Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from wogelife and more videos in the GED category. Tip: GED testing centers will provide special accommodations if you have a documented learning disability. I was forced to … I was forced to drop out of highschool because I had to make income or be homeless. Wow reading all … Wow reading all these posts motivate me to persevere even more to get my GED. School is where i … School is where i learned how to read,write,multiply,divide,add,subtract, and school is where i met most of my friends. If you didn’t get a chance to finish high school, you have probably found out how hard it can get to secure a decent job.
Like mentioned above, without a high school diploma, your chances of getting a better paying job are close to nil.
National statistics further indicate that the average income for a person with a high school diploma or a GED is at least $10,000 more than an individual who never finished high school or without a GED.
Many colleges, universities and training facilities require all applicants to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. There is always a huge difference between an illiterate person, a semi-illiterate person and an illiterate person.
CitiWide Pre-Vocational Center (CVC) has partnered with GED Academy to harnesses the power of GED’s online teaching program and bring you the personalized learning experience you missed in high school. The GED Academy is a new kind of school, a GED® online school where everything is possible. The road to get a GED diploma seems too hard for many of people, but it does not have to be that way. By creating a personalized learning program that adapts to you, the GED Academy helps you study and prepare for the GED test faster.
The current version of Learning Express Library will no longer be available after June 30, 2014. All new and returning students MUST attend an in-person orientation prior to enrolling in a Dallas Public Library High School Equivalency Class.

Thanks to a generous grant from Atmos Energy, the Dallas Public Library is now an official GED Testing Center™. Adults who are interested in testing are encouraged to enroll in a Dallas Public Library GED preparation class in-person or online or enroll in a GED preparation course through one of our many partners. Currently or previously enrolled in a Dallas Public Library GED preparation class OR currently or previously enrolled in a community partner’s GED preparation class. GED Ready in the subject or subjects you wish to test in based on practice test results and instructor verification. Upon review and approval of your Dallas Public Library GED Test Scholarship Application, students will be notified and provided a test voucher number.
REACH, South County Fire and April Leiferman put together event for After School Program at Fire Station with helicopter. I didn’t like my school cause all the teachers only cared about the upper class preps so I felt left out and and Im not going to take that. But other than that it is pointless i never learned after the 6th grade its was just pointless. According to statistics on national unemployment, the majority of those who are currently unemployed are those who didn’t finish high school. This means that getting your GED can boost your chances of having that salary increase that you have been hoping for.
Without the two, then it can be very difficult for you to attend a higher quality college or university.
Without a high school diploma, you will always be among the few who either found high school too boring, or had issues that didn’t allow them to complete. To make it easy, we put everything you need online: practice tests, teaching lessons, books and even your own private tutor.
We identify the skills that you really need and feed you lessons that will best help you in an easy-to-follow plan. Its totally sad that I’ve seen mexicans and blacks who just got repeated at grade 9,10,11, and 12 as well. Im going to try to pass my ged without studying , and if i fail ill study and attack it again.

There is a program known as General Education Development (GED) that is meant to put you on the same level as those who hold a high school diploma. With a GED, this can change and it can become easier for you to choose your dream career with ease.
Being without a high school diploma isn’t something that you will ever be proud of, and you will always feel belittled by employers whenever they turn down your application. A GED will separate you from those who aren’t learned, and put you in par with those who are considered to be knowledgeable.
No matter how long it’s been since you were in school, the GED Academy online programs make learning fast and simple. You can study as little as one hour a week, and still be ready for your GED exam in less time than you think.
Erik Jonsson Central Library” on the list of locations and schedule yourself to take one or all of the GED subject tests. I was heart broken until I realized that I can be just a success with my GED and a few college courses! Besides being easy to secure a decent job, a GED makes it less likely for you to loose your job that is if you already have one.
A GED will definitely boost your self esteem and will allow you to apply for jobs with greater confidence.
We have designed our program so that studying just one hour a week, you can get your GED in around 3 to 4 months. Scholarships for testing fees are available to all GED ready students attending a library GED class or a GED class from one of our community partners.

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