Your mind buzzes and whirs and makes a lot of extra work, but you never really get anywhere.
When your head is spinning a million miles a minute, the worst thing you can do is try to force a rational decision to show itself. There are approximately 5 million things you could do at any given time to take your mind off whatever is bothering you. Since this is a common mistake, that definition was reiterated by countless teachers, friends, and family members.
That was, until about a year ago when I learned the actual meanings of introvert and extrovert. Some people do this in the morning before they do anything else…before they look at their phone, go to the bathroom, make the coffee, or even get out of bed. Whether you prefer to do it at night, at lunch, or some other time, if you can’t get out of your head, one of the best ways to get clarity is by writing down everything that is already there.
Once you’ve tried one or two (or all) of these suggestions you will start to feel less overwhelmed and little more like things make sense. I have found that just getting it all out of my head brings the clarity I’ve been seeking. After you’re done brainstorming, pick your best three solutions and then email or call a friend or mentor and ask if they see another alternative.
Don’t have someone you can count on for solid advice and direction?  You can find a coach for just about anything.
I coach women to get out of their own head so that they can create positive change in their lives and communities. If you need to get out of your own head and are ready to get on with getting on, I’d love to work with you.
And, because I know sometimes asking for help is the hardest step, I wanted to give you a little motivator.
After the call you will have renewed focus, energy, and a clear vision for what you need to do to get on with getting on so that you can move past the thing that is bothering you and start getting the things you want (even if you aren’t sure what that is). Get simple tricks to banish busyness and overwhelm and finally start living the life of your dreams. July 24, 2014 By Mike Cernovich 25 Comments How can you get outside of your own head and live in the present moment?
I give my answer (along with some state control exercises) in the latest Danger & Play Podcast. If you actually apply the exercises to your own life, you will be able to get out of your own head. Use all of your available senses  – see the ocean, smell the ocean, taste the salt that is floating in the air, feel the sand on your skin, hear the waves crash. Why is it that when you’re at the ocean and you’re on the sand and you hear the waves crashing in and it’s very mellowing? The problem that we all have is that we only live in our own minds and we only know and understand our own consciousness. There’s an experiment in the philosophy of consciousness which goes “How do you know that anyone else has consciousness?” I know I have consciousness because I can perceive my consciousness or I can kind of see my consciousness but that becomes sort of recursive doesn’t it? A philosopher of language who talked about conscious, Wittgenstein, he called it the beetle in the box metaphor. But when you go out in the ocean or you go into the mountains and you hear the thunderstorm and you just lay down there you can get out of your head because you’re completely humbled.
So an exercise that I do is, I live by the beach so I walk to the ocean when I feel like I’ve been in my head a little bit too much and I’m starting to go a little bit too crazy. If you kids have never grown up in the Midwest or in a cold climate, maybe you’ve never seen snow but, Google “snow angel,” and kind of how you get your body. And you just focus on that and listen to that and then eventually you’re going to get out of your head.
I remember the first time I saw the mountains; it made me believe in god because I said “Wow these mountains are beautiful,” and think I thought “Well everybody would think the mountains are beautiful right?” There’s something about us.
So let’s say I’m on the water and the waves are coming in and I’m smelling the salt and I hear the seagulls. And then all of a sudden your body and your physiology is going to change and you’re going to feel, maybe some sort of elation. I tend to personally feel more connected to other people and more connected to my work and the art that I do at Danger & Play. Some of the ideas that I have for posts are things that maybe I would have been afraid to talk about or pictures of my skin and that struggle I had and how horrific that was. That’s because we’re judging ourselves, so when you get into this big vast expansive situation with mountains, water, or you could even get a self-hypnosis DVD or white noise.
And another thing I do to get out of my head is I listen to certain house music, especially certain types of trance music. I’m not advocating drug use or anything like that but that’s what you’re doing: buy the ticket take the ride. And that’s another way you start to get out of your own head, is if you read Zen riddles or Zen paradoxes. And when you have that feeling inside of you, that feeling that you’re connected and that you’re perceiving not judging then get back inside your body. Either consciously or unconsciously to change my physiology and I’m changing my physiology to feel the same way I feel when I’m at the ocean. If you just read the words on the screen and you think “Ehh makes sense (or not),” it’s not going to make sense. Despite having some great accomplishments in my life… I had trouble finding that feeling of invincibility, and it upset me greatly.
I make electronic music and have been thinking on how to better connect with people with it as a DJ or otherwise.
