When you know you’re destined to work in the beauty industry, traditional high school courses can seem boring and pointless. So, if you want to go to cosmetology school, but you dropped out of high school as a teenager, you have no choice but to obtain your GED. Test results are posted to on a secure Internet site that only the testing centers have access to. For more information on local testing centers, frequently asked questions, and sample GED tests, please see the California Department of Education’s website.
Success Academy is a beauty school with five locations in the Inland Empire of California that offers hands-on training in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. If you love the Beauty Buzz, perhaps a career in cosmetology or esthetics would be a good fit for you! Nice Car!, Is This Like A “Friend With Weed” Situation For Cats And Babies?, No Idea What She’s Promoting, But I’ll Take Two, Oldest Man in Australia Knits Sweaters For Penguins , True Love Is A Numbers Game, Santaur Is Metal Year Round, Time For A Little Yoga, Looking Forward To Seeing #16, You Can Tell What Year He Attached A Scarf By The Rings Of Dirt, Teddy Bear Execution Art Project Or Garage Sale?, This Is A Commentary On Our Sedentary Lifestyle And Terrifying, Butt Selfies Are Not Selfish, Subway Barber Had A Good Night: Bad Night For Janitor , Ever Been Jealous Of An Exorcise Ball?, My Back Up Key Is To “Here’s Johnny” My Way Into My Room, This Sport Was Way Popular For Some Reason, Which Side Would You Eat?, Walmart Sled Race 2015, Even The Robots Get Distracted And Look At Their Phones, These Penguins Don’t Need Sweaters, Why Is He Crying?, He’s Mad These Balloons Did Not Make Him Fly Away, Vlad Is Not Going To Be Happy About This!, Which One?, A Little Show For The Troops, “Kevin” Is Talking About Where His Career Went, Never A Bad Time To Go Back To School And Get Your GED, New Lady Terminator?, This Is When Cat Planned His Revenge, No Room For Ketchup?, He Is Like One And A Half Of Her!, Aw That’s Sweet, These Friends Appreciate The Eiffel Tower, This Is Where The Gallery Was Uploaded From Tonight , One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other, A True Valentine , Hope Everyone Had As Good A Valentine’s Day As This Guy, Real Of Fake?, Hotel Pool In Singapore , Yay or Nay?, Whooops. We’re excited to offer you the 2014 GEDA® program and a fighting chance at a good job with good wages.
The Department of Adult and Community Education of the School District of Collier County is the official GED testing center for Collier County.
The 2014 GEDA® test has been updated to make sure it measures what graduating high school seniors know and what colleges and employers will expect of you. Click here to find out how to request a diploma or transcript and see information to other frequently asked questions. Graduation is scheduled for June 2nd, 2016 at 6 pm in the Gulf Coast High School Auditorium. If you need to get your GED, you probably have some questions about where you should start. One of the misconceptions about not having a traditional college degree is limited opportunities to learn something new. Sometimes self-help books get a bad rap because people think Oh, I there must be something wrong with me if I need help.
If you’ve been in the workforce for some time, you’ve probably heard this phrase get tossed around. Adult Basic Education (ABE) Programs offer free classes to help Minnesota residents prepare for the GED tests. However, new changes now require incoming cosmetology school students to have their high school diploma or GED in order to receive Financial Aid.
The good news is once you pass the exam, you’ll be able to apply for Financial Aid and begin cosmetology school!
Your testing center may also have a free website or program available to help you prepare, so ask them about it when you call to register.

To pass the test in California, you must receive a standard score of at least 410 on each of the tests and receive an average standard score of 450 or higher overall. People who pass will receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate and an Official Report of Test Results in the mail about six to eight weeks after their testing date. In order to become a student at Salon Success Academy, you must be at least 16 years old and have your high school diploma or GED.
To find out more about your career options, complete the form to receive a FREE Beauty Industry Career Guide. Also, available at Immokalee Technical Center (iTECH), located at 508 North 9th Street a€? Immokalee, FL 34142 a€? Local: 239-658-7080. You can learn a skill that may lead to bigger and better things without having a formal education or training. You can also choose a new career path to pursue by making new goals and following through with them. If your office doesn’t have professional development programs, you should encourage your company to start them. It consists of five subject tests – Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Testing centers usually offer the test several times each month and will charge about $150 on average to take the test. To learn more about training for a new beauty career with Salon Success Academy, please fill out the form or call 877-987-4247.
It is the equivalent to a high school diploma, which requires you to graduate all 12 grades to receive. If you don’t have time to go back to school, professional development is a great way to increase your skill set.
You’ll have to be very self-directed, but you can go at your own pace, and you don’t have to pay as much money for the courses. You can take the GED test at your local community center, community college, or technical school. The convenience of staying at home to learn a skill has become a reason so many adults choose online learning. Computer Training Today’s world continues to change and advance in order to meet the needs of the businesses.
You can choose classes that fit your goals, rather than take courses that do not interest you. You can get your GED by being ready and knowledgeable in: Mathematics Language Arts Social Studies Science The most effective way to prepare for the General Educational Development Test is to take a preparation program at your local community center or college. Companies are developing new programs every day that require the use of the Internet, email, online faxes, and online documents.

You can update your current skills by taking online classes or courses in computer programming and communication.
You may need to take a special test that determines your current grade or skill level in each academic discipline. The determination test lets the program director know if you should take the study program or go ahead and sit for your GED. Some online classes offer refresher courses that bring you up-to-date on your writing and communication skills. Setting personal goals for improvement may be a good way to reach new heights in your current career field. If your determination tests show that you are below the 9th grade level, you will need to take a study program to catch up. Although you are already a valuable asset, you can increase your skills to become even more valuable to your boss and clients.
The certificate can be shown to perspective employers, who may be impressed that you took time to learn something new. Personal Achievements Older clients who re-enter school may want to achieve a few personal goals as well as professional ones. Apprenticeships An apprenticeship is excellent way to become a skilled tradesperson without receiving formal training. Have your license or state identification ready to document your name, current address, and state residence. You learn a new skill set by training with a journeyman or woman who has numerous years perfecting his or her craft. There are online classes designed to teach you a new job skill without attending class full time.
Not only do you learn something new, you also improve your personal and professional goals. You learn how to develop your communication and interpersonal skills that are essential to your personal success in and out of the workplace.
Most apprenticeships, such as carpenters, electricians, and general contractors, take several years to obtain the necessary skills.
You may need to show two forms of identification card, such as a license and Social Security card, to enter the testing site.
You qualify for state and community grants and scholarships, which reduces the burden of paying for school.

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