I forget where I first heard Tolkein's hobbit Bilbo Baggins (from the fantasy novel "The Hobbit") described as the archetypal Taurean, but it sort of stuck in my mind.
If we look at Tolkein's description of a hobbit, the first thing he says is "there is little or no magic about them except the everyday kind", and isn't this true for Taurus? Taurus types have "green fingers", not just a "green thumb", and are magically able to make things grow; where their lesser brethren would have no success at all. Tolkein's hobbits tended to "dress in bright colours", and colour is often very important to a Taurus type. If any Taurus reading this has thick brown fur on his or her feet, may I offer my condolences and suggest electrolysis?
Leaving The Hobbit behind, we must not forget that the official ruling planet for the Sign of Taurus is Venus.
As the Ultimate Sensualist, the real touchy-feely of the zodiac, your Taurus lover is an absolute natural. Let's look a little more closely at the Aphrodite myth to shed some light on Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus. Aphrodite was totally independent, and if she wanted a man she had him because she desired him, not because he wanted her. The security does not, of course, have to come from a relationship, for there are other Taurus traits that can provide this - such as financial acuity and astuteness.
Barbra Streisand is not beautiful by conventional standards, yet she manages to convince large numbers of people that she is. For those who do not know about Aphrodite's golden girdle, let us say that this made her irresistable to any man who laid eyes on her. Nevertheless, if children come as a result of being desired, having a secure home and comfortable life style; then they will be welcomed as part of the package. It is often assumed, quite wrongly, that because the Taurus type of woman usually enjoys traditional feminine occupations like cooking, dressmaking, and interior design, she must be the Earth Mother type who likes to be surrounded by hoards of children. Why wash socks and do the ironing when you can be wined and dined and pampered like Aphrodite? Taurus is a Fixed Sign - but so are Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio, and no one thinks they're boring! There is also some difficulty with change, and I think this is where the "possessive" key word comes in. This is particularly true in relationships, and there is a real tendency to believe that "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't". Talking of being hard up, let me add a brief word about money, which Taurus is extremely good at making - or marrying. Sue Armitage lives in London, England, and works as a counselor and therapist using Astrology. See Michael Star's Taurus Teaching Tips 1 in STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine for more insights into the Sign of Taurus.
Please understand that even if your birth horoscope does not have the Sun in Taurus because you were not born between April 20 and May 20, (plus or minues a day, depending on the year), it may still have the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in Taurus. If your natal horoscope has any of these Planets in Taurus, the key words and traits of Taurus will apply to some part of your personality.
This page and its contents, including the horoscope readings, are copyrighted (c)1998 by the author, Sue Armitage, and the publisher, Michael Star.
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Any dating advice involving Gemini women must begin with a profound recap of the Gemini personality.
If you look at the historical literature of astrological signs, few other horoscope signs get such a bad rap than Gemini.
Descriptions like two-faced, back stabber, traitor, Benedict Arnold, Judas, these are often thrown at people born under the sign of the twin.
The reason for this deep historical misunderstanding of the Gemini persona is that people are easily taken in by Gemini charm.
In most cases, what makes Gemini people great friends and lovers is precisely what causes all the trouble.
For example, if you meet a Gemini and you know the person because you do certain things together, it’s easy for you to look at that person based solely on that context. For example, if you meet a Gemini and you see that this person is kind and caring, you think that those two personality traits completely define that person. Because if certain circumstances happen or certain challenges take place, this person can show other aspects of their personality. This is why it’s really nothing short of heartbreak to see all throughout history and even today, Gemini people really being looked at with suspicion and skepticism because people are afraid to trust them. The reality is if you make the effort to completely know a Gemini, you won’t be surprised. So when something happens and a different side of the person shows up, you already saw that side and there’s nothing to see here. Keep these factors in mind when analyzing the two dating tips for Gemini women I outlined below.
They have this childlike quality to them which translates to being very passionate, to being very curious and enjoying life and they have a high ability to enjoy life.
The downside is that you are so charming that it’s easy for your relationships to involve only one-way conversations.
This is a great thing, but the problem is the conversations also tend to focus on what you’ve already agreed on. If you want your relationship to become deeper, if you want your dates to become more meaningful, make sure that your conversations are a two-way street.
Exercise that deep level of curiosity that you have and ask a lot of questions regarding your date.
If you are the typical Gemini woman, you’ve probably already experienced a situation where you had a good friend or a great lover in the past that basically felt betrayed by you.
Move on because I’m sure there will be somebody there that would appreciate you for being you.
If you have to put on a show, put on an act, guess what, you will disappoint and frustrate people down the road and it will be a nasty breakup. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. You work hard to support yourself, and have a distinct appreciation for the finer things in life. You enjoy the company of others, but require alone time after extended periods of being around other people. A scent that’s perfect for the assertive Taurean, Hugo Woman contains dainty notes of jasmine and boysenberry, which are beautifully contrasted with heady nuances of amber and Himalayan red grass.
What happens when you cut into a McDonald’s drive-through line and refuse to move your car and go to the back of the line?

Evangeline Marrero Lucca, 37, pulled up to the window of McDonald’s on Legion Road, and held up the line for about 20 minutes before officers arrived. Two or three cops on the scene tried to get her out of the car but she just wounding budge until they tased her twice and she flopped out the car like a fish. One day a year you can redeem all these fun things for FREE from companies because it is your birthday. She's been performing her one woman show across the country spreading her message and ridiculously funny stories. Kristina then morphs into a soul sistah character endorsing recyclable menstrual pads, which by the way she is wearing like a sash.
People who accused Gemini of basically being two-faced or having two different personalities don’t understand the Gemini personality. Gemini people are so charming that it’s very easy for people to just get stuck in one aspect of their personality. You won’t be caught off guard because you took the time, effort and energy to truly know the person in and out. In other words, the person that you’re talking is not really learning anything new about you. You can’t find it by hiding yourself and then all of a sudden, certain things happen and other aspects of your personality show up and guess what, your lover feels betrayed. As you settle in for a comfy afternoon at home, light the Diptyque Ambre candle from their woody range. You’ll find that this statement quartz necklace from By Invite Only ticks all the right boxes.
We love this pixellated print coat from Zara with a structured silhouette and muted floral prints. Staff at the McDonald’s said that Lucca frequently drove her Ford Taurus up to the pickup window, bypassing the order screen, payment window and other customers to order her food.
Depending on who you are, you might get a FB post, a high five or the best- a birthday slap on the ass!
However, some aspects are so charming that we fall into the common trap of defining Gemini’s based solely on those personality traits.
So stop talking about yourself so much and make sure that your conversations always go in both directions. Try to be friends with them, but definitely cross them off on your list of potential lovers. She enjoys her independence, and is never one to shy away from leading a group if necessary. If you're hungover from an early celebration, Starbucks will kick start your day with any caffeinated beverage to get you back on track to rage again tonight. The problem is you chose to define this person based only on a small subset of their personality traits.
While she is incredibly friendly by nature, Taurus women are introverts, and need ample alone time after socialising.
Well in the end it cost her over $6,000 in repairs and the "Wongsta" died off the "Victory" exit of the 405.

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