After being dumped by the love of his life, 20-year-old Jordan Cardella convinced his best friend to take up arms and shoot him three times so his ex would feel sorry for him and take him back.
Harrison thought the best way to get his ex girlfriend’s attention would be to smear her door with fecal matter. We’re talking crying sessions complete with runny nose and smudged mascara, as well as reflective diary sessions. A 28 year old woman left law enforcement officers dumbfounded by the sheer magnitude of her stalking prowess (or lack thereof).
Remember when singer Chris Brown came home from a wildly successful tour to find a strange, naked woman in his house? It is completely stalker unfriendly and clearly hasn’t grasped the true concept of social media. The last thing you want is a message from your girlfriend’s mum snootily enquiring as to why you thought taking taking a photo of your erect penis was appropriate.

It doesn’t matter if the relationship was long or short, there is always sadness when it ends. After firing a single shot, the marksman came to his senses and promptly drove Cardella to the hospital.
After failing to move her with his bold declaration of love (surely she has a heart of stone), he set himself on fire.
After the channel went viral, her ex waltzed back into her life, citing how seeing her raw grief on the web helped him realize she was the one.
Linda Murphy, the woman scorned, called her ex boyfriend 77 639 times, sent him 1937 emails, 41 229 text messages, 217 sung messages and 647 letters, all in one week. If this happens resist the urge to respond explaining that the other options would very much involve her daughter. Instead of getting a visit from the love of his life while hooked up to a drip, Cardella got a visit from the cops.
A month later however, she turned out to not be the one, because he got back together with his live-in girlfriend.
Usually, when someone feels that way they tend to send signals to the other partner, in hope they will get the clue. A week after the operation, Cathy professed her undying love and devotion to Alex, but just two months later, quickly forgot her vows. If not, don’t leave them hanging, try to be polite and express firmly that you are not interested. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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