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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. It seems that it won't be long before you'll find facial recognition technology when you apply for a driver's license. License applicants won't notice a drastic difference in the process, but they'll notice they are asked not to smile while the photo is being taken. Although it's stated that the "system is designed to prevent people who have had their license taken away from applying for a second one," stopping "license cheats" is only the skin-deep argument. If it sounds like things are getting all Minority Report in the land Down Under, well, that's nothing compared to what could potentially happen in the U.S.
In fact, four states already implement the "no smiling" rule, including Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia. Between the security measures states are adding, the trials of Enhanced Driver's Licenses (EDLs), the federal government's Real ID program, and corporations actively planning for higher security, a mere RFID chip is going to look like the 19th century when you could just write an "X" to sign your name.
Wisconsin started comparing digital driver's license photos to those in its database back in 2005.
On the national level, the Department of Homeland Security's Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) is encouraging institution and study of Enhanced Driver's Licenses that will allow border crossings in North America.
But the grandaddy is the Real ID, another Homeland Security program, which has been delayed a few times as individuals, states, and even Congressional representatives have fought it.
The Real ID, effectively a national identity card, will require issuers will go through background checks and all information will be centrally stored. The expected pockets of opposition to all of this come from various corners, from those worried about privacy to those worried about gun rights, terrorism, and even identity fraud.
Thankfully, there is an out: about a dozen states still allow you to get driver's licenses that don't even have photos on them.

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I live in northern Indiana and for the passed 3 years I've been told not to smile on my license, this is nothing new for me.
You are allowed to smile on your driver's license in Indiana, but you can't show teeth and your hair must be tucked behind your ears if possible. We'll see how much you like it when your home, computer, files, and other personal property are searched without warrants.
What makes you so sure it hasn't been done already, Dont be nieve look up NSA, EFF, Carnivore, NarusInsight, and ECHELON, If your computer can be reached across comercial, or public bandwith, it's fair game, and if it's connected , it can be reached. We have to get rid of that old image in our mind of some whiz kid behind a computer doing mischief being the cause of our problems. Maybe they'd like it better if everyone frowned and threw up their middle fingers YEAH that would be a hella kewl pic!!!!! So if authorities are going to start asking you not to smile when your photo is taken, does that mean the facial recognition software will be less likely to work if more people start walking around with smiles on their faces? Geez, imagine that, terrorists & criminals with smiles on their faces as they go about the dirty business of perpetrating crimes against the rest of us.
Maybe you will when you or your house gets searched without a search warrant courtesy of the patriot act. What they don't tell you is this technology is able to pick out a person from a half mile away out of a crowd of people. Please keep your comments relevant to the Why You Won't Smile For Your Future Driver's License article.
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. When Aussie drivers apply for licenses they'll have their pictures taken, and the new software will then measure three distances: the spaces between the eyes, nose, and mouth. Australia is using the calculations in comparison to the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) database, and if it appears that an applicant is trying to get a license under a different name the system will flag the authorities.

Just with the records currently stored by your driver's license, cell phone and wireless carrier, Internet Service Provider, credit card companies, Facebook, and even your Amazon Kindle, the authorities only need a few phone calls to build a good profile and history on you.
In 2008, New Mexico began comparing photos to its own database and to a national database called the Problem Driver Pointer System. More than an ID but less than a passport, it is currently available in some border states and only to U.S. Final nationwide implementation set for 2014 or 2017 depending on when you were born, and while there is no reason it couldn't get pushed back again, there is every reason to believe that its adoption is inevitable. I don't know what BMV the other poster from indiana has gone to where they say you are allowed to smile but not show teeth, but the ones in South Bend havn't let you smile for quite some time.
Now one is to smile when getting their lic renewed or they will be fined up to but not less then 500.00. Please note that access to this website is not included with the purchase of this book; additional fees apply. According to creators of the facial recognition software, two photos of the same person can be mismatched if there is a strong expression in one versus the other. Last year Virginia began taking photos at the beginning of the application process so it can figure out if you're who you say you are before any paperwork gets shuffled. It also began issuing licenses from one central location instead of passing them over-the-counter at regional DMV offices.
One world government, everyone will be required to have a chip injected under their skin for identification.
The EDL must contain an RFID chip, and some, like New York's EDL, have additional machine readable zones (MRZs) that contain license information.

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