Two of the minds behind Siri are set to unveil their latest AI project, Viv, next Monday, May 9. Diced, a new puzzler from developers Agile Tortoise, offers relaxing puzzle gameplay with plenty of challenge. We're giving away a bunch of awesome Star Wars prizes in our contest celebrating May Fourth. 2.Once in iTunes, navigate to your device summary page by clicking the button in part A (Figure 1) in the left navigation bar. To get started, hook your device into your computer’s USB slot with the charging cord. Click on your serial number, located next to the picture of your device and below its software version.
Recently you may have seen some articles, related to downloading iOS 7, with or without UDID activation. The UDID is a Unique Device Identifier and it’s a sequence that consists of 40 letters and numbers.

The reason you have one of these is that, strictly speaking, your Apple device is only supposed to have Apple approved apps and programs downloaded into it.  In the case of downloading the new iOS 7 Betas, your UDID must be registered on the Apple Developer Program.
If you want to keep your number noted somewhere, either write it down in a safe place or, using your mouse or touch pad, copy it and then paste it where you want it stored. Finally, copy this number and paste into the FreeSkies CoPilot Beta signup form (part D, Figure 3).
We develop autonomous control software for drones, focusing on the resulting videos and photos, not the flying. Now, some of you may be wondering what a UDID is.  This should help to explain things a little for you. It’s specific to each device, similar to a serial number but a lot less likely to be guessed. Your iPhone gets swapped out by the Apple Store due to a hardware issue or you get an iPad 2 and forget to add it before you install the new software. The FreeSkies CoPilot is capable of autonomous and manual flight, automated flight paths, simple launch and landing capabilities, and flight stability, allowing you to get the most unique shot every time.

Developers frequently use the UDID to assign beta copies of applications, identify the device, and to save changes between installations and deletions of an app. Apple requires that developers locate the UDID manually in order to install and test software that has not yet been approved for Apple devices. If you are a Zco client, feel free to call your project manager directly with any additional questions you have.
Usually you can just grab it from Xcode but if you don't have Xcode handy, you can also get it from System Profiler.

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