Further thinking about it maybe music is stand-in for those mountains and beaches that it may be hard to get to sometimes. Nice, practical advice Mike – the seminal book on living in the moment (The Power of Now) could be improved by including this. Well said… i had the same experience when i slept under the stars in a sleeping bag at 2000m altitude above Chamonix in the french alps.

This is an interesting subject that I am not to familiar with, but I think you articulated it very well. Focus on the the first letter of each word of the lecturer everytime you doze away from lecture. This Q&A is part of a weekly series of posts highlighting common questions encountered by technophiles and answered by users at Stack Exchange, a free, community-powered network of 80+ Q&A sites. I've spent the last year as a one-man team developing a rich-client application (35,000+ LoC, for what it's worth). Unfortunately, I've spent so much time with this project that I'm having a hard time thinking outside of it—approaching it from a new perspective to see the flaws deeply buried or inherent in the design. How do I step outside my head and outside my code so I can get a fresh look and make it better? Rubber duck debugging: Sit down with a piece of code or a module or a feature and explain it, out loud.
Once you've identified areas to work on, then try to figure out what the problem actually is.
Obviously, it can be helpful to have someone else look at the code, but it's not always as helpful as you might think, because you are much more familiar with the kinds of problems the code causes than anyone else, and the reasons behind the design. At some point, you will discover that your code has become too brittle and that there is simply no way to make the changes that you need to do. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere. We admit we picked this photo out of a pile of abandoned photos at an antique shop because this woman’s earrings just spoke to us in a way that made us smile. Produced by Softbank, based in Japan, the robots will be manufactured by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, a company headquartered in Taiwan. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son said at a news conferecne “People describe others as being robots because they have no emotions, no heart. The robot market in Japan is estimated at $8.38 billion, and is forecast to triple by 2020.
You know the answers are there, but you just can’t wrap your head around what to do or how to do it. And the best way to learn how to be in the present moment is to practice being around big things.
Why is it that thunderstorms and big bold storms can be soothing and actually help you sleep sometimes?
You’re completely reminded of how small and insignificant you are and that there’s a huge world outside of yourself. And when you get with something so big and so much bigger than you, you’re able to just take it all in. And one reason why I’ve been able to open up more to you guys is because I’ve learned how to perceive and not judge. You know, people could take those pictures and make fun of me on the internet, mock me, and there’s a lot of mischief people could make with that. And then when I do that, really powerful trance music, like I’ve mentioned Above and Beyond and I’ve listed a few of my songs…really powerful music will take you over if you surrender to the process. But another way to get out of your head too is that experience isn’t always consistent with what we consider to be Western logic. If you try to apply a logical mind to it you just get stuck on your own head and you just don’t appreciate it. Granted, it won’t be quite as powerful as when you are there, but it’s still a very powerful feeling. A lot of people says it in their own way what is like to understand how really small you are in a place so huge and amazing. I kept sitting though, and eventually it came… ironically enough through a somewhat trivial but important experience that I had forgotten about. My mind is capable of conjuring memories or fantasies seemingly at random that have the emotional power to make me incredibly angry or even sad to the verge of tears. It really helps guys like me, and I think there are more of my type out there than most realize. Last Saturday I decided to shorten up my gym workout and take a long bike ride and get some alone time. To let it all flow but it’s not easy and it helps to address this all from different angles as well as actually put into practice. AdvertisingWhen attempting to make money online, people weigh the pros and cons of using affiliate marketing or selling advertisements. This also may be difficult but even taking a week's break can give you a fresh perspective. The techniques involved may give you insight how to approach the same problems you have differently.
I am not sure what level of skill you are at, but there are lots of alternatives in other answers on this site.
When you find yourself saying something that sounds wrong, foolish, or just plain not right, write it down as an issue to investigate. I've been known to complain about the "idiot" that changed something a week ago, only to find from source control it was me. For example, if the rule you broke is "prefer composition over inheritance," then change it to composition and see how it feels. We do things fast and then realize a couple of weeks after that it could have been done more efficiently.
As you find the bugs, you can also review the code and think about what might make the code more efficient.
Then think about how you could have made the system more flexible, either via APIs or test driven development. See more questions like this at Programmers, a Q&A site for conceptual programming questions at Stack Exchange.
Then in imagining what message she might have for us, we kept asking ourselves “what would happen if we all just stopped trying to be something and just allowed ourselves to be?” Would we wear bright colors and star shaped earrings?

Then you take the state control podcast and you learn how to change your state when you are around small things. Why is it that there’s a metaphor that philosopher’s use that talks about going to the mountains or going into the wilderness?
