I recently performed a hard reset on my LG Nexus 4, and something strange happened: after everything restarted and I set my phone up, the microphone icon was gone on my Google Keyboard!
I’m not sure why it took my so long to figure this out, but it’s really easy to get back if it goes missing for any reason. If you’re not running an AOSP ROM, or you’ve got a skinned device like the HTC EVO 4G LTE or the HTC One, you can still download Google Keyboard from the Play Store and access its settings from the app drawer. Of course the voice input key needs to be checked but also it is possible to show two sets of key on the keyboard. I followed the above instructions above and was imimmediately successful in restoring the microphone icon on the keyboard. I found settings which controls is microphone shown BKT it does not hell because whole voice to text feature isnmissing from keyboards. My previous post seems to have errors because I am writing with tablet which tries to be cleverer than me. Thank you masterblaster451… Reading your comment reminded me that I had disabled my Google search…. I did discover after changing to the Swype keyboard, that the battery runs down much quicker. I too had my samsung Mega restarted at a ATT store and lost my mic on my talk to text and when I called them they said they are doing away with it . Pull the tab all the way on the top of the phone while the keyboard is on and click on select keyboard, then click on google voice typing. John I spent two hours at the best buy store to get help in getting my google voice microphone back two guys could not do it. On the Gs5 Go to settings General system language and input voice input then you need to select basic Google recognition”, then “re-select Enhanced Google Service”.
For those Android users lucky enough to own a new KitKat-running device, all you have to do is press and hold the enter or search key to get at its new built-in emoji keyboard.
Download the Android 4.4 keyboard APK either directly on your device, or on your computer, then transfer it later. The hash key or (also known as the number sign or the sharp or pound sign) is a common symbol, yet a number of international Mac keyboards omit this key. Simply pressing alt and 3 at the same time will insert a # hash symbol into your text in any application. If you want to test this, go to the Notes app and you’ll instantly see the difference, as the keyboard is now uppercase letters again, just like it was in all prior releases of iOS.
Whether or not you like the uppercase keyboard or the lowercase keyboard may depend on a variety of things, but for many users the uppercase keyboard is just easier to read and see, particularly if you use the bold text feature in iOS to further enhance the legibility of onscreen fonts and text.
Of course if you decide you prefer the lowercase keyboard, you can always disable the uppercase keyboard again by going back into iOS settings and turning the lowercase keys back into the on position. By the way, while you’re adjusting keyboard settings, many users like to either enable or disable the keyboard click sound effects in iOS to suit their preferences too. WHY, why, why can’t Apple finally put the most common punctuation characters on the keyboard screen?
The release notes may very likely say something along the lines of, ‘Fixes an issue with wireless packet……………’. No you may not have a problem but remember, how many fixes there were with iOS8 and each previous OS.

Blackberry has this cool feature in their keyboard (even virtual ones) if you hold a letter for +2 seconds, it turns into a CAP. Also when you hold the shift + backspace keys at the same time, it erases the characters in front of the curser. Chances are, it’s pretty dirty, with dust, crumbs, and unidentified icky objects stuck between the keys. I use this all the time to compose quick text messages on the go, or dictate other short snippets of text. While this may seem like a simple solution to a minor problem, it took me way to long to figure out – so hopefully I’ll save at least one of you a few minutes. His articles generally focus on all things Google, including Chrome and Android, although his love of new gadgets and technology doesn't stop there. If everything else is okay just try swiping your finger over the three right hand keys on the screen ie from the letter L down. Plus, I have my long-press set to something like 400ms, so it’s really more of a short-press anyway, haha. I went through many erroneous tips and self attempted fixes before I came across your “duh” tip. There is only keyboard and Skandinavian keyboard tuhat i installed because Paranoid Android AOSP keyboard has only English dictionary. And in the language and input menu I have my Samsung keyboard and my Google keyboard but do not have an option to even click voice typing!
Had a friend mess with my phone to install some apps I needed and not sure how the mic was replaced by the gear. Tried everything above but no luck.Samsung Service staff got it back 3 times but it disappeared after 2 or 3 hours. So what I do now, is change to Swype only when I need to dictate or want the convenience of the taller keys. But after reading this thread, I checked to make sure I had Google Search, and sure enough, it was disabled. I have a samsung note and was so upset last couple days couldnt text talk and i use it all the time.
It wasn’t until I got the new LG that I realized how dependent I’ve become on the microphone icon for text and notes. It then says attention and says this function will be turned on, and the mic will re-appear on the keyboards!!! It then says attention and says this function will be turned on, and the mic will re-appear on the keyboards!!!! This shortcut will work with all versions of Mac OS X whether you have a Macbook, Air or an iMac. For instance in the UK a A? pound sterling sign is there, in other European countries a a‚¬ Euro sign has been substituted. In engineering circles, the pound sign followed by 'per square inch' is used to describe pounds per square inch.
Patently Apple 612What will Tim Cooka€™s a€?cana€™t live withouta€™ new feature for iPhone 7 be?
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How annoying to have to change screens for a comma, question mark, semi-colon, or an exclamation point.
So no need to shift to the CAPS menu at all, especially handy when typing those highly secure alpha numeric passwords.
I have never before encountered a lower case keyboard and every time it changed I was completely disoriented me. Then, make sure your computer is turned off (or your keyboard’s disconnected) and scrub away.
You will notice little dust bits from the eraser, use the Air Duster to blow it away to avoid the dust from getting into the keyboard. It’s more convenient than changing my input method to voice typing, as it only requires a single button tap; additionally, when I’m done speaking, the keyboard pops right back up so I can quickly and easily correct any errors. Here you can select whether you want the microphone on the main keyboard or the symbols keyboard. His current arsenal includes the Nexus 6 by Motorola, the 2013 Nexus 7 by ASUS, the Nexus 9 by HTC, the LG G Watch, and the Chromebook Pixel, among others.
However, it should work for something like a text message as long as this option is checked. I was considering a downgrade when I decided to try and activate the Swipe keyboard in settings. Scroll down again to the Keyboards & Input Methods heading for a list of all the keyboards installed on your Android device, with active keyboard checked on the left. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Read on for the simple instructions for using and locating the hash key on an Apple keyboard.
Anyway with the help here things are back to normal and an added bonus is that the CAPS LOCK function works again. Check out these tips from The Mama’s Girl on how to get your keyboard back to factory-fresh clean without dangerous soap and water. When I click that I get the settings for keyboard and “voice typing key” is check, I unchecked it and closed it out. I downloaded the app as You instructed and what do you know within about 1 min I had the mic back . You want to reply back with a semi-nonsensical emoji message of your own but… how the heck do you get the emoji keyboard on your mobile device in the first place? When you go to type out a message, email, or social media status update, now a grid-laden globe icon is in the lower left of your iOS keyboard.
You can tap it to access a vast trove of emoji, everything from Christmas trees, to baby chicks, to winking smileys.

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