The results of your exam are automatically submitted to the statea€™s database and youa€™re mailed a certificate to take with you when you get your license. In order to receive credit for a section you must finish the entire section before logging off. Take your completion certificate from your Florida Learners Permit online course and exam to your local DMV office, pay them your $20 new license fee, smile for your photo and pick up your license. The course is written specifically for Florida teens and allows you to work at your own pace. Don't get stuck with a dull course that has no video and will bore you to tears with page after page of statistics.

All new Florida drivers (even adults) are required to take this course if they have never been licensed in a U.S. At Florida's First Traffic School, we believe that many students are visual learners, meaning they learn more quickly and retain information longer by watching videos than simply by reading text on a screen. Our commitment to providing the best possible drug and alcohol course curriculum at the lowest price is what distinguishes us from other companies that offer Florida first time driver courses. Our brand name for the drug and alcohol course is Student Training Alcohol Related Topics, or START.
The drug and alcohol course is not the same as a Florida traffic school course and therefore cannot be used to remove points from a Florida traffic ticket.

We also believe that learning is enhanced when the student can clearly understand the course topics, so we have written our course in simple language that does not bog the reader down with statistics. Some drivers who have been licensed in a foreign country might be exempt from this requirement.

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