And then once you sort of reach that state where you feel like you’re not inside of your head…This is going to seem contradictory like so many things that I talk about but you have to go do it…if you just try to apply your Western logical mind to you’re just going to say, “Well this doesn’t make sense because he’s about to tell me to get inside my own head.” But when you do it, you realize that’s not what you’re doing.
Posting your pictures online you lose control of the message and people can do whatever they want to do and there are a lot of bad and mean-spirited people out there.
Actually the coffee shop I’m about to head to, has a no cell-phone policy and it’s practically a miniature Zen garden. But then when you learn to appreciate paradoxes for what they are suddenly you’re able to get out of your own head.
And then it was Sunrise and you could see this snow capped volcano far away from you on the other side. I was totally stuck in my own head on Wednesday — had a lot trouble getting things done. However, I know that my skills were rusty at the beginning of the project, so without a doubt there are major issues in the code.
Look at Martin Fowler's Refactoring, Herb Sutter's C++ Coding Standards, Robert Martin's Clean Code, etc. Most of the time, you'll realize that beyond fixing the bug itself, you won't be able to make a noticeable improvement, but sometimes, you'll realize that there's a better way to do something. In many cases, you'll discover that you can just start putting these APIs into the code, with out a huge amount of changes. Sure, you're a better programmer now than you were a year ago, but what you have must be working right now.
And I just lay on the beach next to the ocean far enough away that the waves aren’t going to crash on me and I do it at a time where I’m not going to get a horrific sunburn. And then what you do is (this goes back to the state control) once you get out of your head, you start to “pin” that feeling into your body. You might feel an overwhelming sense of love or an overwhelming sense of compassion or an overwhelming sense of surrender.
Don’t nitpick my arguments and say, “Well Mike said to get out of your head and go to the ocean and then he tells you to perceive the ocean and not judge it, but then right as you start to feel it and perceive it he tells you to start thinking about it and channeling this. Go somewhere where there’s something just so big and so overwhelming that you have to take in the sensory experiences and then you stop judging. A guy that I’m friends with 30 Days to X sort of talked about how he’s able to create an oxytocin overload in his body and I said “Yeah I’m able to do that too, we’ll do a podcast.” Man it’s hard to explain. You realize how small you are and you just pay attention to this awesome moment and go back to civilization.
5 years from now, when a junior programmer complains to you about the legacy code they have to try to fix, just smile and nod, and don't admit that you wrote it. Would we glue cotton balls to picture frames and color them with food coloring just to see what it looked like? I can watch you and observe you and see you doing things that seem consistent mind, but how do I know you’re not just zombies?
And I just lay back, stretch my arms out, and spread my feet apart (almost like you’d do a snow angel. That’s all you’re doing, is you’re starting to perceive it and you’re starting to become conscious aware of the waves crashing in.
What he told me to do seemed contradictory but it’s not.” Then you start to appreciate the value of paradoxes. I’m sure there’s a bunch of different products on the market, if you guys know of any great products let me know.
You might feel it in your erogenous zones, there’s no wrong answer because you’re still in perception mode. After I got about halfway around it I decided to stop, take a water break and sit under a tree by lake’s edge. Or how do I know you’re not characters in a video game and that I’m the only one who has consciousness and that everyone else is just an automaton? I think it helps to have ear protection on too because it dulls one of your senses and you feel like you are in your own little world. At this stage, you don't have to know why the code is troublesome, just that it's troublesome.
And then you kind of see the sky and you see the colors in the sky start to change because we’re approaching sunset and you see the blues and the purples and the yellows. You hear your breathing, you hear your heart beat ever so slightly and then you ready yourself. But there is something universal in all of us that make us see things as majestic, bold, and sublime.
And then suddenly, once you’ve been able to pin these feelings to a certain experience, then you’re able to reverse engineer it.
You position yourself and make yourself aware of your sight picture, tune in your breathing, muscle control, trigger squeeze etc.
The waves gently lap against the rocks in a rather rhythmic fashion, not like sea waves, a little less powerful.
You do those things and focus all of that precision all into one moment and then it ends with a violent climax (when you squeeze the trigger) and you have to compose yourself and get right back into that mindset.
There was a good breeze blowing and the wind whistled through my bike helmet and in my mind I thought all of the sounds made an odd little tune. I could hear small children off in the distance screaming and laughing and I could get the slightest scent of someone cooking on a grill. Nothing else is important except for putting that piece of lead where you want it to go on the paper. I just sat there with my eyes closed for awhile and took it all in, then opened my eyes and just watched the wind push the clouds in the sky.

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