So in this article I would like to share Effective steps to get google search ranking in very short span. Here are the few tips to achieve a better search results in google ranking and also getting good traffic for your blog.
Google sponsored links are an excellent way to gain brand exposure and attract qualified visitors to your website. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. Whether you are a newbie or a little experienced already; there are certain techniques you might not know and can certainly boost up your search engine rankings.
Learn how to get your website to the top of Google search results by learning how to find the right keywords to rank for.
In order to rank for a certain keyword fast and easy, you need to find the right keyword with really low competition and with a bit of traffic. The very first step is to do a deep keyword research and get the keywords you want to rank for in Google. You want to check on the keywords with a low competition and somewhat low global monthly traffic. Of course these numbers are from my experiences and tests; you can definitely play around with these numbers and come up with your own requirements.
After you have your keywords selected it will be really easy for you to rank for them, sometimes you can rank to the first page of Google within a few hours! I suggest you to go for 5 to 10 keywords at a time, rank for them and then just rinse and repeat. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many keywords, you will take longer and it will be a lot more stressful that way. Remember to only select the keywords that get enough global monthly traffic worth the work to rank for it. It might take you hours to find keywords that meet these requirements but once you get a bunch of easy-to-rank-for keywords then you can drive a lot of free search engine traffic to your website. This is an old method to use for free, now in these days you must know there are many keyword research software you can use to speed up all of this work. To learn more about how to get your website to the top of Google search results, make sure to bookmark this site! Google uses many ranking factors to determine which websites to show in search results for any given search; since there are close to 200 ranking factors it is hard for SEO’s and website administrators to track how good their site is and what are the chances of ranking high.

Link building is not about picking all the link building tactics known to mankind, it is rather about selecting a few tactics that you are comfortable with and implementing those.
If your site has been in operation for quite some time you might want to check your link profile to see if there are toxic links that are adversely affecting your DA. The rule number one when selecting a website for guest posting is to check if the website is relevant to your site or industry.
If the content you produce is weak, like short list posts that do not tell the readers what to do or how to go about doing it then you are in trouble. Planning out your content and producing something different to every other content creator is equally important. Creating awesome content alone is not good enough in this noisy world and to get the best out of your awesome content you need to promote it. You might not get top search engine rankings if the on-site SEO elements are not optimized even if your DA is high. Moz Open Site Explorer – a free tool available on the web where you can get more information about a site’s links and their profile and not just the DA.
Be warned the DA is a comparative score, this means it is not a stand-alone metric to evaluate a website’s quality or its performance. When starting out your site’s DA will be low and you can only improve it over time and not overnight.
As search engine gets more sophisticated everytime, marketers should be aware of the factors that boosts their website’s traffic. Loved to write tech related things, providing cool & unique tricks to readers and Loves to play with Codes..
What are Google's sponsored links and how do you get placement there?In the below example of a Google search engine results page (SERP), you can see two sponsored links sections, one above the "natural" or organic links and one to the right of the organic results.These sponsored results differ from the organic Google results in that they're paid. This is where the Domain Authority comes in handy, it takes many of the Google’s ranking factors into consideration and provides a single score for comparability and indicative strength of a website. If you are an awesome content creator and have a brand name then you can expect links on autopilot if not, the best bet is to proactively seek out link building opportunities. Some use infographic link building, some use broken link building tactics and some use resource page link building. So in order to avoid disappointment, it is better to get the house in order and to start with on-site elements for every new page or post on your site.
It displays the DA of any website within the browser so you don’t have to leave the site to find its DA.

However, don't make the assumption that organic results are free just because sponsored results are paid. Use a plugin like Yoast SEO to better manage on-page SEO elements like keywords, URL, title and Meta description. Don’t get fixated by the DA as it’s just another number the real goals of your website might be getting more clients and while the DA can help in that it is certainly not the only way to achieve your goals. Both organic and sponsored results require effort to maintain and neither are forms of free advertising.To have their ad appear in Google sponsored links, companies can enter an auction to show their ad if it's relevant to a user's search query. Guest posting is not only about links but also an opportunity to build relationships, gain additional social media exposure and brand recognition.
Produce quality content assets and combine it with clever digital marketing tactics that don’t break the bank.
This is called pay-per-click marketing, because the advertisers pay Google for clicks on their ads.How do you "win" this auction so your ad appears in a desirable position for the query you're bidding on in AdWords? The idea is to segment your keywords into small, manageable groups and subgroups by relevance, forming a logical hierarchy. How does this help you rank in the sponsored links in Google? Here's how: Convert your close-knit keyword groups into AdWords ad groups and they'll be primed for pay-per-click success.
WordStream helps you structure your Google PPC campaign according to best practices that optimize your Quality Score, so your ads get more exposure in the sponsored links. Now you can take immediate action—map the group to content on your website, and convert it into an ad group.
Our text ad tools automatically populate the fields of your Google ad with the most popular and relevant keywords in your ad group, so you'll know you're focusing on the words and phrases that will appeal to the most potential customers.
Also, be sure your ad directs the user to a landing page that's relevant to both the ad and the keyword you're bidding on. With PPC software to help you group keywords for ad groups and write Google-friendly ads, you can earn your spot in the sponsored links on Google with minimum time investment and maximum cost-efficiency.

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