Wishing a great big MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays, from my neck o' the Route to yours! Good news on the re-opening , DZRTsurfer88, and appreciate all the updates from out of your way! Do you feel that they’re spending more time planning their vacation than actually working? I hope you all can drop by his page with shouts & shares, hugs and funnies, to help our very sweet friend celebrate. Please go over and wish him the best AND let's keep the well-wishes going until we get him back to good health, back home where he belongs, back here amongst his friends and listening to great music!
66, or another stretch closer to you, make 2015 the year to get out there and do some two-laning! I so love hearing of your travels on and near the Route and I'm sure all your lovely fellow members do also! Time is of the essence these days and anything an employer can do to help employees meet family demands does not go unnoticed.

Still others are motivated by benefits and salary.There are many myths about what motivates people.
Money may inspire employees temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution.If you think that giving someone a raise will change his or her behavior at the office, think again. When posting photos, text(including quotes), artworks, songs or videos, whenever possible, please include names and credit due to their respective authors and owners. If you see anything of your own personal text or photos with copyright and you wish to have it removed, please let me know and I will see to it that it is removed. I only ask that you keep in mind that members may have small children with whom they would like to show photos or allow reading any written word posted within.
Unless your employee is motivated to change his or her behavior, you will not have any luck.So, how can you motivate your employees? Are there other duties that she could be given that would help her to feel useful or valued? Mary on the other hand has four children and would really like to cut her hours to part-time.

Betty, a salesperson, may want a raise, but maybe that is not possible right now because revenue is down. Since performance is already being discussed, you can use this time to reflect on behaviors that work for the company and those that do not.Motivating employees is not a science.
But that hard work will pay off in less negativity in the workplace and employees who are on board with the company’s goals. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Updates Asking For Help Is A Sign Of Strength And Self-Awareness Should You Relocate For Your Next Job? Stay True To Yourself, One Technology Execa€™s Advice To Her Younger Self Work And Romance: Love Match?

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