Thanks for sharing good tips here as I am tried to control my obesity problem and I think these tips will help me to make good diet plan.
August 27, 2013 by Kristin 26 Comments Most often we start blogging because we feel called to it and the work of it is fun. Seek God first.  Pray and ask Him for renewed direction and ask Him if you need to take a break to rest.
Perhaps you could switch to micro blogging and share smaller parts of life with your readers by posting on Twitter or Facebook or just let your readers know that you need some time and will be back.  They are probably more gracious with you than you are with yourself.
Answer this question: Why did you start blogging?  This will often help you gain perspective and recharge you to keep at it. Do you have a tendency to compare where you are in your blogging journey to where another blogger is?  What one step can you take today to get back on the path that God has just for you?
Filed Under: Tips About KristinKristin Lemus is married to her best friend and "momma" to 7 kids. This is a great article, which comes at a perfect time for me, as I strive to keep blogging while writing my first e-book. I just mentioned to a few of my close blog friends yesterday that I’m starting to feel burned out with my blog, and might need a break.
This is the second time today I have seen something about not being perfect but being excellent. I think I also need to take a realistic look at my family’s current schedule and see if maybe I should cut back a little on blogging time during this very full season of life.
This is so practical and inspirational … thanks for putting your wisdom down for us all to be blessed from. Tangible insights on creativity and business—from products and marketing to professionalism and clients. Stories of triumph, failure, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a balanced family life. From typographic principles to professional practice, learn to make a living as a hand lettering artist. Join a like-minded group of smart people to get feedback, stay motivated, and keep yourself accountable. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I want you to know that it’s ok to take a break from podcasting. Since having Weight Loss Surgery, what are some of the small things that have gotten you OFF TRACK with eating, drinking plenty of water, exercise and vitamins- and how do you get BACK ON TRACK after weight loss surgery?
What is a BIG thing that has gotten you OFF TRACK and how did you get BACK ON TRACK after weight loss surgery?
But sometimes life gets busy and time becomes precious and blogging begins to feel like work.
Perhaps their life gives them the time and space for writing right now and yours doesn’t.

I love how you provide gentle ways to encourage bloggers to keep it up instead of throwing in the towel, as we all contemplate from time to time. It can be tough going especially when you’re not blogging about your own every day life. Learn how to launch and grow a successful podcast, and stand out from the crowd with exceptional audio quality and content.
John Yadegar & Palmdale Regional Medical Center have once again earned the 5-star designation for exceptional weight loss surgery outcomes as ranked by the leading healthcare rating organization in the United States.
If I have my weekly meals planned out then it is a whole lot easy to stick to the diet schedule. But if no meals are planned than I find that I eat out more and that’s when I get my diet off track.
Doing the best we can is all we can do ?? I love blogging, but I wish someone would invent the technology to get the words directly from our brain into WordPress without having to actually touch the computer.
It wasn’t completely unexpected, but it still hit me pretty hard, so I took a week off from podcasting.
She's been saved by grace, is madly in love with her Savior and wants everyone to know the amazing freedom He brings.
There’s so much in my head I want to put out there, I just can’t find the time to get it all done! I asked Sean McCabe to join me for this episode to talk about my loss and how I’m recovering and getting back to feeling normal again. When your plans go astray because of life’s little tricks, the best thing to do is to not beat yourself up. It can even make you come out the other side stronger, more inspired, and very much ready for to spring back into action. Maybe what I did after my Easter slump? Lifestyle Change: Lose Your Fitness Drive?What do we do when we lose our drive?
Recharging, getting new motivation and inspiration isn’t always given when we get side tracked. You reap the rewards of healthier eating, more exercise, rest and mindfulness.When the lifestyle change road becomes more about maintenance the side tracking tend to happen. The balance you find when you have reformatted yourself is equal to none other, and this energy becomes your beacon. It is no use to beat yourself up if you cannot keep to your precise exercise schedule, or find ‘your’ food every day. Maybe plans that come crashing down are meant to make you stop, reassess and realise why you are doing something in the first place? Over Easter I had the perfect plan going. It included a post for The GOODista about eggs, a dinner with Salmon trout and minted lemon peas, a gym session with my new playlist and long walks in the spring sunshine. BUT… The internet crashed so the post came to nothing, my frozen peas were depleted, the gym was closed, and the rain came down in torrential throws.

My egg post for The GOODista did not make sense after Easter Sunday, so I decided to look for inspiration for a new post. My mini goal for the day became all about getting back to how I started a new way of thinking, which led to life-altering changes.
I reopened treasured books about super food, healthy habits and alkaline cooking (find them under related and recommended below). I reorganised my Exercise DVD library, and put up a new wind chime that zen-fully spoke to my inner thoughts. If you cannot reach you goals by road, maybe you have to walk on a smaller path for a while?
Sometimes you also have to stop and admire the view, take in the landscape, and exchange ideas with people you meet on the way.
As I looked at the rain on Easter Sunday, I did a Pilates DVD and really enjoyed the flexibility that my rather gym aching muscles got from it. You decided that health was going to be your new mantra some time ago, and when things don’t go your way the former bad habits have a tendency to flirt with your inner devil. The temptation to dive into a big box of chocolate biscuits did simply not present itself during my Easter mini disaster.
It is absolutely OK to give yourself treats, skip an exercise session, and watch TV series all day. The peas became carrots in pistachio pesto, and the sunshine walk a quick dash in the rain for the dogs sake, combined with playtime under the portico.
The healthy choices are so many, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut also when it comes to our healthier habits. Thinking laterally will help us find other ways, and sometimes new ones — which become part of our catalogue of healthy living tricks.Forgive yourself. The ascetic side of me felt rather beaten up when the plans crashed around me, but then I decided to take a long bath, enjoy a facial and a much-needed pedicure. My me-time got me thinking how pampering and doing ‘nothing’ is really, really good for you too. Once you have given yourself a break, looked back and seen the way forward the road is open again. Just because you spill a drop of milk on the kitchen table, doesn’t mean that you continue to pour out the whole cartoon, right?! I planted seeds for my summer vegetables, re-potted plants, and took the dog for a long, long walk in the beautiful landscape.
As I looked back on my ‘desert island’ experience of no phone calls, or social media obligations, I felt invigorated – and oh!

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